DC Shoot Off Workshop

Hey gang, Brad here with lots of good stuff for you this week. Check this out…

A 4-day event where a wide variety of photography professionals volunteer to teach, inspire and motivate students in the art of visual storytelling. Learn from Pulitzer Prize winning photographers, authors and career educators as they share their knowledge and passion for the love of photography.

Open to all military and government photographers.

Washington D.C.

Thursday, March 17 through Sunday, March 20

There will be a showing of the film An Unlikely Weapon about the life of Eddie Adams on Thursday, March 17 at 5:30 p.m. in the auditorium of the Navy Memorial, and ANY photographer in the DC area can attend for FREE. After the movie, the Shoot Off instructors will be doing portfolio reviews for anybody who wants one.

You can find all the info over at ShootOff.org!

  1. The DC Shoot Off extends participation to university photography students. And Non military/civil service/photo students who would like to participate can as an affiliate (friend) of the National Association of Naval Photography by becoming a NANP member http://www.nanpmembership.info (annual $25). For more direct information feel free to contact me at 202-251-8094 or at jbfoto@aol.com. Thank you Team Kelby for supporting our military! Johnny Bivera, Executive Director, Shoot Off Visual Media Workshops

  2. Scott….

    Thanks SOOOO much, from the D.C. Shoot Off Staff, for posting a blog about our workshop. It’s such an awesome opportunity for military and veteran photographers, any help we can get to spread the word is MUCH appreciated!

    Here is a link to our promo video:

    Anyone with questions can contact me at Ettasmithphotography@gmail.com

    Thanks again for the support!

    Etta Smith

    National Workshop Producer, Shoot Off Visual Media Workshops
    Arlington, VA

  3. The movie is great. We saw the Eddie Adams Exhibit at Bethel Woods this summer (site of Woodstock ’69) and the prints were fabulous. They had Unlikely Weapon playing in a small projection area. Great photographers as well as Eddie. Remember, Eddie was a Marine Corps photographer. It really addresses his ambivilance as a photographer in taking these haunting images, and the value they had at the time.

    My daughter worked for the Eddie Adams Workshop this past summer. They have been archiving and scanning Eddie’s work, and the Barnstorm continues with Allyssa’s efforts. It is an incredible opportunity and experience for all, students, upcoming photographers, and the veteran’s who volunteer to lead.

    It appears the movie is available to all, not just participants or Veterans. Definitely worth it as it is not out there widely.

    Bill Bogle, Jr.

  4. I don’t suppose my doing contract work for Oak Ridge National Labs out here at the University of Pittsburgh will be enough for me to qualify?

    Yeah, I didn’t think so :(

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