A 4-Part Video Series: What’s Actually in Photoshop CS4?

A couple of weeks ago, Dave Cross, Matt Kloskowski and I were all talking about how one of the most common questions we got from attendees during our Lightroom and Photoshop tours in November and December was, “I’m not sure what’s in Photoshop CS4. Should I upgrade or not?”

We were kind of surprised, but again on my blog last week, people are still asking the same questions, “What’s in CS4? Should I upgrade? Is it worth the upgrade? etc.” so we went into the studio to put together a comprehensive discussion on all of CS4’s new features. Now, we’re not saying that Adobe hasn’t done a good job of letting everybody know what the new features are, but…….anyway, if that many people are asking we thought we ought to do it.

Now, the funny thing is; there actually is a LOT more to CS4 than we realized (as you’ll see on the video clips this week), because what was supposed to be a short video, turned into a packed-full four part series that will run here on my blog all week (except of course for Wednesday, when I have a VERY special guest blogger). Anyway, I think if you take a few minutes to check out these video clips this week, you’ll see another side of CS4 that I don’t think a lot of folks know about. Start with the video below, and we’ll pick up back here tomorrow with Part 2.


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