Come On Feel The Pimpy

Here are the quick links, just in case:
– Photoshop World
Kelby Training Live Seminars
The Matt Mega Bundle
The Compositing Secrets & Mastering Blend Modes Bundle
Pre-Order the Light It. Shoot It. Retouch It. Book
Books from Kelby Training
Faces of Ground Zero: 10 Years Later

  1. Great stuff, Scott! Can’t wait for the details about the new book. Sounds like it’s different than your current tour? Another Day with…Joe McNally should be incredible. Thanks for doing this and I hope it becomes an ongoing series. Another Day with…Moose Peterson, anyone?

    Hope everyone has a blast in Vegas! I’ll be there in spirit, although not quite like Ken was in Orlando!! 8) I’ll be there next year, though! ;)


    1. Hi Brian: Thank you! I couldn’t believe nobody caught that one (I’m a big 80s Hair Band fan. In fact, my car radio is tuned most of the time to Hair Nation on Sirrius Radio). :) Got ya on for picking that one up! :)

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