The Unknown El Capitan Pano (click for larger version)


I say “unknown” because I had forgotten I had taken it, and hadn’t run across it until yesterday while searching through my Yosemite photos for something else (the only reason I found it at all, is because immediately before I shoot a pano, I shoot a shot of my hand holding up my index finger, then immediately after the last shot of the pano, I shoot my hand holding up two fingers. So, while I was scrolling through the photos in Lightroom, I saw “my finger” and I was like “Hey, a pano!”).

The pano is made up of eight vertical photos, switched together using Photoshop CS3’s Photomerge automation (Scroll down to the next post to see the eight photos that made-up the pano above). Photoshop switched the pano together first time without a hitch–all I had to do was click OK, and then crop it a tiny bit afterward to make it straight, since I didn’t use a pano nodal point attachment on my tripod—I just shot it with my regular ol’ ballhead. The final version is over 83 inches wide.

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