Kelby TV is On The Air! (and NAPP news joins the channel).


About a month ago we launched, a new home for all the video shows we produce each week, so folks would have a central location to find all our shows right online.

Last week I mentioned that Dave Cross has launched his own new weekly Podcast called “Ask Dave” and now NAPP News (hosted by Larry Becker)  has joined the channel.

The full list of weekly shows on include:

  • Photoshop User TV
  • D-Town TV
  • Layers TV
  • Lightroom Killer Tips
  • Photoshop Killer Tips
  • Ask Dave
  • NAPP News

Of course, you can subscribe to all of these shows using Apple’s iTunes, and watch them right on your iPhone, iPod Touch, etc.

Here’s a direct link (make sure you catch the new episode of D-Town, with special in-studio guest Joe McNally).

  1. It’s just crazy how much stuff you guys spawn every week. Respect! All your videos and books are high quality – and I’m not only talking about resolution here. Thanks for all the outstanding work!

  2. I know you folks like to stay a little loosey goosey, but is there any chance of some sort of schedule? Not down to the minute or anything, but a general day would help. PSTV used to be on every Monday. Now it’s sort of late on Tuesday if you get to it. Dave’s on Monday, DTown’s on Thursdays (so far) but looking for a show on it’s “normal” day gets a little iffy sometimes. Thanks

  3. This is insane! I just bought your Lightroom book (German version ;) ) the other week and thus found out about your website, which I love, btw. And now you provide us with that load of free videos?! I’m blown away… seriously, where do you take the time from to do all that stuff? Anyway, thanks for all of it, I love it!

    Cheers from Munich, Germany,

  4. You have put together the best photography and multimedia education tools to date in my book. My work has never looked better thanks to the tips and tricks in photography, photoshop, lightroom, and all the rest of the info on Kelby Training, NAPP, and now Kelby TV. You guys rock, keep up the good work.

  5. Any chance of putting some sort of plugin or app for boxee? A lot of things I watch currently on my computer will migrate to boxee, especially when the new Boxee Box ships…Leo Laporte and the TWIT guys are also doing one, and it makes it nice to listen/watch the various podcasts/movies.

    1. A Boxee app would be awesome! and if Kelby training could somehow be connected to it also i would never leave the couch….exept to go shoot.
      I should be possible to get paid content with a login function on it. like Netflix.

  6. Is there a way to see PhotoshopuserTV episodes prior to episode 184? I didn’t start watching until episode 218 (I know, I know shame on me) and I have been addicted ever since! I have now watched all the episodes as far back as 184 but it seems that the archive doesn’t go as far back as episode 1 :( Are these episodes lost forever?

    I subscribed to Ask Dave on itunes just last night and it worked without any problems, 6 minutes later I was up to date with the series and just that little bit more photoshop savvy :)

  7. Question- I have been watching all of the d-town shows on my Mac. By the way love them!
    But last week when I would click on them- I get the message Video not found- or access denied on the screen.

    What am I doing wrong? Dying to watch- biggest fan ever!

  8. I also started getting the same ‘video not found or access denied’ message over the last two weeks. I have tried cleaning out the registry, and disabling my firewall and nothing seems to help. Emailed the kelbytv site but I did not hear back. I would love to get any suggestion. Thanks all

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