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Social Media magnate Scott Bourne had me on as a guest on his awesome PhotoFocus podcast on Saturday and I gotta tell ya—we had a blast.

He takes questions from listeners, and one of the questions I loved in particular was one about a viewer who got a pit pass to the upcoming Indy 500 race, and wanted some tips on shooting the race. I couldn’t have been more pleased with a question. :) As luck would have it Scott Bourne used to shoot motorsports for years (including Indy), and he and I just went off on this topic and had a lot of fun.

Of course, we covered all sorts of other topics, everything from lens selection to Photoshop questions, and it was an awful lot of fun. You can listen it to right here (he has three different feeds on this page: You can listen to it in iTunes, or outside of iTunes, or you can just download the MP3 edition of the Podcast, so you’ve got plenty of choices).

My thanks to Scott for giving me the opportunity to spend some time with him and his great listeners. Now go give it a listen. :)

  1. Scott, can’t wait! I listen to about 6 or 7 podcasts and Scott Bourne is one of my favorites. I like his format (some of the podcasts out there are a waste of time). I also like Rick Sammon’s and Nikonians. I plug my Ipad or Iphone into my vehicle aux input and listen to them while traveling (or waiting for the grandkids to get out of school). Also Dave and Matt’s are on my “must listen to” list. Thanks for everything you guys do!!

  2. Scott, I just started to listen to the podcast thinking “Well 1hr that’s pretty long, I’ll listen a few minutes and skip throught the rest…” At 1h 4min, I thought, “Damn is this already over?”. Great job, this is just so much fun to listen to, could do it all day long.

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