This past Saturday I did an interview on “Photo Talk Radio,” and I have to say–they have a very clever way of doing a photography show on the radio. They have their listeners go to a special online Web gallery of their guest’s work so the listeners can see the photographer’s work as they discuss it on the air (here’s the link to my gallery at Photo Talk Radio). So, if you’d like to listen, go to that link first, then click here to jump to their site where you can listen to the show.

Also on the show was photographer Stephen Dantzig, and he and I chatted briefly on the show (we had met at San Diego Photoshop World a few years back), but it wasn’t until after I was off the line that it hit me that he was the author of a great book I’ve been reading, called “Softbox Lighting Techniques for Professional Photographers.” Here’s the link to his book on or Barnes &

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