Congrats to Matt Kloskowski, Black Belt!

(Above: L to R: Pete, RC, Matt [in his old belt], Yours Truly, Corey, and Brad, right after his testing)

Last night the Photoshop Guys were there to support our buddy Matt Kloskowski as he tested for his Black Belt in Taekwondo, and as expected—-he rocked it!

He’s been winning tournament after tournament during this training, including 1st place in sparring and 1st in forms competition numerous times, and he’s competing in a little over a week in a big competition—his first as a black belt.

A big congratulations to Matt, who has been training hard for years for this night, and we all are so proud of him. Way to go, Ski!!!!! :-)

  1. Congrats Matt!

    Dang, looking at the picture, if anyone in the building had a Photoshop question they were in LUCK! :-)

    Now that he is a black belt, are you going to make him play the new COD one handed when it comes out to even the playing field???

      1. Yeah, but look at Corey…always the rebel. And of course, Matt has no pockets on his pants! :)


  2. Congrats Matt- I got my 1D Black Belt when I was in the ATA back many moons ago, I know it’s a special feeling! Still have my signed certificate from master H.U Lee when he was alive. Way to go Matt, they say that the Black Belt is where the journey begins. Continued success in the tournaments!

    All the best, -M

  3. Fantastic news Matt; way to go!!!

    Think from now on I’ll be signing off each blog post I write with “I know a Black Belt” …might stop the ‘not so’ constructive comments/replies…but then again… :)

    Seriously though, well done to you; proof yet again that your someone who strives to be the best at what you do as is evident in your teaching.

    Best wishes,

  4. WooHoo!! Great job, Matt! Thanks, Scott, for posting this photo. I’m glad that Pete, RC, Corey, and Brad were all able to be there to cheer for Matt. I’m sure that he felt like a rock star! Now… get back to work, guys!

  5. Kudos, Matt!
    Although, you still have ways to go in order to match your 5th Degree Black Belt in Photoshop.

    Seriously though, where do you find the time (same with Scott)?
    I need to know your secret or advice with time management. Or, do you simply have clones running around doing all your other chores?

    – Edwardson

  6. 5%…only 5% of all the people who start Taekwondo make it to black belt. 1%…only 1% make it to 5th degree black belt. But, I don’t believe in belts… let’s break some cement :D

  7. Maybe someday Matt and Scott (and the rest of the photoshop team) could go on a speaking tour on “Leading the balanced life”. Maybe it is just my perception, but in spite of how hard these guys work (and I know they do), they seem to stay in balance spiritually, and with their families. Scott has his band, Matt has martial arts, and they both seem to have a work life that they love. I am sorry, but I am just a little jealous. :)

  8. Congrats, Matt. Maybe you could bring that black belt along to your Lightroom 3 tour when you come to Philly on Dec 3. Can’t wait to meet you and have you sign your latest book.

  9. Hey everyone! First off a huge thanks to Scott, Corey, RC, Brad and Pete for coming out to support me. As many of you know, these guys are the best in the business. But as you can see from the photo above, they’re also great friends and great people to come out and support me like that.
    And a big thanks to all of you for the kind words. I really am humbled by all of the nice comments here. It’s been a great journey to black belt and I’m looking even more forward to what comes next.
    Thanks again :)

    – Matt

  10. AWESOME! Love that everyone joined you for your belt test and think it’s so cool that you’re competing and doing so well in tournaments! (I’m just about to join a sparring class and am so psyched for it!)

    Congratulations on achieving black-belt and three cheers for the continuing journey! =)

  11. Congratulation Matt.

    Your success on Photoshop and Taekwondo shows that you your working too hard on your goals. you have taught me too many techniques, so I wish you everything to be the best for you in the world.


  12. Matt,


    I’m a 2nd degree blackbelt in Shaolin Kempo Karate and a certified instructor. I’m testing for my 3rd degree this December, so I know the focus and commitment that you have to make to achieve your blackbelt.


  13. Congratulations, Matt – way to go!
    My son is a Taekwondo black belt so I know about the discipline required to do this. The big question is “do you ever sleep”?

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