Why Built-in Video Editing is Such a Big Deal for Photographers in Photoshop CS6

No one was more surprised than I was that the new video editing features in the regular version of Photoshop CS6 would wind up being so important to photographers. Check out the short clip above where I explain why this is such a big deal.

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  1. I’ve yet to get Photoshop CS6 and this is a really cool feature. I’ve been meaning to do some video work as well as my stills. My question is…. How advanced is the video feature? Would it include other things like time lapse and video encoders for different formats?

    1. I didn’t now jack about digital video or photo until a few months ago.  Kelby’s stuff is wonderful for photo.  But, for efficient, organized and well done training on Adobe video  I used his competitors, lynda.com and video2brain.  


  2. I have been wanting to get into video for awhile now and definitely do think that the video capabilities in Photoshop CS6 will make it a lot easier. However, you sill need to learn the art of taking video.

  3. Sounds very cool, Scott.  My D300 doesn’t do video, but my point and shoot does.  I’ll have to experiment with this a bit.

    Now if only there was a book that told us how to do all that you spoke of…….. ;-)


  4. Scott: you failed to mention that same video tools are available in LR 4. Very cool! Only thing lacking for me is noise reduction for low light conditions.

  5. Totally agree, Scott. I never shot video before CS6 because of the learning curve associated with other video editing progs, such as you alluded to. After watching Julieanne Kost’s video at Adobe TV, I put 2 short roller coaster vids together which took me about 30 minutes to complete. I realize this isn’t really the place for a “show and tell,” but if you’d care to peep it, follow the link to my flickr. 40 seconds in duration, shot with a Nikon V1.


  6. You’re dead on Scott.  This is especially important now with D4 and D800 (and soon other camera) having timelapse video.  I’m getting into it but one problem, I don’t know jack about video editing!  And I just want to do basic stuff like you said.  It’s fantastic that Adobe and now YOU are addressing this stuff.

  7. For those of you who have used both, do you see the video capabilities in CS6/LR4 replacing your need for Animoto or are there gaps in the capabilities and production values? 

  8. Thanks for bringing this to our attention.

    Wish I had known this before buying Premiere Elements on the same day that I upgraded to CS6 with my NAPP Discount.

    Just finished watching RC’s video on Stack Modes for eliminating noise - http://members.photoshopuser.com/article/stack-modes-eliminating-noise/

    Though I do use video for family use, as a Photographer I would have liked to have had Stacking Mode as a feature in non-extended edition of CS6.

  9. Interesting — but why pitch a video editing feature using pointless jump cuts and a color temperature imbalance between camera 1 and camera 2 that provides pale Scott with slightly green hair in the main view alternating with boiled lobster Scott looking off-camera?

    Apologies for the long sentence in need of punctuation and rephrasing, but I think you get the point.

  10. I think Aperture 3 really nailed this a few years ago – drag and drop simple, transitions on the space bar so you can easily synch to music.  The PS videos on this are along the lines of “breakthrough,” but as many times as the Adobe folks say the word “magical” it doesn’t seem to be as intuitive as Apple’s few year old solution.  Here’s the Bill Frakes video:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OkEmtTKZ7As

  11. It would be of interest to me only if the audio track could be split off and worked with. A video clip that has it’s own sound, for example, could keep the audio intact even if inserting still photos. The free Windows Movie Maker for XP does that but Windows dropped that feature for W7. Most, if not all, video editing programs make it possible to add soundtrack at the end. But I want to work with existing audio so that limits the availability of software.

  12. Scott, I have PS5.5 and Sony Vegas 11. I think it’s an incredibly easy video editor with a small learning curve. I’ve been trying to improve my video skills – but judging by the oversimplistic editor in LR4 (which is CPU intensive – read S-L-O-W) don’t think the PS6 video version would be the choice. Sticking with Vegas.

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