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When I ran that video from Larry Becker yesterday, I totally hadn’t thought of the fact that you might not be able to buy those outside the US (I had to laugh at myself after reading some of the comments), so I decided to run another one of his clips.

Now, although this isn’t a “hand-gun” related video, after watching it I’m kind of worried about how easy it will be to find this workaround in other countries as well (expect maybe Cuba and Japan). ;-)

On Monday we’re broadcasting a special LIVE Cyber Monday episode of our free weekly show for DSLR users—D-Town TV, from the floor of B&H Photo’s store in New York City.

Watch the video above for all the details, but I can you’ll we’ll have special guests, and lots of tips, plus a live tour of the most amazing photography store in the world that will make you lose your mind.

When: This Coming Monday (Cyber Monday) at 2:30 pm EST
Where: Here’s the link to watch it live!!!

Plus, you can send in your questions during the live broadcast to have them answered live on the show!

What if you can’t watch it live? We’ll post it afterward so you can catch all the festivities.

Hi Gang: I’m happy to announce that the weekly show for DSLR Shooters: D-Town TV (hosted by me and Matt Kloskowski) is back for Season 3 (right on time, which is somewhat a miracle unto itself), and our first episode is packed to the gills with cool new stuff. Here’s what’s in the first episode of Season 3:

– I kick things off with three great tips for beginners on getting sharp shots in low light situations
Moose Peterson is back to show us how to use a gimbal tripod head for shooting moving subjects
– Matt talks about the mode and setting switches on both Canon and Nikon 70-200mm lenses
– Top Pro Wedding photographer Cliff Mautner shows a tip for getting great edge lighting on location
– I share a really handy accessory for you off-camera flash shooters, called “Sticky Filters” (which are gels that stick to your flash to help color balance your light). Leave a comment on the D-Town Site (link) for your chance to win a set!
– Plus this week’s featured photographer is adventure photographer Tyler Stableford!

Of course, it’s all free, and you can watch the show right here (well, right above here, anyway).

I wanted to run this week’s episode of D-Town TV (The weekly show for all DSLR users—it’s not just a Nikon only show anymore), here because I wanted to add something that I would have liked to have been included in the show, and also because it’s so timely with the Indy shoot that I wound up doing earlier this week.

In the first part of the show, I talk about a Panning technique to show motion in sports photography, and I got a lot of really positive feedback about the piece, but I wish I had gotten some examples to the video crew before the show aired (totally my fault, by the way), so I’m going to show them here instead:


Above: Here’s a throw-away shot from last year. With a fast shutter speed, the car is sharp, but it’s also frozen, so it kind of looks like the car is parked on the track rather than speeding through it at over 100 mph. This was taken with a shutter speed of a 1/6400 of a second.


Above: Look at the movement and sense of speed that’s created by using a slower shutter speed (1/320 of a second in this case, or less—down to 1/100 of a second) and panning using the technique I outlined in the episode above. You see wheel spin, and motion blur in the background (not added in Photoshop), and yet the car (well, most of it) is sharp (again, another throw-away shot). However, the whole image tells you the car is moving fast.

Anyway, watch the video above and this will all make a lot more sense.

NOTE: Also in this episode, we have another of Larry Becker’s “Cheap Shots,” some tips from Canon Explorer of Light Rick Sammon, a set of beginner tips from Matt, and some other stuff, so if you’ve got a minute, check it out.


When I was in The Netherlands last week, I can’t tell you how people I ran into that watch on one of our podcasts, but one guy I met told me although he sees me each week on Photoshop User TV, he said he doesn’t watch me on D-Town TV (the weekly show for DSLR users) because he’s a Canon shooter.

I let him know that D-Town TV isn’t just a Nikon-only this season, and that we not only include Canon gear, but we’ve changed the focus of the show from one that covers which button does what, to more of a general show about digital photography, and how to “get the shot.” I told him we that now we have lots of location shoots, and guest photographers, along with some inspiration in each show, and he told he didn’t realize that the show had changed, and that he’d check it out again (and I’m hoping you will, too).

I haven’t been talking about D-Town TV that much lately, and last night Matt asked me if I had seen the last couple of episodes. I had to admit that I hadn’t yet (the key word there is “yet”), so this morning I got a chance watch the last three episodes, and I’ve included a brief summary and direct links to the episodes below. Hope you’ll check them out.


Episode 33 Summary (seen above)

  • Matt starts off with a few tips for doing macro photography
  • Scott Bourne is back with his final segment on shutter speeds when shooting video with your DSLR
  • Larry Becker has a creative tip for making the Hoodman Loupe easier to use in his latest Cheap Shots segment
  • Scott and Matt show off the Kelly Moore Bag, a camera bag for women.Kelly is also this week’s photographer to check out!

Here’s the link to watch Episode 33 (it’s free!)


Episode 32 Summary (seen above)

  • Scott kicks things off from the sidelines of an NBA game with an example of why “fast glass” is so important.
  • Rick Sammon drops by the studio to share a number of tips for photographing people.
  • Matt goes on location to give five tips for using a reflector outdoors.
  • Does your 70-200 lens hood fall off too easily? Scott has the perfect replacement for you.
  • Check out the amazing work of sports photographer Dave Black!

Here’s the link to watch Episode 32 (it’s free!)


Episode 31 Summary (seen above)

  • Matt kicks the show off with a tip on setting your autofocus to avoid shutter misfires
  • Scott Bourne is back again to show us the Z-Finder from Zacuto, which makes seeing your viewfinder easier when shooting HD-DSLR video.
  • Scott has a tip for making sure your off-camera speedlite fires every time by using Pocket Wizards.
  • Matt has a tip for incrementally increasing your ISO to make sure you get a sharp shot in low light when you don’t have a tripod.
  • Cheap Shots with Larry Becker is back with an affordable and portable posing stool
    This week’s photographer is the world’s top selling microstock photographer, Yuri Arcurs

Here’s the link to watch Episode 31 (it’s free ya know?).


About a month ago we launched, a new home for all the video shows we produce each week, so folks would have a central location to find all our shows right online.

Last week I mentioned that Dave Cross has launched his own new weekly Podcast called “Ask Dave” and now NAPP News (hosted by Larry Becker)  has joined the channel.

The full list of weekly shows on include:

  • Photoshop User TV
  • D-Town TV
  • Layers TV
  • Lightroom Killer Tips
  • Photoshop Killer Tips
  • Ask Dave
  • NAPP News

Of course, you can subscribe to all of these shows using Apple’s iTunes, and watch them right on your iPhone, iPod Touch, etc.

Here’s a direct link (make sure you catch the new episode of D-Town, with special in-studio guest Joe McNally).