Beginner Photographers: Are You Ready To Make a Serious Breakthrough?

I want to help new photographers really have a breakthrough in their photography, and I think I can – today at 2:00 PM EDT. If you have a friend, co-worker, or family member that is new to photography, and you want to see them make a real leap to where they’re making much better images right away, have them watch this one minute video below about my free Webinar today – I think I can really help (and it’s really 100% free).

Here’s where you register(free) for my 2:00 PM ET live “Beginner’s Breakthrough” workshop.

I’m going to share some things I believe can really make a difference in their photography right away. It’s free and open to everyone, so I encourage you to invite your friends (just send them a link to this post).

Thanks for sharing this with your new photography friends. :)

Here’s wishing you an awesome Thursday, and we’ll see you back here tomorrow.



P.S. Don’t forget to scroll down to the next post for our regularly scheduled “New Class Thursday” post so you can check out our new course – it’s Terry White’s class on using Adobe Spark to get more attention on social media.  Just released today at KelbyOne (we release a new full-length course every week). 

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