Documenting your journey

#TravelTuesday is here again with me, Dave Williams, and today I want to talk about documenting our journeys.

I’ve talked a lot before about shooting behind the scenes so our friends and followers can gain an insight into what we do, how we do it, and a little extra on who we really are. More important perhaps than that is shooting behind the scenes for ourselves.

I’ve also often said that we need to take travel photos that are above and beyond a souvenir shot so we can stand out amongst a crowd and sell our images. Forget that for a moment…. only a moment, of course.

Filling our personal photo album with memories of our journeys is a huge part of life. When we go somewhere as photographers we can often become so focussed on shooting the location with our ‘big camera’ that we forget about our phone or our compact, or even our back-up camera. Don’t do that!

Souvenir shots of ourselves or out friends and family when we’re out shooting are invaluable. They serve as reminders of everything about that shoot, even evoking memories of the sounds and smells, and the temperature!

I’ll be totally honest and give this tidbit of info here and here only, and it’s a once only offer so don’t quote me saying this in any other context: –

It doesn’t even need to be a good photo!

Souvenir photos – which are important memories – are essential to bring our journeys back to life. Forget social media, I’m talking about shooting for yourself. Next time you’re out and about on a photographic mission, take some memory shots.

Much love

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