Cliff Mautner on the Nikon D800

What a few days. It’s amazing how much interest a little piece of metal can produce. As a proud member of the team at Kelby Training, I wanted to share my experience with the D800. This project has been going on for many months. i was approached by my good friends at K&L in Tokyo- Nikon’s agency for decades- and was blown away that they asked me to participate with this project. My job was well defined: Use the D800 in a way that utilizes and highlights the latest features the D800 offers in real world wedding conditions that I’d face week in and week out. Simple, right? Hah. I lost sleep for weeks, literally.

Full Frame

100% Crop

Once the camera arrived back in June, the hardest part was not telling a soul about it. The first image I viewed on my ACD wowed me immediately.  Yes, the resolution was astounding. At 36 MP that was expected. However, I’d like to use this space on Scott’s blog to point out a few other features that are seriously being overlooked. The most glaring thing for me is how responsive it is. I didn’t think it was possible for them to improve on the D3S autofocus. However, they did. It as really obvious to me when I was able to focus my Nikkor 85 1.4 in the outer focal points within the viewfinder. These are not cross sensor points, and in the past were not as responsive as I’d have liked. However, they were really “snappy”. That’s the best way to put it. There was no hunting, and no wasted effort when I tried to focus. After the announcement came the other night, I was prepping to take the blog post live, and all of the traffic to my site crashed my server. I had confirmed with Network Solutions, and they assured me there would be no issues. Heh. Their server choked to death. May it rest in peace. I spent yesterday with my web designer, Brock Martin of Infinet Design, getting my site and blog up onto Hostnexus. Things seem to be holding so far. Brock is the best, BTW. So if you’re looking for a web designer….. back to the camera.

Full Frame

100% Crop

In speaking with Scott, after the announcement, I discussed a few of the concerns and comments people were having after looking at my images on the blog. It amazes me that some people actually thought I would post full rez files. At 36MP??? Anyway, I digress. Features that are overlooked- The face recognition for auto exposure. For someone like myself who uses backlight the way I do, it’s a godsend. I had no trouble compensating before using my exposure comp, but this feature actually uses the 91K pixel RGB sensor and identifies the face to where it attempts to expose for just that face. That’s remarkable, and it will help you obtain more accurate exposures… faster than ever before. I also need to add that the dynamic range increase was quite noticeable- especially in the most difficult lighting conditions. Detail in the veil, gown, face, and other areas under tough lighting conditions put this camera to the test. It passed with flying colors. Two different Auto white balances are also really cool. Auto 2 keeps a little more warmth, rather than cooling the image off. I love that. Speed… this camera, even though it’s fires and writes a boatload of information to the card/s, is quite fast. It’s faster than the D3X and it never held me back when firing multiple frames quickly. There are a slew of other little things that are major improvements. The specs are for real. Check them out.

800 ISO – Full Frame

800 ISO – 100% Crop

3200 ISO Full Frame

3200 ISO 100% Crop

6400 ISO Full Frame

6400 ISO 100% Crop

The pixel counters who left some blog comments need to understand that this camera is not gong to replace a D4. It’s it’s own beast. It does things the D4 wont do. The D4 will do things the D800 wont do. My camera of choice for capturing weddings will be a combination of the two new pieces of technology. The D4 will be the primary camera. It’s low lighting capabilities, responsiveness, and the overall nature of the camera is ideal for what I do. However, we now have old world, medium format image quality inside a phenomenal, incredibly responsive Nikon body. At 36 megapixels, the D800 produces unprecedented image quality and resolution within a body that boasts revolutionary technological advances. The 3D color matrix meter III, the improved auto focus with more cross sensors, additional dynamic range, and the improved AF performance in low light are just a few features that are glaring improvements. From a focus standpoint, I found it hard to believe there could be improvements to the D3S focus system. But, this camera does focus faster and will allow me to make pictures I couldn’t make before.  For those who want to focus on what they think the camera doesn’t do, perhaps you can take a moment and focus on what it CAN do until you have one in your hands, or at least wait until the camera is available. Buy one, or don’t buy one. I wont earn a dime off of the sales of this camera. However, I really believe that I can produce that I never made before with this new technology. Isn’t that what it’s all about? I hope you stop by my blog and see what I’ve done with this camera. I only had it a few short weeks. However, I have both new cameras on order with my buddy Jeff Snyder at Adorama. That’s right. I will be paying for both a D4, and the D800.

One more thing. Many people have been asking me about whether they should go for the D800 or the D800E. Many feel as though the “E” is somehow “better” because it doesn’t have the AA filter. However, unless you’re adept at eliminating moire in post production, you might want to order the D800 and not the “E”. Now, I’m not saying that it’s going to produce much moire. It’s not as if it’s particularly prone to it. When working with files that large, and shooting images that have . However, some people have somehow developed the mindset that the D800 somehow wont produce sharp images. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Just my 2 cents since this was a question many were asking. In closing, I hope people find this camera to be as groundbreaking as I think it will be. It’s a fun time to be a photographer, and the evolution of the tools are allowing us to make better images. Thank you, Scott, for sharing your blog and allowing me to give your readers a taste of what’s to come with this camera.

You can see more from Cliff on the Nikon D800 over at his blog.

  1. Awesome Cliff. I was sad to hear my D4 will be a month later getting here, software issues. I ordered the D800E and I’m looking forward to getting it to. I’m glad someone else is getting both, I sold a D3 and now plan to sell my D3s (already have a buyer). I think it will make a great pair!

    1. Do you really believe the D4 will be delayed.  I was at CP+ in Japan and saw tons of posters saying 2/16..  Why would it be delayed via software.. sounds unlikely as that is easy to upgrade firmware… Thoughts?

      1. Yes, it’s official VIA NPS. I don’t see why they don’t ship and do a firmware update instead.

    2. Cliff…have had the d800 almost 3 weeks now…sold my canon 70-200 today…yes, i switched systems…the 5d3 is remarkable…but i will never look back, incredibly happy…and whew..glad were back on talk about cameras…oh, I moved to thailand because the lawyers got too busy where i lived..thanks for your point of view… donnie

  2. Thanks for the post Cliff. I must second the shout out for the order via Jeff at Adorama. Jeff is my goto guy and second to none. Thanks also for the High ISO images.

  3. Cliff, these are stunning images. The detail in the eye at higher ISOs is amazing. Would appreciate it if, at some point, you would compare the D4 at higher ISOs to the D3s. Thanks so much.

    1. Equipment always matters. However, it matters much less than skill and talent. I’ve always thought the best way to improve your photography is to improve yourself first. Then lenses. Then camera. The fact that there are better shots out there with a D200 than what I get with my D700 tells me that upgrading to a D800 or D4 will be a waste for now.

      1. Excellent comment. It’s a consideration that often gets trampled in the rush to purchase the latest tech device that is  promoted to act as a magic bullet for those who still need to master the basics.

  4. Stunning as always.  Makes me want to get married again. ;-)  I find it amazing how people have felt a sense of entitlement to what this camera should and should not be, or have a particular performance expectation as a “replacement” of the D700.  It’s unique and not a D4.  Incredible fire power (or file power?) in a relatively affordable package.  Sure wish I was part of the pre-order group. :-(

    One question I have for Cliff and other pending D800/E owners is this: what is your computer setup in order to handle those files?  14-bit lossless compressed NEF’s are going to apply some serious system pressure, even before layers start adding up in Photoshop.

  5. I’m ecstatic that Nikon finally came out with the D800. I’ve been saving my shekels for months in anticipation. I bought a D700 the first day it was available from B&H and have loved it every day. It had exactly the functionality I wanted and needed. I don’t make huge blowups so I don’t need an extraordinarily large sensor. I never have felt the need to shoot video, so the newer cameras that could do that never enticed me. I’ve made a very nice living, and continue to have a comfortable cash flow with the work I produce using the D700. 

    So, now I can take all that money I’ve saved for the D800 and put it towards a Fuji X-Pro 1. And I may even look for some good deals on D700 bodies that techno-freaks are unloading in their frenzy to get the latest and greatest from Nikon.

    Thank you Nikon.

  6. Cliff, I just wanted to tell you that I visited your blog and the wedding photos on that first page are stunning! I love the way you have captured light on the edges of the people. It’s done all the time, but you nailed it consistently in a way that just spoke to me.
    I was really floored! Keep up the great work!

  7. I’ll be a stick in the mud.  Nice article but those aren’t 100% crops.  At least the first one isn’t, assuming the full frame version is 7360 pixels wide, the 100% crop would show just a little more than her eye.  See here:×413-L.jpg

    What you’ve shown is closer to a 35% crop, not 100%.

  8. Thanks for your update Cliff, it’s always very helpful to have some feed back from a photographer who actually used the D800 on the field. The images are fab and the quality of the 100% crops at high iso are better then I expected!
    From what I’ve seen and read, the new Nikon sounds excellent, a good companion to a D4D3s or why not, even a D700! The price of the body is fine, the battery pack, however, it is a bit on the steep side!!

  9. Thanks for the further details. Read your original blog a couple of days ago, and it did, not to a small extent, confirm my intent of getting the D800 as my second body (primary will stay with my D3s). Pre-ordered from Adorama, and can’t wait to get it into my hands to b*tch first hand about what it doesn’t do (coffee comes to mind… :)

  10. Cliff is a talented photographer but he was indeed paid to use this camera and take these shots and it’s my opinion that he has a bias here. There’s no doubt he doesn’t get access to these cameras in the future if he trashes them. I am not saying he’s telling lies, but I believe he’s not fully disclosing the nature of his long-standing relationship with Nikon. It’s also clear that some of these photos have been post-processed so we really don’t know what they looked like right out of the camera. The D4 sounds like the better of the two cams to me.

      1. Sure he’s Nikon user, so what!  Who were Nikon going to trust to extract the absolute best images from their new camera, an impartial, world renowned Canon loyalist who would of course be happy to spruik the superlatives of the competitions new iteration!!!
        You draw the conclusion that the D4 sounds like the better of the two cameras, believe it not if you read Cliff’s comments I believe he draws the same conclusion.

      2. I’m almost certain he’s not a Nikon employee. If I had to speculate it’s more that some people get defensive both about their gear like you’re talking about their kids. And there may be the desire to “protect” the author against an anonymous blogger who he may perceive as attacking the person or their credibility.  I’m not. The issue has nothing to do with the author of the review.

      3. ” It’s a blog, not a scientific, peer-reviewed paper.”

        That is a weaker point against disclosure of relationships between bloggers and manufactuters. Of course implicitly rejected by the FTC before formulating it’s blogger regs. The reason the FTC finaly acted is because blogs are becoming so important. Where do you go for photo info ? Do you pick up a “scientific, peer-reviewed paper” or do you go to your favorite blog. Is that even a serious argument. Blogs should not be s.t. disclosure rules because they’re only blogs ?

        “If you don’t believe the man’s opinion, ”

        It’s not a matter if I believe the man. We may not even be aware of our biases when we have something at stake. It’s human nature. You’re really missing the point of disclosure. The point is not whether I like the “review” or not or find the man “believable” — it’s a matter of being given facts so people can evaluate for themselves any conflict of interest.

        No one is impugning the integrety or goodwill of anyone.

        Here is an example of it done right. Walt Mossberg:

        Please don’t come back with a variation of the it’s only a blog argument with a “that’s the WSJ.”The reason the FTC finally had to do something about disclosure is because blogs are becoming so important. I betcha Mr. Kelby would agree and for some people his blog may be far more important thant the WSJ when it comes to camera reviews. In fact, I would think the more speciality blogs are where people go for more in-depth reviews.

      4. WTF? Fret: Mr Mautner DID in fact disclose his affiliation. Just like Joe McNally frequently blogs about new speedlights, or Scott Kelby ‘broadcasts’ a behind the scenes D4 shoot on Google+ hangouts… The disclosures are right there.

        Did you read the first paragraph? I quote it at the end for your convenience…

        What I find funny is how people immediately ASSUME the author must have been paid (off?!) by Nikon just because they liked a product. Since Mr Mautner did disclose the fact that he was GIVEN the camera to test, and he DID in fact like the camera and its features, why shouldn’t he write about it? Do you really think Mr Mautner would put his name and reputation on the line just because a company ‘sponsored’ the test device? I believe he wouldn’t, and therefore find this (and similar) reviews helpful in my decision making. Your mileage may vary, but that doesn’t give you and others (yes, I’m talking about you, Mr Ritter) the right to question the blogger’s/poster’s integrity!

        Like I said in my first post in reply to Mr Mautner’s post, I did think this was helpful (especially in context of other reviews I read from people that actually USED the camera), and I pre-ordered one.

        And that is my last word on this subject here…

        ” i was approached by my good friends at K&L in Tokyo- Nikon’s agency for decades- and was blown away that they asked me to participate with this project. My job was well defined: Use the D800 in a way that utilizes and highlights the latest features the D800 offers in real world wedding conditions that I’d face week in and week out.”

      5. @7602b84ef7c52f8b6f4bbec0f13798c8:disqus 

        “WTF? Fret: Mr Mautner DID in fact disclose his affiliation.”

        Dislcosing your “affiliation” doesn’t cut it. I would explain the history, purposes and policy behind the now 2 year old rules but I suspect they won’t sway you. So let’s cut to the language and set aside whether we think it makes any sense or not.

        From the FTC site,

        ” the post of a blogger who receives cash or in-kind payment to review a product is considered an endorsement. Thus, bloggers who make an endorsement must disclose the material connections they share with the seller of the product or service. ”

        So while I get that the author may be too close to this to discuss calmly and respectfully (throwing out nonsense about calling him a liar is an over-the-top, I assume, emotionally reflexive canard) there is no reason we can’t discuss it — nicely.

        Set aside what is not relevant: whether you like author, whether he is a good guy, whether you think the review is above board, whether you like the text or think it is “floury,” whether you like or don’t like the Nikon or this camera.

        What is relevant is what you touched on in your reply. Whether there is adequate disclosure of the relationship between author and Nikon. I had the same reaction as the paralegal. Where’s the beef?

        As you point out, this is the disclosure:

        ” i was approached by my good friends at K&L in Tokyo- Nikon’s agency for decades- and was blown away that they asked me to participate with this project. My job was well defined: Use the D800 in a way that utilizes and highlights the latest features the D800 offers in real world wedding conditions that I’d face week in and week out.”

        I’m asking you to try to be objective. Forget that I may have annoyed you off with my comments or not. Does this satisfy either the letter let alone the spirit of the rules ?

        “I was approached by my friends” and I was “asked to participate in this project” do not disclose the material connections.

        And this is where I think people may argue at the margin but I think if the relationship is not a one-off that is material. So for example, (having no idea if it’s relevant here), one could say “I have an on-going relationship with Nikon whereby I do X and am given Y. In this capacity I am being paid for my review of the D800.” Whatever it is. I don’t know what it is. That’s the point. I mean I think I know now. He was paid. Nothing wrong with it. If he has a long-standing relationship in that he does work for Nikon in testing/reviewing or something else, like the paralegal said, it should be disclosed. It’s a material connection with Nikon of the kind the rules are getting at.

    1. Mr. Ritter: I understand your opinion (or would you call it a “review”?). However, I do not value it. Most of us are interested in reading all the available comments (call them “reviews” if you wish, it doesn’t matter) from those who have been fortunate enough to actually shoot with the camera. Your negative comments are useless and annoying.

  11. “At 36 megapixels, the D800 produces unprecedented image quality and resolution within a body that boasts revolutionary technological advances”

    This entire “review” reads like a giant Nikon ad. In fact, the above reads exactly like ad copy. I laughed when I read it because it sounded just like the apple iPhone 4S ad with its “advanced optics.” I like “revolutionary tech advances” better.

    1. Yeah… Just an “ad”. So, move on. It’s a blog, not a scientific, peer-reviewed paper… If you don’t believe the man’s opinion, don’t buy a D800…

  12. Fret, those were my words, not Nikon’s. I was paid to shoot a campaign and use a new camera with new technology and use it in my real world situations. I did just that. People are getting way out of line with comments that question my integrity. I normally accept a difference in opinion. Good debate is good for everyone. However, when people, like yourself, have never used this camera, how can you call me a liar.

    I have nothing to gain by exaggerating, or pulling quotes out of my ass. I shot the first wedding in the world with the D3. I blogged about that, gave honest opinions- very positive ones at that- and yet people still questioned my motives and my integrity. The D3 was revolutionary. I said just that. It wasn’t a stretch to say it and still isn’t. I haven’t shot the D4 at all. When I do, I’ll give my opinion about that as well. But I’m not going to scrutinize files, and call people’s integrity into question without shooting the camera.

    People bitched that I didn’t post unretouched images with the D800. So, I listened and did that. Yet, believe it or not, I’m still getting emails about why I retouched images. I posted a few straight out of camera. They wanted ISO examples, so I posted those too. I never said this had the D4’s high ISO performance. I said it’s closer to the D3 in that area.

    Please, debate with me, disagree with me, but don’t dare question my integrity. I’m nobody’s bitch. I meant every word I said. Buy the camera, or don’t. You’ll be one less photographer on the wait list.

    1. Cliff you seem very defensive. Not sure why. As a paralegal who deals with media law, I do think you would have better served your audience if you more fully disclosed your long-standing relationship with Nikon and the fact that you were paid by them to use their camera to produce these pictures. You may wish to review the FTC guidelines on blogging and reviews. I think there are some attorneys who would strongly suggest you didn’t comply with that law. 

      I can only speak for myself not Fret – but I never called you a liar. I do think you have a built-in bias. Your review DID in fact sound like it was taken directly from the Nikon press release. I am not questioning your integrity, only your ability to be honest with yourself about a built-in bias that wants to keep a lucrative, long-standing business relationship afloat.

      I say all these things as someone planning to buy the D4.

      1. Sure. I was paid to shoot the campaign. The opinions were all that..opinions. Thanks for the legal heads up. I had the camera for 4 weeks and these were my observations. I’m not defensive, just a little irritated. Here I thought I was doing the photo community a solid by giving my opinion and now you think I should be sued. Nice. I really do appreciate your advice, though. This is America, after all, and people can be sued easily. So, yes, I was paid for the campaign, but not to blog or give my opinions. These were mine, on my own. 

      2. Cliff…you deserve to be more than “irritated” imo.  

        Howie… you’re “not sure why”?  Reaaaally? OMG.  Some people leave me speechless.

      3. Cliff, you did do “the photo community a solid” with your post.  Those of us that are thinking of purchasing the D800 now have another piece of information, in the form of someone who has used the actual camera, to us in make our decision.  Thank you for the post.

      4.  Cliff, your right its too easy to sue in america. allegedly a muslim terrorist is suing sacha baron cohen and david Letterman for something.  Therefore if the American court decides this alleged terrorist is right, than letterman and cohen will owe him money which would go towards supporting terrorism. This is illegal to do so they could possibly be forced by court to do something illegal.  This has nothing to do with the argument at hand but I could care less what these nit wits are saying to you because no matter what blog or forum you are on there are always the few that feel better about themselves by putting others down. They always throw their credentials around like I care if some guy is a para legal and knows a law about blogging.  your a great photographer and great teacher, I love the lessons you put on kelby training.  also I just got the d800 yesterday and everything you said seems to be spot on with my first impression, thanks for taking time and dont let a few jerkoffs get you down.

      5. One other thing Howie. Did you miss the part where I said I was hired to shoot the campaign? Also, did you miss the part where I said these were my opinions? They’re clearly on my blog. Oh, and did you miss the part where I said that I’ve had a relationship with Nikon and that I felt it was an honor? I guess maybe I didn’t make things clear enough for you. That’s disclosure, but maybe not enough, I guess.

      6. Cliff I came into this respecting and admiring you and while it’s clear that you don’t see it I was merely trying to help. I believe you violated the FTC rule and to find out if I’m right I’m sending this thread to their GC for investigation.

      7. Not sure we really need a detailed account of his relationship with Nikon in his blog post before he can write an opinion article.  While I am no lawyer, like you are not Howie, as a reader of the blog post, I feel he did disclose that Nikon gave him the camera and gave him an assignment.  I don’t really need to know more since I would never base my buying decision on ONE blog post.  This post had good information, but I will need to do more research before purchasing.  To even mention the FTC on a post like this is crazy, to say the least.


      8. Howie, go buy a Canon and leave us alone.

        A certain former president was right … there is something seriously wrong with a country that has more lawyers (and I might add paralegals) than doctors.

      9. lol……”as a paralegal”……lol……ok…let’s all get on our soapbox and establish our selves in the world of the internet.  Let’s start quoting our penis sizes to accompany any post so as to get a better measure of the individual involved.  

        It’s an opinion about the D800….like it or google something else……..stick that in your paralegal file

      10.  as a non paralegal who now owns many camera including the awesome d800….for u howie…yada yada yada,,yak yak yak…. boring …

      11. Hysterical. I did a search for the D800 as a wedding photography camera, and I stumble upon this – and I love reading the comments, as they can provide further insight into the camera. Yeah, even two years later it can. …And then I read this idiocy from Howie….a paralegal with reading comprehension problems. LOL

        Alright, back to my studies on deciding if want a pair of D800’s or a pair of new DF’s. :)

    2. These people are freaking crazy. Cliff takes the time to share his opinion on a new camera and a bunch of nut jobs want to post inane comments about the definition of the word review and care whether he’s paid or not. Cliff got to play with a cool new camera just as Joe did with the D4. Cliff and Joe are respected photographers, enough so my Nikon to be given that opportunity.

      Read the article or don’t. You can’t offer any contrary opinion that matters, you haven’t seen the camera. Aside from a comment or question about the camera – shut up.

      Cliff, thanks for sharing info in the camera.

    3.  Cliff, don’t fret over spoiled milk…or is it spilled…anyways, thanks , and thanks again… i wake every day, grab my d800, kiss my lady and off and about… oops, no pun intended Fret….

    4. Cliff,

      Thanks for this review. Don’t pay any attention to people on the InterGoogle who call you names and question your integrity.

      It’s like when people call me handsome, and I say to myself “They are F’ing nuts” :).

      Thanks again.

  13. I’m amazed at the turn this post has taken.  Cliff has the opportunity to test this amazing camera, is gracious enough to share his experience among Scott Kelby’s (huge) audience, and he’s being targetted because it was a paid campaign?  It wasn’t kept a secret, and the images look fantastic.  So what if they are retouched – so is every image going out the door to a client.  He’s no longer a photojournalist so is not bound by that code to leave images in their original state (although even that is a loose concept given all that you can do to manipulate a JPEG with in-camera settings).  He is showing images representative of his work.  Likewise he is demonstrating what is possibly a bigger story than the D800’s resolution – its dynamic range and ability to inuitively expose for the face in difficult lighting conditions, which is how he shoots (his Kelby Training videos are excellent in demonstrating this style).

    He’s a great shooter and is a guest in Scott’s house, as are we.  Treat the man with some respect. 

    1.  Jay you hit the nail on the head. I believe a few people may be jealous that he gets paid to shoot an amazing camera. I would be excited to get that opportunity but unfortunately I have not earned this honor like Cliff has.  anyone that doesnt see that is just a douche anyway.

  14. So, if you like a camera and write a positive review with some “flowery marketing words” (according to these people) ,then you are biased? Where do these people come from?

  15. Cliff, no one that I read questioned your integrity or called you a liar. I certainly made a clear statement that I wasn’t. As you are must be aware if you read the comments. I assume your review was fair and honest.

    But making rather harsh false charges is a way to cause emotions to rise and certainly to distract from the issue that was raised. Some people may not actually read all the comments and assume what you wrote is true. (“that jerk called cliff a liar !)

    I had the same reaction to the review as another poster. Where’s the disclosure. If it is located elsewhere such as your own blog, people should not have to hunt it down there. If there is a continuing relationship wtih Nikon that should be disclosed as well. None of this should be controversial or cause you to be defensive or to invent personal attacks (“you called me a liar”).

    1. Hi Fret, the guy wrote a good piece on his experiences with the camera, tha is all and any reasonable reader will see it for what it is. All this ranting about disclosures etc will simply cause him never to bother writing another article like it, for which we will all be the poorer. Now please, let it be man.

  16. Firstly, I must say that I am envious that you got your hands on a D800 and was able to use it for 4 weeks. Even if it was a prototype. Sadly you had to give it back and then keep quiet, I don’t know if I could have done both.

    Thank you for your honest opinions on the Nikon D800. I have been waiting for Nikon to release it as the D4 is out of my price range. This camera is what I have been waiting for and I am looking forward to using it.

  17. Cliff, I for one am very grateful that you took the time to share your experience with the D800. I’m sorry that you’ve had to go through so much grief over it and hope that you won’t let it stop you from posting more in the future. Thanks and all the best.

  18. Cliff didn’t write a review. It doesn’t say at the top “Review.” In fact, the word “review” doesn’t appear anywhere in his article. He didn’t give it a 5-star rating, he didn’t state the price, he didn’t give a link where to buy it. 

    Nikon paid him to shoot with the camera and Nikon is using Cliff’s images to promote the camera. Just like you see Joe McNally’s images for the D4. Can Joe not say how much he likes the camera because he Nikon paid him to shoot images with it? Well, he did on his blog. How is Joe any different? Joe is well within his rights to give his opinion on anything he dang well pleases. So is Cliff.

    What makes you think Cliff should not be allowed to talk about his experience with the camera? He isn’t paid as a spokesperson; he was paid for his photography. He is perfectly entitled to share his experiences, his thoughts, and people want to hear his impressions of the camera, especially since he’s one of the only people who has actually shot one. 

    Last week, on his Tech Blog, Terry wrote about the type of people who are posting such crap here. Here’s what he wrote: 

    “Why is it that if someone writes favorably about a product/service or brand that you don’t like, then they must be getting paid? Yet if you like it then it’s perfectly OK for the writer to like it too? At that point no one is getting paid because you and the writer agree. High fives all around.  Wow! Let me ask you something. Do you like anything, say a favorite movie, restaurant, car, etc.? Do you tell your friends about how much you like it? Are you getting paid to go on and on about it by the movie studio, chef, car manufacturer, etc.? ”

    I am ashamed of the commenters here who called Cliff’s integrity into question, and who decided on their own to call Cliff’s story about his experience shooting the camera a “Review” (even though he never referred to it as a review) just so you could make your bitter, jealous, spiteful point. Internet trolls everywhere should rejoice now knowing that one of the most respected wedding photographers in our industry and one of the most talented teachers we have today was publicly attacked because he liked a camera from the company whose products he’s been buying for years. Nice job.

    One last thing: before you send your next unwarranted attack, read photographer Alian Zarinelli’s well-written, thoughtful assessment of your reaction to Cliff’s post:

    My thanks to the kind folks, including Alian, who did stand up for and supported Cliff and his comments. I’m very grateful and I’m sure Cliff and his family are as well. 

    1. Scott, I see your point.  My question to you is, if Cliff called it a review, is he wrong?  The definition of review is a critical report or article about some evaluation of a book, product, etc.  Honestly I think Cliff deserves a big thanks, and I believe his thoughts are unbiased.  The truth is the D800 will sell it self.  Nikon deserves some credit on their quality and integrity as well.

    2. “Cliff
      didn’t write a review. It doesn’t say at the top “Review.” In fact,
      the word “review” doesn’t appear anywhere in his article. He didn’t
      give it a 5-star rating, he didn’t state the price, he didn’t give a link where
      to buy it.”


      appreciate the creativity and I suppose you could try that line of reasoning
      but I do not think it would fly. Case in point would be Alain Zarinelli.  Presumably predisposed to side with you he wrote  “I read this Nikon D800
      review…..”  It’s about the
      substance not the form.


      did read his post in which he:


      Repeats reference to the disclosure. That’s really the only issue. You and he
      think it adequate. Me and paralegal don’t.  
      You say I assume people are being paid. I don’t assume anything. How the
      heck do I know what his relationship with Nikon is ?


      He goes a bit into what he characterized as the review. None of which has
      anything to do with issue.  


      He repeats the statement that people are attacking the author’s integrity. I
      can’t speak for others. I certainly did not. Look, I don’t know how many ways
      to drive this home. I wouldn’t see my doctor if I didn’t completely trust him
      but I’d still like to know if he has a financial relationship with the drug
      company. Ditto broker. No trust, no relationship. I’ll say it for what is at
      least the second time if not the third. I assume. No, I am quite certain that
      this author is giving his absolute good faith views on this camare. And you
      know what. It has nothing to do with explaining any material relationship with


      paid him to shoot with the camera and Nikon is using Cliff’s images to promote
      the camera.”


      is actually a clear statement.  And that
      is really the issue here. The extent to which the relationship is adequately
      explained. I tend to go with the paralegal but I’ve explained my view on this


      like you see Joe McNally’s images for the D4. Can Joe not say how much he likes
      the camera because he Nikon paid him to shoot images with it? Well, he did on
      his blog. How is Joe any different? Joe is well within his rights to give his
      opinion on anything he dang well pleases. So is Cliff.”


      people can give their opinions on anything they want. That doesn’t say much.
      The issue isn’t whether people can give opinions and it isn’t whether they can
      be paid (they sure can). It’s when they are giving opinions about products and
      receiving either money or in-kind payments they need to disclose fully all “material
      connections.”  I have no idea when
      or if some blogger has a relationship with a company whose products their
      reviewing. That’s the point of the disclosure rules. Go read Example 7 of the
      FTC regs. Pretty much sounds like what you described with Joe, doesn’t it ?  


      makes you think Cliff should not be allowed to talk about his experience with
      the camera? He isn’t paid as a spokesperson; he was paid for his photography.
      He is perfectly entitled to share his experiences, his thoughts, and people
      want to hear his impressions of the camera, especially since he’s one of the
      only people who has actually shot one. ”


      won’t repeat my previous points, you can read them if you wish. I’ll just note
      red hering when one is raised as you just did.





      is it that if someone writes favorably about a product/service or brand that
      you don’t like, then they must be getting paid? Yet if you like it then it’s
      perfectly OK for the writer to like it too? At that point no one is getting
      paid because you and the writer agree. High fives all around.  Wow! Let me ask you something. Do you like
      anything, say a favorite movie, restaurant, car, etc.? Do you tell your friends
      about how much you like it? Are you getting paid to go on and on about it by
      the movie studio, chef, car manufacturer, etc.? ”


      can’t speak for other people but I don’t assume someone is being paid or not.  What I do note is when I read this type “
      description of bloggers product experiences” (you comfortable with that one ?  Not a review. Descriptions of product
      experiences. I took it from the FTC regs) and I don’t see the full disclosure I
      wonder why.  I also wonder why it’s remotely
      controversial. It sure isn’t for the WSJ (just an example easy to google).


      am ashamed of the commenters here who called Cliff’s integrity into question,
      and who decided on their own to call Cliff’s story about his experience shooting
      the camera a “Review” (even though he never referred to it as a
      review) just so you could make your bitter, jealous, spiteful point.”


      won’t comment further that Alian seemed to think it a review as well…… it’s not
      terribly important. The rules would pick up just this type of writing.  Stop pretending that any manufacturer is
      interested in having this type of material our there for kicks.


      won’t comment for the nth time on the integrity.  Given the issue I raised it can’t have been
      directed at me.


      sure what “point” you are referring to. I think the disclosure wasn’t adequate
      if that’s what you mean.  Your statement
      was much closer to the mark.


      are actually some interesting issues here if people could calm down and stop
      with the impugning the integrity nonsense that I imagine will be fleshed out by
      others as time goes by.  Such as what
      exactly is adequate disclosure.  Is
      having a blog elsewhere with disclosure sufficient for a “not a
      review” that appears elsewhere online. Should you have to link directly to
      the blog….


      you for allowing the posts though even if you may not agree with the

  19. Hi Cliff, thanks for the evaluation of the camera. It gives serious users the kind of information that we need. Please ignore the trolls, like the poor and idiots, they will always be with us. Question, you must have used the D3x before. How does the image quality compare to the D800. Does the extra pixels make a real difference and how would the IQ compare in a studio shooting female models? Many thanks and keep on writing your excellent articles.

  20. Cliff, you ARE doing the photographic community a solid by posting your thoughts.  For those of you that have issues with this, get a life, seriously.  Life is too short to be that petty.

  21. Cliff
    Thank’s for sharing your experience with the D800 with us before anyone else could or would have.Partly it already cleared some simple questions I had after reading the Nikon website, thanks for that too.I can’t wait to get my hands on that camera and give it a try myself!You could have kept that information all to yourself and your personal circle, yet you were so kind to take the trouble of blogging it for us and creating some visual examples to share it with us.
    A lot of people fear what’s new and unknown and lash out to the people who are actually trying to acquaint us with some of it.
    I mean, that’s probably the whole reason why Scott’s website is here? This website breathes the fun of sharing all this stuff in an open and FRIENDLY way.
    Apparently, having an open mind to new things and peoples opinions on that isn’t as normal as we thought.

    I bet Scott didn’t expect his visitors to lash out to you like this.

    It’s a shame.

    I wish for you that all this will not stop you for one bit.

    Keep doing what you like to do. And keep doing it in the way that feels right to you.

    I guess 98% of the people here on this page don’t know you at all, so don’t value their OPINION on your integrity too much.

  22. Hey Fret – here is my favorite issue with all disclosure concerns on the web – who are YOU?  Anonymous posting is worse than the issue you raise about what amounts to the degree of disclosure provided in the post.  Who do you work for? Why are you unwilling to let go of your position on this issue in the face of the opposing arguments – don’t you just make your point and move on when you are not willing to make the “debate” usefully public?  The blog author is known, Scott is known, I’m unknown but identified – this is the essence of placing value in your own argument.  Own it.  That is disclosure.

  23. Cliff, thanks for this post, and your first post about the D800 on your blog. I thought both were very informative, perhaps more helpful to me than any other posts I had seen from the other lucky few that have been able to try this camera out so far. I also really appreciated seeing the high ISO crops, very helpful.

  24. I heard about all this nonsense with some of these people complaining about Cliff’s “disclosure”…

    Who the hell cares!?!? … Look at those images, they’re stunning… I’d buy one one of those images and I don’t even know who the gals are in the photos… I’d seen those on Cliff’s blog back when he first posted them and was mesmerized by the work… and now to find out that they were taken with the new uber megapix D800… well done Nikon, well done Cliff…

    Unfortunately we have now become a society so jaded that we cannot appreciate such beautiful photos… we have to point the finger at someone as genuine and talented as Cliff and say… You’re the bad guy because you didn’t tell us you work for XYZ… sad sad day….

    (To give my full disclosure so I don’t get flamed for not stating what color my underwear is…  I’m a Canon shooter and won’t be buying a Nikon D800 (although I very much appreciate what it can do…), I’ve attended Cliff’s seminars at PSW, I’ve watched every video he has on Kelby Training, I very much admire and respect Cliff, Scott and all that Kelby Training offers… but bottomline, I’m a photographer trying to make money with these tools we call cameras… and like any “mechanic”, I very much appreciate the tools of the trade and the magic some people create with them…)

    So… Thank you Cliff.  Thank you Scott for posting this on your blog!

    And… they’re blue plaid.  ;)

  25. Cliff, thank you very much for your opinions on the D800. It very helpful to get insight from a respected photographer who has actually used the camera. Please keep your opinions coming!

  26. I guess i’m just a nobody, but i follow cliff on kelby and the internet and enjoy his work and teaching.   i want to say thanks cliff for what you do for those of us who follow, respect your opinion, and appreciate your talent.   i’m not sure i follow how this stuff all got steered towards disclosure and who got paid and all that crap, but again thanks for showing us what this baby will do and giving us your opinions.   personally i thought you said many times how nikon had asked you to do it and all that jazz and maybe i’m stupid, but i assumed you got something for it and didn’t waste your time for free.   huh…   you ARE a professional photographer after all.

    i specifically was interested in seeing what either you or joe mcnally thought about the D800 being that i bought one.   so thank you AGAIN for the great samples from sometime who appreciates what you do.   but what do i know.   i’ve only been in the business for 40 years, owned a large commercial lab when there were still folks who shot something called negatives and transparencies and shoot nikons so opinions on what nikon brings out is helpful to me.

    from a fan of yours cliff   :–)   don’t let anybody annoy you to the point that we who want your opinions lose out on them..

    1. Hello, I am new to this research but definitely wanted to do lots of it before putting in my order for the D800 last week.  I am a professional photographer but more as a hobby and have been using a d90 which I have enjoyed but when I saw the D800 I needed to know what all the rave was about.  I appreciate Cliff making his comments available to all of us and it is beyond me why anyone would have the time to be so argumentative.  Perhaps just picking up your camera and going for a nice walk would be helpful. 
      I very much enjoyed your comments and images.  Thank you. 

  27. My concern with this camera is that the file size will be three times what it is now. I currently use two D700s (which I love). I can see that much larger files will slow down my work flow. Personally I would like to have seen a camera more like the D4. 14mp with extremely low noise. Like the D700 was to the D3.

    Cliff doesn’t mention what it is like to work with those larger files. It would be interesting to know what he thinks. Especially since, as a wedding photographer, he has to process hundreds of files per job.

    I think that I might have to save up for a D3S (I see some prices already falling) or hope for a personal windfall and get the D4. I really have no need for 36mp. And, as a side note, I don’t have any need for video and it galls me that now I will have to pay for something that I will not use no matter which pro camera I select!

    Just my two cents.

  28. Was wondering, on the d3 there is an option for image size to go from large 12M to medium 6.8M or small 3m.  Does the d800 have the same option for those people who don’t want to shoot at 36MP? 

  29. Hi Cliff;
             I enjoyed your comments on the 800 , along with images which are wow. I have had three of local store phoning and emailing re my interest even just putting down a deposit as the sales will be brisk. After  your post I can see that being true.

  30. Cliff, I hope you’re well.  I’ll just note that this is one lawyer who thinks that the statement that Cliff risks exposing himself to a lawsuit with this blogpost is silly (and I’m exercising my gift for understatement there).  I enjoyed the campaign Cliff – nice images and I love it that you gave the talent the exposure as well.


  31. I have been very impressed with all the information that is being made available on the new Nikon D800. But it appears to me that we will not know if this camera indeed has the right stuff  until the D800 is in our hands and tested in the field by a wide selection of users. I am somewhat concerned about the high pixel sensor and the cameras ability to product hand held quality images without blurring. I see that Nkon is promoting the use of a tripod and VR lenses for best image quality. Shooting from a tripod with a VR lens is not always possible or desirable.So is the D800 going to be a tripod mounted studio/landscape camera only??

  32. There sure are a lot of great things about the internet and just as many bad things.  We are to a point that regardless of how good something is their are those with an agenda to tear it to pieces.  Fret even widens his attack to include the iPhone 4s.  Luckily for Apple, most ignore the idiots and buy the product if it suits their needs.  The more I read forums, the more I wonder why I do

  33. Hi all,

    I had the opportunity to be in the presentation of the Nikon D800 and Nikon D4Casanovas Barcelona.

    I was surprised to see Nikon D4 connectivity, you can make and work with it through an iPad, iPhone … or any other tablet. What was surprising was the speed andconvenience of being able to capture the image and take it to the device.

    I wonder if anyone knows if the WT-4, mounted on a Nikon D800 would be something like (I know it is not 100%), but that can capture the image and trasportarla the iphone.

    I have a D800 charge, in addition, I am gathering information for this camera in myblog:

    Thank you.

  34. Good for you Cliff! You’ve lashed back at the exact reason I hate blogs (readers), and also gave a straight forward, non market speak review, which is why I come to read one’s blog in the first place.
    Thanks for this, I’ve ordered his camera ; )

  35. What a total turn-off! This is for grown ups and not for children… Everyone get so tired of this US legal bullshit! If you don’t like the page or the blog go somewhere else. Some of you US guys/girls are the most biased I have ever encountered and you have no clue about democracy what so ever
    ( 0%/zero) and barter and bribe as you see fit, also with regards to your whole legislation and elections – a shame! Ask anyone in high-school to point out all the european nations and the according capitols…answer 0%. Let people enjoy their cameras, lenses and “reviews”no matter what!!!

  36. Wow what a weird series of comments for a blog post.  Howie, god forbid you ever handle a case for me, as your reading comprehension skills are…well, abysmal! 

    Ive been deciding back and forth over the Canon 5D3 and the Nikon D800 and was delighted to see Mr Mautner post some of his results and OPINIONS on the D800. He is a photographer who since I’ve discovered, I have developed a great admiration and respect of his work.  

    Ive been following him since finding some of his instructional videos on and have since been a fan.  With so many reviews beginning to pour out from site and site its refreshing to see some results from a pro who I’m familiar with. Thanks again for the post Cliff those were some beautiful captures!  

    1.  I agree…well put…i am not sure why they don’t just delete the bs…would save negative energy flowing…albeit..i own the d800…i luv it…i have issues, but it’s with lenses, not the camera…the 70-200….amazing…the 24-70…maybe a little overated…i owned the sony a900 b4, i luv they build the vr in the body of the camera, all lenses worked with it…my 24-70 was a bit better, and definitely noticeable….but, hands down. the nikon d800 is amazing…can’t wait to see the future, ..i need shades

  37. Hi, I’m a wedding photographer in Australia and update my gear every couple of years regardless, I do the same with my car. I stumbled across your piece on the D800 and found it informative especially about some of the new features other than megapixels. I’m very interested in the dynamic range changes and look forward to testing it myself.  D800 looks great and another step forward. Yes I will be buying a D800 or two and a D4 as my current gear fades out. Thanks for sharing and nice work by the way! 
    Just to share with readers - I have shown clients prints taken from a D3s, D700, D7000 and Canon S95 and they think all were taken with the same camera. I can only conclude that my style looks the same no matter what tools I use (good or bad LOL). Camera is a camera, it won’t take a great photo by its self.
    If I was buying my first DSLR and wanted to take photo’s that amaze my friends, I would get a D7000, 50mm and a 18-200mm lens or Canon equivalent then spend the savings on some lessons, rather than spend big bucks on these Pro style cameras.

  38. My comment will be short and to the point.

    Firstly, I am in my 80’s and finding it difficult to do the things I did many years ago when I was paid the princely sum for contract work of £2.00 per wedding producing around 40 images, on the bus and off to my next wedding. I was obliged to include developing the film within that price. In over a 1,000 weddings I have never let anyone down or myself for that matter. In those days it was a Rollie W/A – Hasselblad and my favourite stand by the Agfa Super Issolette.

    When people make unjustified remarks I ignore them. Jealousy is a pretty awful illness and almost certainly due to lack of confidence or lack of skill perhaps both.

    I am looking forward to adding the D800 to my collection, I never sell my cameras. I have no idea what my Rheumatoid consultant will say having being diagnosed with what can only described as a fragmented neck after 3 broken backs and two broken hips. (Osteoporosis)

    I am looking forward to seeing the next mind blowing pictures and I have already passed on this file to my friends.

    Lovely looking at your pictures and better still reading your comments.

    Charles Thirtle-Watts

    I will refrain from posting mail address since I have no intenion of reading any tripe responses from those who know but know nothing.

  39. I am new to this blog but did just receive my D800 and so far find it all that it is advertised to be.  I would like to make a comment however about this blog and not the camera.

    Why is it that people think that just because someone gives them a place to express themselves that they think they can just post anything.  I came here to read about the camera and found 70+% of the blog post just BS complaining about the author.  GET A LIFE people.  If you don’t like Nikon Camera’s got somewhere else.  If you have information to share, do it but this stuff is not only a waste of our time but it just shows how shallow some people are.

    Cliff and others, keep up the good work and as far as the complainers go, take a hike and share your photos not your opinions.

  40. Hello Cliff,

    Thanks for your interesting article. It was a joy to see your beautifull pictures on your site.

    I hear a lot of stories that handholding photographing with this camera (and getting sharp pictures) is more difficult with this camera than with lower resolution camera’s. I read you have o use shorter shutterspeeds. Can you tell about your experience about this? Greetings Max.

  41. Cliff Ive been following your work for quite some time now.. the ignorance of some people can do only two things. Make you better or make you more ignorant. I don’t follow ignorance. You are an excellent photographer that Ive personally learned from and appreciate what you do. Thanks for the review on the camera. I think I made my decision on whether I was going to get a used D3s or the new 800E..I goin for the 800E

  42. For those who want to concentrate on what they think the digital camera does not do, perhaps you can take a second and focus on what it CAN do until you have one in your arms, or at least keep out until the digital camera is available.StarStay Hotels

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    “I think if it goes 3-0 at that stage it’s probably over, but in a local derby you never know. We knew that the next goal was going to be crucial,” he added.


  50. Klopp: We need the winter break

    Agen Bolaterpercaya reported – Borussia Dortmund boss Jurgen Klopp has admitted his side are in need of the winter break after their 2-1 home loss to Hertha Berlin on Saturday.
    The Bundesliga giants have suffered from a spate of injuries throughout the first half of the season and currently sit 12 points adrift of Bayern Munich, having played a game more.
    Saturday’s loss was their third home defeat in the league on the bounce and Klopp is looking forward to being able to recuperate after their spectacular loss of form.
    “Something which started very well has ended quite miserably. And that’s the way if feels like now,” as reported by
    City Holiday.
    “We’re in need of the break. But it’s us who are responsible and we must think about some things.”
    source :

  51. Agen : Barzagli Segera Perpanjang Kontrak

    Berita terbaru dan terkini dari agen bola City Holiday – Agen dari Andrea Barzagli, Claudio Orlandini, menginformasikan bahwa kliennya sudah mendekati kesepakatan komitmen anyar dengan Juventus.

    Berita yang diringkas agen bola City Holiday, Kontrak terkini Barzagli di Juventus Stadium akan habis musim panas tahun depan, tapi nyaris dipastikan ia bakal bertahan lebih lama lagi.

    “Kami tengah dalam diskusi. Dalam waktu dekat kami mungkin mencapai sebuah kesepakatan,” tutur Orlandini.

    Barzagli belakangan kerap bermasalah dengan cedera tendon. Soal ini, sang agen mengaku tak dapat memprediksi sampai kapan pemain 32 tahun itu harus menghuni ruang terapi dan kembali merumput bersama tim.

    “Saya tak yakin kapan ia akan kembali ke kebugaran penuh. Saya tak punya bola kristal, yang jelas kami mengevaluasi kondisinya secara rutin. Masalahnya saat ini berbeda dengan cedera tendon yang dialami sebelumnya.”

    Sumber :

  52. Fernandinho Disinyalir Pulih Kontra Barcelona

    Berita terbaru dan terkini dari agen bola City Holiday – Gelandang Manchester City Fernandinho belum tentu bisa bermain dalam leg pertama kontra Barcelona, namun disinyalir bisa turun pada pertemuan kedua di babak gugur Liga Champions.

    Berita yang diringkas agen bola City Holiday, Pemain Brasil ini tak bermain saat City kalah 1-0 dari Chelsea di Liga Primer karena mengalami cedera paha. Namun ada kabar gembira bagi para penggemar The Citizens.

    Fernandinho mengumumkan lewat akun Twitternya, “Selamat siang, saya ingin memberitahu kalian soal perkembangan cedera saya dan rumor yang beredar. Saya akan kembali bermain dalam 15 hari atau kurang!”

    Leg pertama kontra Barcelona akan digelar pada 18 Februari dan leg kedua digelar tiga pekan setelahnya.

    Sumber :

  53. Mata optimis Manchester United masih menarik

    Berita terbaru dan terkini Bola Soccer dari Agen Bola Indo11 – Juan Mata yakin Manchester United masih bisa mendatangkan pemain top di bursa transfer musim panas mendatang, kendati peluang United untuk tampil di Liga Champions musim depan tengah terancam.

    Untuk mengejar zona Liga Champions, United harus memangkas jarak 11 poin dengan Liveropol yang ada di urutan keempat. Bahkan dengan Tottenham Hotspur yang ada di urutan kelima pun, United tertinggal delapan angka.

    Agen Bola Indo11 Terpercaya – Situasi itu disebut-sebut bisa saja berpengaruh pada minat pemain top untuk datang ke Old Trafford di musim panas mendatang. Tapi Mata tetap yakin MU masih punya daya tarik untuk mendatangkan pemain bintang.

    “Aku tidak tahu apa yang akan terjadi di musim panas, tapi manajer (David Moyes) mengatakan di konferensi pers bahwa dia akan mendatangkan pemain. Aku pikir klub ini ada di masa transisi, tapi aku bisa katakan pada Anda bahwa pemain-pemain terbaik di dunia akan selalu datang,” kata pemain internasional Spanyol itu.
    Sumber .

  54. Pellegrini menyebut wasit tidak adil kepada City

    Berita terbaru dan terkini Bola Soccer dari Agen Bola Indo11 – Manajer Manchester City Manuel Pellegrini mengatakan wasit asal Swedia, Jonas Eriksson, memihak Barcelona dalam pertandingan Liga Champions, Rabu (19/02) dini hari.

    Agen Bola Indo11 Terpercaya – Eriksson memberikan Barcelona penalti dan mengeluarkan Martin Demichelis sehingga tim Spanyol itu menang 2-0 di pertandingan terakhir di putaran pertama.

    “Dia ada dipihak Barcelona dari awal hingga akhir. Wasit berlaku tidak adil kepada kedua tim.” kesalnya.

    Demichelis diusir wasit pada menit ke 54 atas pelanggaran yang dilakukannya atas Lionel Messi.

    “Wasit telah memutuskan pertandingan. Sebelum pinalti dilakukan, ada pelanggaran yang lebih dulu terjadi kepada Jesus Navas tiga meter dari wasit, seharusnya dia melihat itu. Kesalahan pertama adalah tentang Navas dan kedua adalah soal penalti karena kontak terjadi di luar kotak.” jelasnya lagi.

    “Saya pikir, bukan ide yang baik untuk menunjuk wasit dari Swedia untuk pertandingan ini dan wasit yang telah melakukan kesalahan fatal dalam pertandingan Barcelona – AC Milan. Hari ini dia melakukannya lagi.” tutupnya.

    Sumber .

  55. Barcelona don’t need a leader, says Valdes

    agen bola – terpercaya reported – Victor Valdes has dismissed suggestions Barcelona will struggle when he and captain Carles Puyol leave the club this summer.

    The pair are both lifelong Camp Nou servants but have opted to call time on their careers with the Blaugrana and some sections of the media have suggested next season will be a transitional one for the reigning Liga champions.

    But Valdes insists Barca take collective responsibility for winning games, while backing coach Gerardo Martino to be a success for many years to come.

    “I think the Barca dressing room is not characterised by the need to have a leader,” As reported by city holiday .

    “Whenever there has been a problem we have solved it as a group and it will always be. Captains transmit the voice of all the players.”

    “It would be a wise move to keep Martino for many years. He doesn’t just have the years of his contract, he has many more years after that as well.”


  56. Ancelotti Yakin Bale Akan Hebat Saat Melawan Barca

    Berita terbaru dan terkini dari agen bolacity holiday – Pada El Clasico jilid satu musim ini di Camp Nou lalu, Bale dikritik karena tampil melempem dan bahkan ditarik keluar di babak kedua.

    Agen bola city holiday Terpercaya – Pelatih Real Madrid, Carlo Ancelotti menyatakan keyakinannya bahwa pemain termahal sejagad, Gareth Bale akan tampil hebat di laga El Clasico.

    “Pada laga di Camp Nou, ia baru pertama kali bertukar posisi dengan Angel Di Maria. Namun kini ia telah terbiasa bermain di kedua sayap dan tim juga sangat seimbang, kami tak akan mengubah hal tersebut,” ungkap Ancelotti.

    “Ia berada dalam kondisi yang bagus. Keadaan fisiknya sangat baik saat ini, saya yakin dia akan memainkan laga yang hebat. Kami tidak melakukan apapun untuk mengembalikan kebugarannya, pada dasarnya ia memang memiliki gen yang istimewa.” Tutup Ancelotti.


  57. Martino: Tak Bagus Bagi Barca Apabila Seri di Bernabeu

    Berita terbaru dan terkini dari agen bolacity holiday – Pelatih Barcelona, Gerardo Martino menyatakan ambisi timnya untuk menang saat bertandang ke markas Real Madrid nanti malam (23/03).

    Agen bola city holiday Terpercaya – Pria asal Argentina ini menegaskan bahwa skor imbang bukan hasil yang cukup baik untuk Barca.

    “Saya pikir imbang bukanlah hasil yang bagus bagi kami.. Tingkat kesulitan dalam sebuah laga biasanya mempengaruhi apakah hasil akhir layak dikatakan bagus, namun sudah jelas bahwa kami wajib menang lawan Madrid,” tegas Matino.

    “Memang benar bahwa dalam beberapa laga tandang terakhir kami tampil buruk, namun kami juga meraih beberapa hasil penting. Kami harus lebih mengingat kemenangan di Manchester ketimbang kekalahan di Valladolid.


  58. Manchester United resmi memecat David Moyes

    Berita terbaru dan terkini bola Soccer dari Agen bola Indo11 – Kebersamaan David Moyes dengan Manchester United tak sampai semusim. Manajemen The Red Devils secara resmi telah memberhentikan mantan manajer Everton itu.

    “Manchester United dengan ini mengumumkan David Moyes telah meninggalkan klub. Pihak klub berterimakasih atas kerja keras yang telah dilakukan, kejujuran dan integritas yang dia bawa ke klub ini,” demikian pernyataan The Red Devils melalui situs resminya.

    Agen bola Indo11 Terpercaya – Keputusan pemecatan Moyes diambil setelah Wayne Rooney cs menelan kekalahan atas Everton di akhir pekan lalu. Pria asal Skotlandia itu mulai melatih United di awal musim ini, menggantikan Sir Alex Ferguson yang memutuskan pensiun.


  59. Fabio Cannavaro ingin melatih klub Serie A

    Berita terbaru dan terkini bola Soccer dari Agen bola Indo11 – Kapten tim Italia yang juara dunia 2006, Fabio Cannavaro, menyimpan keinginan untuk menangani klub di Serie A suatu saat nanti.

    Agen bola Indo11 Terpercaya – Saat ini, Cannavaro yang pernah mengecap pengalaman memperkuat klub-klub besar macam Inter, Juventus, dan Real Madrid, menjadi asisten pelatih Al-Ahli. Klub tersebut merupakan anggota liga Uni Emirat Arab.

    “Saya senang mendapat beberapa pengalaman menjadi pelatih. Kami berharap bahwa kita akan masuk ke Liga Champions Asia. Sejauh pergi dari Italia saya ingin melatih di Serie A. Saya memiliki keberuntungan untuk bekerja di berbagai Liga dan pengalaman di sini di Dubai telah memperkaya (pengalaman) saya,” ucap Cannavaro.

    Cannavaro telah berada di Al-Ahli sejak musim 2010-11, saat masih menjadi pemain. Sekarang ini menjadi asisten dari Cosmin Olaroiu


  60. Juan Jesus menunggu permintaan maaf dari Bologna

    Berita terbaru dan terkini bola Soccer dari Agen bola Indo11 – Hampir sebulan sejak mendapatkan cedera lutut, Juan Jesus belum dihubungi oleh pemain Bologna yang mencederainya.

    Agen bola Indo11 Terpercaya – Bek tengah Inter itu mengakhiri musim lebih cepat setelah ligamen lututnya rusak saat timnya berhadapan dengan Bologna. Saat itu, Lazaros Christodoulopoulos, pemain yang menyebabkan dia cedera.

    Jesus, melalui media sosial, menyayangkan tidak adanya upaya permintaan maaf dari pihak pemain yang mencederainya dan pihak klub.

    “Sudah tiga minggu. Terima kasih kepada Tuhan, aku merasa lebih baik setiap hari yang berlalu. Tapi aku tidak senang karena aku bahkan belum menerima permintaan maaf dari pemain yang mencederaiku. Juga dari klub dia bermain,” keluh Jesus.


  61. Vialli: victory comes from the quality of the team

    Agen bola terpercaya reported, Juventus has just secured Scudetto with a 1-0 victory over Atalanta and Juventus legend Gianluca Vialli appraised the quality of the team which is the main reason for his club to win.
    He said: “In order to win once talent is enough. But in order to win again you need character. In order to win three times in a row, you have to be monstrous! I said it at the start: for Juve to win a third successive Scudetto it would take Conte’s best team yet. That’s what ended up happening.” as reported by Agen bola terpercaya
    Vialli emphasized the quality of Juventus and raised the example of Tiger wood when he talks about consistent quality. as reported by Agen bola terpercaya
    He added: “I think of Tiger Woods when he says that the best quality is consistency. Consistency is everything. There are great athletes and there are exceptional athletes, those who never stop achieving. They never relax.”

  62. Juventus midfielder Vidal faced with knee surgery

    Agen bola terpercaya reported, Juventus midfielder Arturo Vidal is having a problem concerning his knee surgery and thus will have the surgery. He might be absent for up to five weeks due to this surgery. However, it is expected that he will be able to play for Chile’s World Cup campaign.
    Dr. Giovanni Carcuro said: “The (recovery) period is the most important question and the one that worries us the most” as reported by Agen bola terpercaya
    He added: “Unfortunately, in these cases, it’s not something so definite. We can say that the player is by no means ruled out from the World Cup. But we don’t either have lots of time and giant and super-relaxed deadlines.” as reported by Agen bola terpercaya
    Vidal is known to be one of Chile’s top players and his presence is very important for the victory.

  63. Pellegrini: Liverpool’s shortcoming will be the good lesson for City

    Agen bola terpercaya reported, Manchester City manager Manuel Pellegrini is very interested in Liverpool’s failure and willing to learn from this club’s fault when City is about to win a second Premier League title.
    With only two games left, Pellegrini stressed the lesson of Liverpool’s shortcoming and City has to learn from that fault. as reported by Agen bola terpercaya
    He said: “It’s always a good lesson for everybody. Nobody knows what can happen in football, that’s why it’s the most popular sport in the world. Maybe Liverpool had a sense of trust. They were winning 3-0 but, in three balls, the score changed.” as reported by Agen bola terpercaya
    This time in spite of the pressure, City has to try its best to win its last games. He added: “We have the pressure to win, but we have had that pressure all year. This team wants to win the title and we will try until the end.”

  64. Seedorf proud to see AC Milan win over its rival

    Agen bola terpercaya reported, AC Milan coach Clarence Seedorf applauded his team’s effort to get the victory over its opponent: Inter Milan. It is Nigel de Jong who brought the goal to AC Milan in the second-half.
    He said: “It was an emotional derby, as always, and I was proud to see how the team fought hard and received deserved applause at the end. We had a diamond midfield with Balotelli and Kaka helping out in defence and Taarabt on Esteban Cambiasso.” as reported by Agen bola terpercaya
    Seedorf appraised AC Milan’s defending system during the match against Inter Milan. as reported by Agen bola terpercaya
    He added: “The defence is stronger when the whole team works to help out. They understand now how important it is to be aggressive and double up the marking. Nigel De Jong, for example, did brilliantly to be the extra man in defence.”

  65. Marotta willing to renew contract with Pogba

    Agen bola terpercaya reported, Juventus GM Beppe Marotta shows his willingness to keep Pogba as he is believed to be the target of Real Madrid and PSG. The two are bidding for him for about €70m.
    He said: “We told him our intention of renewing his contract and obviously to keep him here. We need to meet again in order to work out the numbers, but we do want to go forward together.” as reported by Agen bola terpercaya
    Marotta even praised Pogba for his intelligence and for his acknowledgement of himself growing with Juventus. as reported by Agen bola terpercaya
    He added: “Paul is intelligent and knows professionally he has the chance to grow in good time here. It’s difficult to predict his exit.”

  66. Van Persie: Wilson’s double goals fantastic

    Agen bola terpercaya reported, Robin van Persie praised James Wilson to score two goals during the match against Hull City. The result ended with M.united 3-1 victory over Hull City.
    Van Persie was impressed by the great performance by Wilson and talked about his special debut in M.united. He said: “James played really well, I know how hard it is to make your debut – I made mine when I was about 29!” as reported by Agen bola terpercaya
    Van Persie also emphasized the two great goals achieved by Wilson during the game, saying the goals are great for him and for the club. as reported by Agen bola terpercaya
    He added: “I know how special it can be. He made it very special for himself and for everyone. To score two goals is really special.”

  67. Rodgers to fight till the end

    Agen bola terpercaya reported, Liverpool manager Brendan Rodgers remains optimistic about Premier League title when his contract extension will be renewed. Liverpool’s last game was against Crystal Palace when the two had 3-3 draw. This was not good news for Liverpool, now just one point clear at the top.
    However, Rodger is determined to keep fighting until they finish the season against Newcastle on Sunday. as reported by Agen bola terpercaya
    He said: “The players have been incredible and they have allowed the supporters to dream. To be the club that is top of the league by one point with one week to go, and you never know what might happen, has taken a huge effort.” as reported by Agen bola terpercaya
    He added: “The only thing I will promise is that while I am here we’ll fight for our lives. Our season doesn’t finish until after Newcastle.”

  68. Juventus midfielder Giovinco thanks Conte to support him

    Agen bola terpercaya reported, Juventus midfielder Sebastian Giovinco was happy to enjoy support from coach Antonio Conte this season as he was laughed by his own fans earlier this term. He thanked his coach for supporting him during this bad time.
    He said: “These things help you to grow, as everything does. I think from that moment the season changed for me and for the fans. I don’t want to think about that anymore, as I just want to focus on positive things.” as reported by Agen bola terpercaya
    Juventus has just won Scudetto under the management of Conte. as reported by Agen bola terpercaya
    He added: “We always believed in the Scudetto and it was tough to think otherwise, even though Roma had a great season, but we were devastating and the title was fully deserved. The campaign isn’t over yet, so our next target is to reach 100 points.”

  69. Boniperti: Allegri will be okay – if Juventus keep winning

    Agen Bola Terpercaya Cityholidaybet Reported – Juventus icon Giampiero Boniperti has warned Massimiliano Allegri that only titles will help him win over the club’s supporters.
    The appointment of Allegri, who was sacked by AC Milan earlier this year, enraged the fans but Boniperti says that the 47-year-old trainer will retain their full support as long as Juve keeping winning.
    “Juventus are a club that must always win,” the former Italy international told Tuttosport. “They must fight for every goal, in Italy and abroad.
    “And that’s why for Allegri, and everyone else, it is the results that count.
    “He’s a young coach but already experienced. He won a Scudetto with Milan and he knows the Champions League.
    “But now he’s at Juve. Hopefully his past with the Rossoneri have taught him many things …”

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