Cyber Monday Deals from Kelby Training & NAPP!

We have a ton of crazy deals going on today through Monday, November 26! Check out everything below to score huge savings on, NAPP, and Photoshop World:
$40 off Annual Subscription
Promo Code: CYBERMON12 


Kelby Training Books
15% off + Free Shipping
Promo code: FREESHIP


Kelby Training DVDs
15% off + Free Shipping
Promo code: FREESH12


NAPP & KelbyTraining.Com - Join Or Renew
Combine both for only $199
Promo Code: CYBER60


NAPP - Join
3 extra months + What's New in CS6 DVD
Promo code: CYBERNEW


NAPP - Renew
6 extra months free
Promo code: CYBERRENEW


Photoshop World - Orlando
Call in ONLY: Bring a Buddy for $299

Online: Save an extra $50 + a Free Speed Pass

  1. Tried to renew with the add’l free 6 months. At the final review charges stage, the online added an additional 3 months to the free 6 at a cost of $24+. PC/Mac, Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Safari made no difference. If you can do it leave a comment here. The folks at Kelby left early on Wed. Thanks

    1. Sorry to hear you’re having a problem. Please make sure you are using the correct deal code for the six free months:

      That should result in these three items being added to your shopping cart:

      1x NAPP 1-Year Membership$99.00
      1x NAPP 6-Month Membership Extension$49.50

      If there are additional items in your shopping cart, you should remove them and then try using the CYBERRENEW code again. Customer service will be able to help you out via phone during normal business hours on Monday if this still does not work for you. Thank you!

      1. There is no option to remove the additional charge which does not appear in the CART, just in the review charges page. Kelby employees went home early for the holiday on Wed, and will not return until Monday. The discount for the 6 months was shown on the screen.

        William G. Chinn

      2. Since I have nothing to do on Thursday morning but cook, I thought I’d play with the system. Apparently the online deal only works when you choose the 2 year renew and not the 1 year. The offer did not state which time factor was to be used. In recent past there was a 1 year option with a 3 month extension. I also tried the 3 month extension + the DVD, but 1 year. It also added a cost of 3 months but backed out the cost netting $99.Please let me know the intent of the offer so when I call membership …..

        ps. I cannot send directly to your email address as the Kelby server reports it as spam and rejects it.

      3. Finally got it to work. Had to enter just the 1 yr renew, then enter the “cyberrenew” coupon code, then remove the 6 month extension leaving just the 1 year renew, then reapply the “cyberrenew”. Checkout then showed the $99 renew charge followed by the $49.50 debit and credit netting $99. Keeping the receipt just in case.

      4. I just followed up with you by email before I saw this latest post, but I’m glad you got it to work!

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