Hi Gang: I’m happy to announce that the weekly show for DSLR Shooters: D-Town TV (hosted by me and Matt Kloskowski) is back for Season 3 (right on time, which is somewhat a miracle unto itself), and our first episode is packed to the gills with cool new stuff. Here’s what’s in the first episode of Season 3:

– I kick things off with three great tips for beginners on getting sharp shots in low light situations
Moose Peterson is back to show us how to use a gimbal tripod head for shooting moving subjects
– Matt talks about the mode and setting switches on both Canon and Nikon 70-200mm lenses
– Top Pro Wedding photographer Cliff Mautner shows a tip for getting great edge lighting on location
– I share a really handy accessory for you off-camera flash shooters, called “Sticky Filters” (which are gels that stick to your flash to help color balance your light). Leave a comment on the D-Town Site (link) for your chance to win a set!
– Plus this week’s featured photographer is adventure photographer Tyler Stableford!

Of course, it’s all free, and you can watch the show right here (well, right above here, anyway).

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  1. Great show guys and season three (? :) seems better than ever!

  2. Hey, I just talked to Tyler last week! He’s a super cool guy and was awesome to have a chat with!

  3. Great show, but we need more McNally! Bring on Joe and his zillion SBs.

  4. Those gels are neat. Smart idea.

  5. Thanks for the tip from Moose. I’ve been looking at gimbal heads and now I see exactly how they work.

  6. Scott, I recently decided to remove all my uv protectors and I’m glad I did. I did this after listening to several of you guys suggesting it and I think It was a topic on Scott Bourne’s podcast also. I noticed on the Dtown episode that it looks like you have one on the camera you are using. Do you use the protectors or did I not see one on there?

  7. Scott,
    Just wanted to remind you that you mentioned you would show us you panning technique for covering air shows.

  8. Loved the show, as always. Wish I would have known about the sticky filters a month ago before I shot a weekend full of events. Might have saved some time in PS.


  9. The gels are very cool. I really like the gimbal tripod head the Moose has.

  10. Great tips and I love the bison photoshoot by Moose.

  11. Great episode. Cliff is an excellent photographer. I had a chance to see him doing a presentation at the Adorama.

  12. I was really happy to see the low light portion of the program today. I do most of my shooting in low light and would love to hear more tips on the subject!

  13. Nice episode! And thanks for the tip about Tylers website, REALLY inspiring (and somewhat depressing) stuff there! O_o

  14. Another great episode. I’ll pass on the sticky filters, they look great. Love the tip about shooting a burst of photos to get one sharp one in low light. Perhaps you can link up the product that was from Mimya or something like that? Thanks

  15. Fantastic…D-Town Returns…no more need to take the medication…lol :)
    Seriously good to see you guys back On Air Scott; looking forward to catching up with the next few weeks.

    All the best to you,

  16. Good show. I’ll be back!

  17. Cool D-Town TV is Back !
    Sticky Gels are very innovative! Good Bye DIY Velcro Gel Holders!
    Keep up the Good Work Folks


  18. Hey Guys,

    Thanks so much for your time and talents and sharing them with us on DTownTv. As a Nikon shooter, I have watched from the beginning and shared it with many. You have helped me in so many ways with your tips along the way. Scott, you are a fantastic writer, love your style and have enjoyed all your books.


  19. Awesome show guys! Thank you!

  20. I have all of the shows back th the premier episode in iTunes still. Last night I found it was downloading them all over again, although this time the names were different – instead of Episode 4 it’s now D-Town Episode 4 and instead of a proper episode description it now just says D-Town TV weekly podcast

    Why? It seems all messed up in iTunes now


  21. Hey I just discovered this show. It’s incredible! Lots of great tips. Thanks for making it available.


  22. it’s too much things that everybody knows, you should separate the show between the levels of photographers…
    It’s not the best idea to talk about what to touch first ISO,ShutterSpeed,Aperture..

    We want something really interesting…Sometimes you speak about primitve things.

    I know you cant a make show for everybody but pay attention to professionasl please.

  23. And one more thing, Scott the show is really really short and you sometimes speak to much about nothing, like t-shirts…Those idiots who take care the way people look may go to fashion tv and we want to hear something really about shooting ))

  24. Nice show! I can’t wait to see the next one.

  25. I’d like that canon lense, the 70-200mm.

  26. I love watching your show – I seem to always come away from each one with a new trick to try. Thanks!

  27. Need! MORE! Cliff Mautner!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    when is he going to be on Kelby training????
    Thank you

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