New Online Class From Joe McNally Just Posted

If you’re a Kelby Training Online subscriber, you’ve gotta check out Joe McNally’s new class. Here’s the description:

Join Joe on the set with professional dancers as he teaches you how to respond to the grace and elegance of the dancers with an equally graceful light. This class is all about matching a light to a move, where you start out with the set as an empty box that you fill with your creativity and imagination. As the dancers work through different moves Joe shows you how to light them with both studio strobes and speedlights to achieve a variety of looks, all the while sharing the tips, techniques, and tricks he's learned over his impressive 30-year career.

Joe wrote about the class in his own words, and if you’ve got a quick minute, it’s worth the read (here’s the link). Then go watch the class  (we add a new class every week)

If you’re not a subscriber to our online training, here are all the details. 


  1. I watched it last night and really enjoyed it picking up quite a few tips along the way.  Joe just makes it look so easy and I just love his sense of humour.  Looking forward to the rest of the series.

  2. This class was a total home run, a grand slam, for us dance shooters.  Thanks for putting Joe together with David Cooper in Vancouver.  I’d been waiting for this for months, and I certainly wasn’t disappointed.  Can’t wait for the next installment.

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