NAPP is Hiring!


Want to come and work with us? NAPP is looking for a kick-butt PHP programmer to come and join the NAPP team down here in sunny Tampa, Florida (where today’s high is a lovely 65°).

If you thrive in a really cool work environment, and want to work with some incredibly creative and fun people (our Web team rocks!), who really value what you do, then contact Barbie Taylor, our HR Director for all the details (just leave me a comment here on the blog, and I’ll get you her direct email).

Also, if this isn’t you, but you know someone who would fit the bill, will you pass this on to them for me?

Many thanks—Scott.

  1. Very much in David Vela’s shoes:

    I could kick butt if needed
    I know what PHP stands for
    and I know a few programmers…

    However, a kick butt PHP programmer I am not! :( Let me know the next time you need a kick-butt sysadmin, Helpdesk tech, or all-around techno-weenie who knows a little about a lot but not a lot about anything in particular! LOL

    In all seriousness, I do know a pretty well-versed programmer in the general area (Southeast), but am not sure he is looking…can ask if you like (and he’s a super cool guy too….)

  2. Any need for a kick butt golfer and all around nice guy? Ha ha ha.

    Good luck in your search. I am sure you will no problem finding the right candidate. What an opportunity to work for a top notch organization. I am soo jealous.


  3. Hey Scott, I’m not looking for a job, but I am looking forward to seeing you in D.C. on March 1st. Please, please bring some of that warm weather with you. We’re under almost 3 feet of snow with another foot to foot and a half coming this evening.

  4. I’ve spent the last two years doing ColdFusion development and haven’t really touched PHP during that time, except to debug WordPress problems, so my skills there aren’t exactly “kick butt”. I’m in Atlanta though, much cheaper to hire me than those guys from Brazil or Australia.

  5. Glad to see other comments here. I think there’s a large group of us out here who watch very closely to see things like “NAPP Hiring.” Alas, I know PHP, but wouldn’t misrepresent myself as a kick butt PHP guy.

    If you ever need to build your own national wireless network, I’m your man. That would be cool, NAPP’s own exclusive 3 or 4G network for members……think about it. I’d work for you guys on the spot! Oh, and if you ever need a DBA, I kick butt at that too. :)

  6. I am a KICK Butt PHP developer!

    I’d hate to leave cold snowy Canada for Warm sunny Tampa…

    Good luck to the successful candidate! Sounds like an awesome job!

  7. Well… even though I often surprise myself with what I seem te be capable of, I guess I’m way too young. Tell me if you need someone in or after 2012, when I’m 18 ;).

    Robin Kanters
    (Proud brand-new member of NAPP)

  8. Scott: Done plenty of PHP, HTML, JS, Ajax, etc. And combining that with Photography sounds very appealing. At least as appealing as last year’s photowalk was ;-) Happy to consider kicking butt and even taking names too.
    Please send me both your and Barbie’s contact info.

  9. I am, what many have called, a kick ass PHP developer. Along with many other web development/management skill sets, I would be very interested in knowing more about this position.

    Please let me know how to contact Barbie Taylor, there is no email/contact link to her on the NAPP website.


  10. You just dont know how bad I want to lie to get my foot in the door. Then I’ll wing it! (ill read PHP and web design for dummies go to tne NAPP site call anyone and everyone, make fake cridentials with photoshope and a good printer) Sadly, Im just a simi-Pro photographer working for ATT DSL repair. nice to dream working for a kick !@#$@# company like NAPP. Maybe I will see you Vegas

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