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Hey, real quick, before we dig into this, just wanted to thank all the folks who joined us for the Photoshop World Conference this week. We had a fantastic week, with absolutely great attendance (nearly broke last year’s record), and I’m so grateful to my team here at KelbyOne, who did an outstanding job, and to everyone who attended the conference and helped create such an awesome community vibe. Thank you!

No, The New iPhone Won’t Have That One Camera Feature You’ve Been Waiting For

We’ve been waiting and waiting for this feature from literally day one, and every time we think Apple is going to finally give us a 10x or more zoom on the camera, they don’t. Just about every competitor has a tighter real optical zoom but the iPhone. Sadly, instead, what it appears Apple will do is, give us 48-megapixels and tell us there’s so much resolution that we can crop in tight, so a long optical zoom doesn’t matter. Nobody’s asking for a 48-megapixel camera; everybody’s asking for a real 10x, or higher zoom (instead of our lame 2x, which really isn’t a zoom at all), but don’t get your hopes up – it’s not coming, and that stinks. It’s the Achilles Heel of what is otherwise an amazing camera, but it looks like there’s no long optical zoom in sight. Sigh. :(

I’m Teaching Travel Photography at OPTIC WEST 2022

I am psyched, honored, and super jazzed to be one of the instructors at the first West Coast OPTIC conference, coming up November 6-7, 2022, in one of the most idyllic photography locations in the US:  Monterey, California.

Their New York conference earlier this year, produced by the folks at B&H Photo, was just outstanding, and I am thrilled to be teaching there again, especially with it being in Monterey, which is not only where I honeymooned with my wife (33 years ago tomorrow) but is a location I’ve taken trips to twice in the past just to take photos. Here’s a link for more details – hope you can come.

Come With Me To Italy Next Month

If you want to grab one of the last spots (I had an extra spot open up) for my travel photography workshop in the breathtakingly beautiful Tuscany region of Italy next month, here’s the link for details and tickets. It’s going to be an absolutely epic learning experience. You’ll come back having learned a ton about travel photography, about post-processing; you have some incredible food, lots of gorgeous new images, and you’ll make some great new friends. It’s the trip of a lifetime, so come and join me and KelbyOne Instructor Mimo Meidany for “Timeless Tuscany” next month in Italy.

If you’re into Lighting, catch my live class in Salt Lake City Sept. 16th

Come out for “dinner and a class” with me at the grand opening of Pictureline in Salt Lake City. I’m there on behalf of Westcott lighting and Canon, and I’m doing a live demo on stage and then sharing a ton of my favorite tips for making great portraits using lighting. I’ve got lots of cool stuff to share, and I’d love to get a chance to meet you. It’s just $15 for the dinner and the class, and when you go, they give you a $15 gift card, so you get your money right back (how cool is that?). Details and tickets are at this link – go reserve your spot now.

That’s it for now. College football is here, and I could not be more psyched. #rolltide! Have a great weekend, everybody!


…and cities all over the world are still adding local photo walks, so if you checked a week or so ago and didn’t see a walk near you, there might be one now, so go check, and you can join us a week from tomorrow (Saturday, August 13, 2022). Here’s the link to the official site (remember, the walk is free, free, free – all you have to do is sign-up, show up, take pictures and make some new friends. Check out the video above for more details. :)

You Can Do Something Awesome Today. You Can Help An Orphan

The social mission of our photo walk each year is to help raise money for the Springs of Hope Orphanage in Nakuru, Kenya, and they count on us to come through for them, and last year, we sure did, raising over $20,000, which makes a huge difference for a small orphanage. The photo walk is free, but lots of folks either $1 (one dollar), or buy an official Photo Walk T-shirt, custom designed each year for the event by our own Margie Rosenstein, and 100% of the profits from that shirt go to the orphanage (and do 100% of any $1 donations). So far, several photographers have donated $10, 50, and some have even donated $250, but all you need to do to help is just give $1. Just a buck. It adds up like you cannot believe, and it helps like you cannot imagine.

Here’s the link to donate (and thank you for thinking about helping out these kids).

I’m Heading To Tuscany in October. Wanna Come?

I’ve got a few spots left for my travel photography workshop in Italy’s beautiful Tuscany region this fall, and it will be an epic experience of learning, laughing, and making new friends in one of the most beautiful places on this planet. If you’d like to come along, the details and how to get one of the remaining tickets are at this link.

An Incredible Opportunity: A Joe McNally Workshop on Ellis Island

This is one of those “once in a lifetime” opportunities, and it’s coming up this September as living legend Joe McNally is holding a very special workshop on Ellis Island with special access to areas that are usually off limits. There are just a few spots left, so don’t miss out. Head to for tickets and more details.

The Photoshop World Conference Is This Month

Well, it’s at the very end of this month, but it will be worth the wait. I am super psyched about the classes I’m teaching, but I’m just one of the team of great instructors (the whole conference is online and archived for a full year after the event, so you can stream it all again, catch any classes you missed, etc.).

I couldn’t embed this video I made for you because it’s a YouTube short, but if you click the link below, you can watch it. The message is pretty important, and I’d be grateful if you’d give it a quick watch, if you’re into learning about Photoshop, Lightroom, Photography, or Lighting. It’ starts September 30th. You should be there.

Lots of really great stuff going on – it’s so great to be back out there, teaching, traveling, and having fun. Hope I’ll see you along the way. Have a great weekend. :)


These tips, from photographer Craig Alexander, are really helpful and right on the money (and he gets all three in under a minute. Check it out:

Craig has an entire online course over at all on selling your landscape images (here’s the link — give it a watch this weekend). Check out the official course trailer (below):

Have a great, safe, dry weekend everybody!


P.S. I’m heading up to the NECCC Photography Conference later this week – I’m speaking Friday, Saturday and Sunday. If you’re going, I hope you’ll drop by and say hi. :) 

A while back we did a special 4th of July episode of ‘The Grid’ all about how to take great fireworks shots. Erik (the real Rocket Man) Kuna and I covered everything from the gear to the techniques to the post-processing in Photoshop and Lightroom and lots of helpful tips along the way.

We get right to it from the start (we have a lot to cover), and if you’re looking to make great fireworks shots tonight, we give the exact time-tested recipe of settings that can’t miss!

Here’s wishing you and your family a happy, safe, and fun 4th of July. Hope you get some great shots! :)


SmugMug (the folks you use to host your portfolio and sell your prints) have done it again – they’re created a new series for photographers (created by brilliant filmmaker Anton Lorimer) called “This Lens Tells Stories” and it’s about how photographers can change the way we see the world & each other. Check out this one-minute trailer below:

You can see more at – this is such good stuff!

Come and Catch Me Live at The NECCC Photography Conference

Super psyched to be teaching at the NECCC Photography Conference in Amherst, MA on July 15-17, 2022. You can register online – an incredible roster of instructors and classes. I’m teaching Lightroom, Photoshop & Photography classes. :) Sign up now at and I’ll see you there. :)

Have a great weekend, everybody!


There is a lot of confusion about what Image Stabilization means and actually does, and UK-based photographer and writer Brian Worley (one of the leading voices out there teaching Canon-based photographers) has a fantastic article on the topic, and I wanted to share it today (it’s linked below). But beyond that – if you’re a Canon shooter and you’re not following Brian, you are missing out. I think he’s probably the single best resource out there for really getting to know your camera, and his blog (p4pictures) is outstanding.

Make sure to follow Brian on social (I do) and you’ll get a wealth of info (plus, he does in-person workshops on a regular basis). Also, a very cool guy (had dinner with him in London right before the pandemic).

Have a great Monday everybody – it’s going to be an awesome week!