Hey gang—that’s right—it’s back. I’ve snagged another deal on the amazing Drobo (the same units I use to back up my entire photo library). Here’s the scoop:

The deal is on the Drobo S & DroboPro (pictured above) models. People who buy during the “This Weekend Only Deal” (which ends Sunday at Midnight EST) and use “KELBY” as the special discount code, will get what the folks at Drobo have told me are “…the lowest prices we’ve ever offered on these products…. ever. But only for the weekend.”

Drobo S
Deduct $100 off of these redlined prices

Deduct $250 off of these redlined prices

So, they are offering a deal to the public, but then this deal is on top of that. Pretty sweet! If you’re not familiar with Drobo yet, and why just about every pro photographer I know has at least one (I have three), watch these short videos on the Datarobotics Web site.

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  1. No the film thing didn’t look too good. I would have loved a Drobo but just put in a HP MediaSmart Server. I put a 2tb hard drive (7400rpm) in my computor so my downlaod time is faster and use the server to back up anything I do each day (just like a Drobo). I still wonder if this is as good as my old way of backing up photos to two hard drives at once.

  2. Any idea if these codes work in Europe ?

    I have RAID set up in my PC but know of friends looking for a simpler solution.

  3. Scott,

    Thanks for the heads up and for the discount. It made me finally pull the trigger on my Drobo S purchase.


  4. This is a great discount Scott and thanks for getting these types of deals for us! But am I the only one who thinks the Drobo’s are WAY overpriced? I know they are supposed to make things easier, but for really double the price of a regular backup solution I might just deal with a little more difficulty. :)

  5. Wow! Thanks Scott!

    I just wish I could pull the trigger and get oneā€¦ I’m really digging the iSCSI setup!

  6. I wonder if it makes more sence to wait for a USB 3.0 Drobo

  7. This is a very special deal, the one that finally enabled me to get a Drobo. I’ve had my sights set on a Drobo since mid-2008 and now have the new S on the way.

    Thank you, Scott!

  8. Thanks for the deal! I pulled the trigger on a Drobo S. Happy Valentine’s Day to me :-)

    One note. The site charges sales tax (at least for Illinois), which was the only bummer (an extra $40). The final price, with shipping, still beat NewEgg’s sale price.

    Thanks again!

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