The Final Two Categories Are…Well…

Unfortunately, we are going to have to delay the announcement of the winner of the Worldwide Photo Walk’s Youth Competition (we’re waiting for a final age verification because for some reason MANY, MANY adults entered the youth competition). and our People’s Choice Winner (we’re awaiting the results from ViewBug who ran that part of the competition).

So, because we can’t know for certain if or when either of those is expected today, we’ll do the announcement this coming week. My humble apologies for the delay – our crew has been working day and night to have these ready and they’re nearly as disappointed as you are, but we want to make sure the proper winners are verified before we make the announcements.

Thanks for your patience and understanding. :)



  1. Why did we as people who signed up for walks not receive any communication about how to view the submissions from each walk and therefore get a chance for the peoples vote? Was only by chance I actually spotted where to upload my image and just made the deadline.

    This is poor from KelbyOne and is last time I will take part. One of the great aspects of the walk is seeing which image from your walk was submitted and then getting a chance to review those from around the world. To miss out on that negates the point for me in running the competition. Just seems like PR for KelbyOne and ignore those that took part. Poor show.


  2. We never received an email with links to the online voting page.
    I couldn’t find a page with all the winning images of all the walks.
    We never received any links to the winners announcements.
    The Worldwidephotowalk page was NEVER updated with information after the walk. No one knew where to go to find who had won!

    My walkers are very disillusioned. If things keep going this way, I don’t know if I’ll get anyone to sign up next year.
    I am really disappointed with Viewbug as a platform. I have never been spammed DAILY by one group this badly before. They also use a lot of click-bait titles in their email subject line in order to get you to open the email. Please choose another platform next year.

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