What has over 500,000 layers, measures 300 in x 60 in, weighs 6.52 GB (flattened), features some of your favorite industry icons, and took four years to create?

Bert Monroy’s latest creation! ┬áLeave it to Bert to create something so huge and complex that it pushes the boundaries of all the hardware and software he used to put this thing together.

And you can see it printed out in its full glory in the Epson booth at Photoshop World Orlando :)

Jump over to BertMonroy.com for all the details, and to scan through to see who all you can spot in this creation!

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  1. Very cool image!


    • John, you ever see how Bert creates these? It’s not a photo, he makes it in PS!

      • I know it’s not a photo…I can’t wrap my head around 500,000 layers!

        Ok, who is next to Scott in the center of the photo (the woman)? Is that his wife? Looks like Matt K. just behind her. David Ziser said he is near the Toys R Us sign, but I can’t see him. Wish I knew more of the photography icons! :D


      • Hi John, you can see David Ziser in the background, right in between John Paul Caponigro and Linda (John is taking a picture of Linda, I believe). All the photoshop guys are also in it.
        Hope it helps and by the way this painting is quite a piece of work. Unbelievable!
        take care

      • Thanks, Rui! I found him, along with all the Photoshop Guys. I guess that is Scott’s wife next to him, according to a post below from Matt T. I wonder if Bert will ever give us a guide to the faces?


  2. Only one word can describe this but until I find a word that does it justice I’m going to have to settle for “AWESOME!!!”

    Right, I’m off to pick my jaw up off the floor,
    Glyn :)

  3. I noticed that Bert put himself and some friends in the crowd. So far I’ve found Terry White, Jay Meisel, Jack Resnicki, Scott and Kalebra Kelby and I think Moose Peterson. Anyone see anyone else they recognize?

  4. WOW!!! first I thought it might be HDR and some minor touch ups and layer work. then I looked closer and realized every single pixel in the image is worked up to get to this masterpiece. The number of layers is crazy. Did he use a super computer to do this!!!:) I hope this ends up selling in poster form that all of us can afford because I’d love this work to grace my room’s wall. I’m just gonna start learning illustrator to try to do something like it. Thanks for the link Scott and thank you Bert for the inspiration

  5. Eh, it’s okay…

  6. Hello Scott,

    Do you know, you are on that poster….


  7. Amazing. I’m assuming he has more than 1G of ram? :)

  8. I’d expect nothing less. Bert sets the standard. Very cool. I’d like to know how many sub-files he created while working on various parts of the image.

  9. I count 20 people that are Adobe/NAPP/PSW related people

  10. I started printing translucent images on a small scale and was thrilled to see that Bert is going in this direction on a massive scale. It gives a fantastic stained glass effect that makes the colors glow with intensity. Does anyone know what an Epson 11800 printer is? I Googled it and nothing came up except a link back to Bert’s website.

  11. Ok I can see Scott pointing at something high and for some reason he ignores Matt behind him. Is that Moose Peterson on the Motorbike?

  12. Hi, Scott. I was inspired by Bert Monroy to paint my own version of Times Square to include at least one NAPP member in it. The painting is on my NAPP Portfolio Page for those wishing to check it out.

  13. This is AMAZING, I love the detail its really impressive. I mean this is AWESOME! I never thought anyone can make something so EPIC!

    I could see Scott Kelby, Terry White, Moose Peterson, Jay Maisel, RC Concepcion, Dave Cross, and many more people. I saw Matt Kloskowski at least three times in different disguises.


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