Rich Harrington is teaching a pre-conference workshop that is just going to rock! (watch the video below and you’ll see what I mean). :)

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  1. I’ve had the honor of teaching alongside Rich at both Macworld and at the National Association of Broadcasters Convention and he is simply one of the best instructors out there. If you’re at all interested in fusion – this is going to be the class you want to take.

  2. I wish I was flying in early enough to sit in on this class!
    What a perfect idea for a PSW PreCon class!
    I hope Rich does this again at the next PSW.
    He is a great teacher!

  3. Scott,

    You guys are driving me nuts….My passion is migrate into into DSLR vidoe…wow what a deal and opportunity.

    In my world, being a guy who is wrapped around his own axle; my funds will not permit….but gee whiz, way to go…..from my perceptive, this is the coming wave, integration of photoshop and premier pro…..

    You southern guys have a good PS world

    Ken in KY

  4. Wow. I’m already signed up for the Concert Photography pre-con (and looking forward to it), but want to do this one, too. Basically, that means you already need to plan on repeating it for the next PSW.

  5. Wow, this looks oh-so good. If only I was going to this PSWorld. Hopefully it’s around at the next PSWorld I’ll be there!

  6. For those of us not able to attend Photoshop World might you consider doing a DSLR-video workshop in Philly or Washington DC area? We would luv it.

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