We had a great first day (well, technically it started Sunday night, but today was our first day out shooting). We started with an early morning shoot (it wasn’t really a dawn shoot, that’s this morning, this was an after sunrise shoot in a forrest and at a waterfall.

Shooting in the forrest can really be a challenge (it was for me anyway), because you’re surrounded by all this beauty every where you look around you, but then you raise the camera to your eye and you only see one small part of the big picture, and now it looks busy and messy and just….well….nothing like what you’re seeing with your eyes. Very frustrating, but Moose had some great tips and that helped a lot.

We’ve got a great group of students—really nice folks, and totally engaged. Very serious about learning, and that makes it great for us as instructors. I taught a Photoshop/Lightroom class today and took the class through a start to finish from some of my shots from this morning. After two shoots (morning and near dusk), I don’t have anything I’m real happy with yet, but hey…it’s just day one.

I’m heading down to the bar for a get together with the students, and a couple of portfolio reviews, so I’d better head out. Tomorrow’s Guest Blog Wednesday so I won’t be posting here, but if I get anything I’ll post it over on my Google+ page (link). Have a great Tuesday everybody, and we’ll see you back here on Thursday.

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Scott is a Photographer, bestselling Author, Host of "The Grid" weekly photography show; Editor of Photoshop User magazine; Lightroom Guy; KelbyOne.com CEO; struggling guitarist. Loves Classic Rock and his arch-enemy is Cilantro. Devoted husband, dad to two super awesome kids, and pro-level babysitter to two crazy doggos.


  1. If you can go to the OTC. I spent some time there in 91.
    Ausable chasm is a great place and the road up Whiteface may be open. also friends of my family have an apple orchard called Kings orchard in keeseville.
    The road to saranac lake is great to.

  2. Beautiful images !

  3. I’ve never really tried giving ‘landscape’ photography a go despite all the best intentions, just never seem to get round to it.

    That being said, the idea of doing a DLWS definitely appeals…beautiful surroundings, out in the open and another excuse to come over to the US :)

    Have a great time out there,
    Best wishes,

  4. My friend Ken is an aspiring photographer and he’s been raving mad about you. He’s got me googling and now that I’m on your site, I’m feverishly inspired! Really awesome images you got!

  5. Makes me think about Cape Cod. Seems like so long ago. I am glad you all are having a great time.

  6. My dear Scott, Hi

    Images are so beautiful …..
    Have a great time with Students and Moose :)

    Best Wishes

  7. Scott, looks like the workshop is going great! I was really hoping that you could do a short tutorial (video) on how to make the matt and frame like you have on those images. I have a feeling you have done this before, but can’t seem to find it anywhere (and I’ve looked quite a bit!). Please? Please? Please?

  8. Scott, we’ve been in mountains last couple weeks 2-3 times per week shooting fall falliage. I know the feeling, great color everywhere but what do you shoot? The camera doesn’t see the big picture! Looking forward to seeing more!

  9. Hi Scott! Great pictures! Can’t find tutorial on those beautiful frames, remeber that they somewhere here. Can anyone help? Thanks.

  10. Awesome Scott! When you get some time, Please explain how you create the really cool looking drop-shadow like, recessed-matte type thing around the images. Very Nice!

  11. I would love to go up there sometime. There are forests in Southeast Oklahoma. I liked your quote about Moose having several tips that helped a lot. Every time I’m around him, I learn. Not just about photography, but life as well. Anytime anyone has a chance to spend even an hour with Moose Peterson, their life will be enriched. Moose is as “Genuine” a person as I have ever met. Tell him hi for me Scott.
    Thanks for a great read. Oh yeah, your images this morning are beautiful.

  12. Scott, Looks like everyone is talking about the frame and matting you have placed on the Lake Placid photos. Well…..ME TOO…I also have looked on kelby training and cannot seem to locate how to apply these…Please direct us admirers to the tutorial….Awesome work……

  13. Hi Scott-

    Like Tim Wyler asked, I to would love to know where you got your digital frame’s and matting from, It is a wonderful way to showcase your work, and a great way to show your clients. I would love to have that for my photos also.

    Thank You- Doug

  14. outstanding Scott! would you please post a link to the instructions on making the digital matt and frame you use? I recall seeing it here sometime back.

  15. love the frames !!! have seen a video on them and how you create them in ps that youve done before but not sure where to find it ? do you have a link to it anywhere?

  16. Framing is awesome…Here it is…

    Scott Kelby’s tutorial on the framing technique.

  17. Wonderful photos. I understand the photographic element involved, I have been shooting for 40 years, but, I just wish you would elaborate more on your post production of this type of photography.

  18. Hi Scott. You mentioned I should post, so I am. I just wanted to thank you again for being so generous with your knowledge and time last week. My head is full of ideas and inspiration, thanks to you and the rest of the DLWS crew. Hope you got the 1 or 2 images you were looking for. Have a nice weekend and good luck to your Bucs!


  19. Ok so am I the only person curious as to where all the pics of giant man-eating crocs are at? :P

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