Hi Gang, and greetings from the cold, kinda rainy, but still gorgeous Lake Placid, New York, where I’m hanging out as guest instructor at Moose Peterson’s “Digital Landscape Workshop Series.”

Last night I kicked off my segment of the workshop a presentation of my “Crush the Composition” class, which is really fun to teach (especially to this group—really nice people and totally engaged. This week is going to be a blast!).

That being said, it’s Midnight, and we have a dawn shoot, some I’m going to keep this short and sweet. First, below is an unofficial part of my Worldwide Photoshop Walk (it’s more of a tradition), but people send me their group shots and I post ’em (this time, over on my Google+ page — here’s the link), but I’m also showing the smaller thumbnails here. Since I last posted this, the list of cities that have sent in group photos has grown by quite a bit, and when they come in, I post ’em. Again, this is just a tradition, and not something anyone is required to do, so I didn’t send out an invitation or anything like that — I just mentioned it here on the blog.

I hope to have a photo or two to show from either tomorrow’s dawn or dusk shots (fingers crossed on the weather), but either way, we’re going to having a ball. Hope everybody has a great Monday, and hopefully I’ll have something for tomorrow, but for now it’s off to bed. Zzzzzzzz. Have a great Monday (that’s an oxymoron). ;-)

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Scott is a Photographer, bestselling Author, Host of "The Grid" weekly photography show; Editor of Photoshop User magazine; Lightroom Guy; KelbyOne.com CEO; struggling guitarist. Loves Classic Rock and his arch-enemy is Cilantro. Devoted husband, dad to two super awesome kids, and pro-level babysitter to two crazy doggos.


  1. 1!?

    Have a great time in NY. Wish I could be there!

    • What happened to the days when Ken Toney or Mike Reeves would battle it out to be first to comment? Now, they’ve moved on their lives, and they don’t comment until later in the morning. It’s the end of an era. ;-)

      • LOL! Are those guys Canadian? Maybe they are getting ready to hibernate!
        Talking about your “Crush the Composition”, when is that comming out?

      • Scott: I wish I could post at midnight like I used to, but I get up too early for work now. It was a lot easier to be first poster (and beat Ken) when I was unemployed. But working is a much better alternative!!


        P.S. I think it was just Ken and myself in the 1st post battle, but maybe Ken competed with Mike before I joined the crowd. I’m sure Ken will set me straight. :)

  2. Hey Scott! Nice & great piece of knowledge sharing as always I get to learn more by reading your new articles about Photography. Please add a tutorial about Rain Photography.

  3. Hey Scott!
    Where can I see photos from the Brisbane AU photowalk?
    And BTW… when are you coming to Australia? We need the inspiration!!

  4. Dear Scott!

    Very nice pics from workshop about “Digital Landscape Workshop Series”. Your work is great.

  5. google + is not corporate friendly. Google is. go figure. I guess it is more social than search. Thanks for the thumbs though.

  6. How did you get the Google+ Album embedded in your site? is that a static photo just linked or is it something from Google?? it’s awesome!

  7. Please tell Moose (who doesn’t accept blog comments) that as charming as it is, he’s not in “upper” New York, he’s in “upstate” New York.

  8. It is awesome that you use google+ . This is a fun way to show all of the photos. Thanks for that.

  9. Hi Scott

    How do I upload a photo from our WWPW walk in St Anne-de-Bellevue Quebec to your Google+ link and account? I’m registered on Google+, but have yet to find a link to upload our group photo to your page. No info is provided either. Must e something I’m missing…

    FYI – I’ve already posted an image to your FB thread here:

    Salût! Cheers!
    Frederic in Montréal

  10. PS – As long as you are at Lake Placid, drive about 7 miles to the Adirondak Loj (just off route 73) in the Adirondak High Peaks region. From there, hike about 2.5 miles to Marcy Lake for some great views. With the fall colours, you should be able to get some great pics!

    Here’s a pic shot on film from a few years back:

    If you have the time, hike to the top of 5,114 foot Mt Iroquois for some great views :-)
    More info here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Adirondack_High_Peaks

    And the google maps link: http://g.co/maps/8ng9n

    Have fun with the Moose!

    Frederic in Montréal

  11. It sounds like a great day in the LP… Perfect fall whether to grab a warm drink and get some work done.

  12. http://www.flickr.com/photos/benmullay/6207408746/

    Group shot from the Shetland Islands leg of the Worldwide Photo Walk.

    Kind regards


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