Florida Eagle Sighting (Of course, not by me)


True story: While I was on my recent vacation in Egypt, my sister-in-law felt she had to call me just to let me know that there were not one, not three, but actually nine American Bald Eagles perched in my back yard. And though once again, I had missed them, my friend (and Santa Fe Workshop Student), Steve Rogers happened upon the Eagle shown above, not more than a hour or so from where I live here in Florida, and captured it in flight.

In his email to me, he wrote, “I remembered from your blog you had a bald eagle around your house a few weeks ago. Well, I drove away this evening and saw one flying near my house. I fumbled around and got my D300 and clicked away before he flew off. I didn’t get any world-class photos, but here’s one of the not-so-blurry shots.”

So, I wanted to share his fantastic shot (I love the rim lighting), especially since Steve and I are now no longer friends. ;-) Way to go, Steve (and thanks for letting me share your image).

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