This Weekend Only Deal from Animoto!

Hi Gang: we got the crew over at Animoto (the amazing online video slideshow maker that photographers are all gaga over), to give us a special “This Weekend Only” special deal.

If you sign up for an Animoto 1-year Pro Pass, they’ll add three months for free. Pretty sweet! Plus, they said that if you try them out, and don’t totally love them within 10 days of  of your purchase, they’ll give you a full refund. What have you got to lose? Anyway, if you’ve been waiting to sign up for Animoto, this is your shot.

  • Use this Promo code to get the extra three months free: kelbymoto
  • Here’s the link to sign up. (The deal expires Sunday at 12:00 Midnight EST).
  • Here’s where to go if you’re thinking, “What’s Animoto?”

Many thanks to the crew at Animoto for making this deal available to my readers. :)

P.S. They have a free plug-in that lets you upload directly from Lightroom or Aperture right to Animoto to create your slideshows. Here’s that link.

    1. Brad just said this: If the third person that posts a comment was named “il” then the first three commenters on this post would be “Ken John il.” I’m not making this up. This is what happens when you hang out with Brad after midnight. ;-)


      1. Scott:

        Hate to say, but….I don’t get it! Maybe it’s funnier at 1 AM? I’m not usually this slow………. :(


      2. Ok, now I get it…..North Korea! Tell Brad it’s a terrible joke and not to quit his day job. :D


  1. Hi Scott. I got all excited about this offer and signed up, only to find that when I entered “kelbymoto” in the promo code field a message saying “this code is no longer available”. GRR! So, I guess no extra 3 months. Will I still be able to get a full refund? Also, when I did a test I discovered that conversion to HD is not available. When I entered “Create HD video” into the help and support page a forum page appeared and the final comment was from someone at Animoto saying that HD conversion will be available in a few weeks. A “PRO” account is supposed to have unlimited HD as I understand it. Help!

  2. Hi there,
    Ok, so why am I signing up for Animoto?

    In your Lightroom book, Scott, there is an entire chapter on creating slideshows in Lightroom, slideshows with music I might add. Can’t quite grasp why I would consider spending $240 dollars when I could use the funds to pay myself a lot of video games and a sweet vacation in Korea. Could you enlighten me?

    Anne Wallace

  3. Make that buy myself video games!

    And veering off into other charted waters, someone asked about websites. Wouldn’t the money be better spent using the funds to buy a LiveBooks site? Or is there some other company along this line that would be a wiser investment?

    I have no vested interest in the company but saw that David DuChemin was keen on this company. You can upload video to the site and also nicely display photos.

    I have nothing against Animoto. Just asking for my own education.

    Anne Wallace

    1. Alright why is Animoto better than say Vimeo, where you can upload and embed unlimited HD videos with unlimited albums/groups for $60 a year. And Vimeo had direct integration with LiveBooks if you want a website that includes your videos and images.

      I almost always want music with my videos/slideshows. Perhaps I am reading it wrong, but it looks like you only can you licensed music with your videos if you pay the $240 a year.

      Do you pay for the $240 annually? I am interested in learning more about why you love this product. I teach digital photography and am always looking for new products to promote to these aspiring pros.

      Anne Wallace

  4. Did the moderators pull my inquiry about why it might be more cost effective to use Lightroom to create slideshows with music if we own the software? My previous message has vanished after awaiting moderator approval. I still think it is a valid question.

    I teach digital photography at a college in Seattle. I use his Abobe Photoshop Lightroom 3 book as one of my textbooks and have Lightroom installed in our college classroom labs.
    Scott has an entire chapter in his Lightroom book on how to create slideshows with music.

    No offense meant to Animoto and Scott’s gang. I am trying to find out what options are best for young photographers on limited budgets. Please see my previous message about Vimeo compared to Animoto as well. Is there anyone who can assist me in comparing these options in terms of price vs. functionality?

    Anne Wallace

  5. It’s so hard NOT to spend money when you go to the Animoto’s website. Impressively neat and simple and very Web 2.0, I love the UI/UX. Most of all, I got a kick listening to all the soundtracks!

    There’s nothing like Animoto. The name, the website, the beauty, the function.

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