Drobo Intros New “DroboPro”


You guys know I’m really paranoid and a bit obsessive about protecting my image collection, which is why I (and a bunch of my friends) all switched our photo archiving drives to a Drobo (I’m a Drobo freak, and actually have two: one at home, and a duplicate offsite at my office).

This week, I’m talking to Terry White (another Drobo freak), and I’m talking to him about needed more storage space (this talk brought about by 45GB worth of Indy photos in one weekend), and we basically both determine that I need to “man up” and get a second Drobo. Then I get a call yesterday from DataRobotics to let me know that they are announcing the answer to my prayers today—DroboPro. This is a “Business Class” robotic storage solution that lets you have double the storage bays of the original Drobo (So with the new 2-Teyabyte pop-in hard drives, you could have 16-Terabytes of storage).

That was enough for me right there, but they also added a new iSCSI connection (which uses a standard Ethernet cable connection, which most every computer already has built-in), but it’s WAY faster than even Firewire 800. Also, the software that comes with your Drobo also lets you choose to have the drives operate individually, or if you’re really hyper-paranoid (beyond even my level of paranoia), you can simply click a checkbox and the software itself sets the drives to be dual disc redundant, so now two drives back up the same data simultaneously. I know. It’s sick. I’m ordering two of them immediately: one for home, one for the office.


Anyway, I learned yesterday that I can just pop the four 1-TB drives out of my existing Drobo and slide them into the new Drobo Pro, and they work instantly.

Anyway, that’s the highlights—I’ll give a detailed review when my units come in, but in the meantime, head over to Drobo.com and watch the video and you’ll totally get it.

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