Corey Barker’s Olympic Logo Recreation

Hey everyone, RC here. Just wanted to share something that one of our Photoshop Guys did recently that I thought was just too cool!

Hands down Corey Barker is one of the most talented #Photoshop artists out there. With all of the Olympics fever coming around, Corey wanted to see if he could re-create the entire olympics logo, right inside of Photoshop. He took a timelapse of it, and I think its a wonderful 2 and a half minutes of watching the guy work. Thanks for the inspiration, Corey!

  1. amazing photoshop skills…. 

    …perhaps I am missing something obvious here… I live in London and I am surrounded by Olympic fever but have never seen this logo before anywhere, it’s not the official one. 

      1. I guess the Official London 2012 logo wasn’t clichéd enough for the American market :)

      2. I guess we couldnt get through a post where we’re sharing skills without someone inserting some opinion on american-european sensibilities and cliches..

      3. Here are a few NBC Olympics logos that didn’t make the cut: 
        Personally this one doesn’t do it for me; hurts my eyes. But maybe it’s because I’m British, perhaps I’m not compatible. 
        With regards to Corey’s work, this is really top notch, thanks for showing us this timelapse. Want to give the official London 2012 logo a go? I think that one would take about 5 minutes. Maybe get a small child to do it?

  2. A total amateur am I and only a hobbyist…… I just bought CS6, I think I need to give it away.
    What a great presentation, even if I did not have even a clue as to what Cory waqs doing.

  3. By taking a mirror image of the clock tower, you unfortunately get two different times on each of the clock: 2:45 on the left and 10:15 on the right.  Small detail….

  4. These are the kind of jobs that really inspire to others, I know very little about Photoshop but this kind of people really can tell that it is easy to do.
    Definitively a talented person who has also made efforts to reap great things from it.

    I loved the video,
    Thanks for Sharing,

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