The People’s Choice Award Winner for the 2017 Worldwide Photo Walk is…

I am honored to announce the winner of the official Worldwide Photo Walk “People’s Choice Award” (sponsored by Canon USA, and hosted by our friends at ViewBug).

Celbert Palaganas, from the Cebu City, Philippines Photo Walk received the most votes for this wonderful image (below):

Congratulations to Celbert for this great capture (taken with a Samsung cell phone no less), and thanks to everybody who voted in the official “People’s Choice” voting this year. :-)

Have a great Monday everybody (One more competition winner to be revealed – the Youth contest).



  1. Thanks Scott for this award. I started photography just Sept this year and this is my very first photo walk. I’m so happy for this recognition and above all, I’m very thankful for all those who appreciate my photo. More power to your team and hope to meet you guys one day.

      1. The one you see in the viewbug is based on the likes… but you cannot see the votes… votes and likes are different. Some people think that likes on the photo are votes. But it is not.

      2. The vote of the people is the same as you see.
        The vote is not hide from people.

        This is a definite thing.

      3. Hey Arash, On the contrary, KelbyOne did not choose the photo. It was chosen by voters on Viewbug and we have no say on the winner that is selected. We’re sent the winner by Viewbug . Sounds like there’s a confusion between the awards that people can award on Viewbug and votes that people make on viewbug for a winner. Viewbug selects the winner they send to us based on “votes” on Viewbug for the winner not by the photo that was given likes or “awards.” Good news is your photo was selected in the Top 10 Finalists:

      4. Thanks Erik Kuna for the brief explanation. That is what I was trying to explain too. Awards and likes are diff from the actual vote.

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