Canon Announces New Additions to Their “Explorers of Light” Program

Congratulations are in order — at PhotoPlus Expo in New York last week, Canon announced a series of additions to their prestigious “Explorers of Light” program — made up of gifted photographers, cinematographers and talented educators. The new additions to the program are:

> Joel Grimes

> Lindsay Adler

> David Bergman

> Jimmy Chin

> Charles Glatzer

> Roberto Valenzuela

> Peter Hurley 

So proud to see that five of the seven are KelbyOne instructors. My hearty congratulations to all the new Canon Explorers of Light (you can learn more about the program at this link).

I’m off to SFO!
Tomorrow I’m heading to San Francisco for my seminar there on Wednesday – Hope you can come out and spend the day with me. 

Hope you have your best Monday so far this year!



P.S. On Saturday I got to shoot the Tennessee/Alabama game at Bama. Photos from the game coming soon. 


  1. Shouldn’t the title be “Explorers of Light” and not “Explorers of Lightroom”? I look forward to reading the blog every weekday and love the guest Wednesdays.

  2. “Explorers of Lightroom”? LOL Congrats to all, no matter what you call them. Some great instructors there!
    Did you say football shots are coming?! Bring ’em on, Scott. Hope there is a minimum of “ref butt” shots this year.
    Hey, when are you coming to Boston with your SLAP: Reloaded tour? Are we looking at 2016? RC cancelling his Boston seminar means no love for Beantown this year.

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