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It’s #TravelTuesday and I, Dave Williams, am here, as always, with something from the world of travel photography. I have sad news to report today, but I promise it ends with great news. The van I’ve been exploring the world in for the past couple of years has done its job, and it’s time to move on to the next adventure. I’ve spent the past week stripping the insides from the van and dismantling the electrical system to turn it back into a regular van, which I’ll use to relocate my life to Arctic Norway in July. It was a pleasure to have shared so much of my adventures in Kofifernweh with you all here and on my social media and blog, and I’d like to say thanks for following along. If you didn’t know, I explained my rationale for the decision to convert a van and tell some of the stories from my mammoth road trip in my outrageously titled new book, The Meaning Of Life.

Today, as ‘home’ is a theme that’s popped up, I’d like to give you some ideas for personal projects you can get involved with close to home. As I’ve explained countless times, personal projects are crucial in photography. They keep us on our toes, push the limits of our creativity, and get us familiar with our gear. This list of five personal project ideas will spark some ideas in those of you who may be going through a cold spell and want to pick the camera back up and make something new. Let’s go:

Windowsill Chronicles

This project can focus on photographing your indoor plants in your home. It can involve capturing their growth, unique features, and the interplay between light and foliage. Through this project, you can experiment with different perspectives, close-ups, and creative compositions to showcase the beauty and diversity of your indoor garden.

Still Life Stories

This personal project can involve creating compelling still-life photographs using everyday objects found in your home. You can experiment with different arrangements, lighting techniques, and backgrounds to tell stories or evoke specific moods. You can transform ordinary objects into captivating subjects by paying attention to composition, colours, and textures.

Backyard Adventures

This personal project can involve exploring and photographing your backyard’s or outdoor space’s beauty and intricacies. It can challenge you to find interesting compositions, capture the play of light and shadow, and document the changing seasons. The project can showcase the often-overlooked details and hidden gems that can be found just steps away from your home.

Daily Moments

This personal project can revolve around documenting the small, everyday moments that make up your daily life at home. It can involve capturing routines, rituals, and activities that hold meaning to you, such as cooking, reading, working, or spending time with loved ones. By paying attention to composition, emotions, and details, you can create a visual diary that reflects the beauty and intimacy of your ordinary moments.

Home Portraits

This project can focus on capturing the essence and character of your home through photography. It can involve documenting various rooms, details, and personal touches that make your living space unique. By experimenting with different lighting conditions and angles, you can showcase the atmosphere, design elements, and cherished memories that define your home.

Get stuck into some personal projects over the summer and push your creativity. You’ll have fun, and your skill will broaden – trust me. Oh, and if you’re looking for something a little fancier, I’m hosting a series of workshops in Lofoten, Norway, in September, October, and January. KELBY5 gives you a discount of about $250 when you book. Be sure to check it out – it’s going to be epic! Have a great week, and I’ll be back with more ideas soon.

Much love

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