Friday News Stuff (and the launch of our new Lightroom magazine!)

It’s here! Our brand-new, just-launched magazine for photographers using Adobe’s Lightroom. We launched with two issues — a FREE launch issue (it’s a full regular issue so you can really get the look, feel and of course, the free training), and we also simultaneously released our 2nd issue ( regular issues are just $4.99. Less than an Extra Value Meal at McDonalds).

The magazine is all about teaching you how to make the most of your time in Lightroom and each issue has articles on everything from creating presets to organizing your images to my column on creating custom photo books, and much more. I’m the mag’s Publisher, but at the reins is Editor-in-Chief (& renown Lightroom guru) +Matt Kloskowski so you know it’s going to rock!

The magazine is available NOW on the App Store for the iPad (For more on our Android tablet development, see this video from +RC Concepcion demo-ing our sister-publication Light-it Magazine on an Android tablet: )

NOTE: These issues have embedded video, so the downloads are…well…lets just say we’re working on that part cause they’re pretty big and take a while to download. Patience is a virtue. :)



Shooting the NFC Championship Game on Sunday for the Falcons

OK, Brad’s been busy getting all my remote gear together for this Sunday’s game (see iPhone photo above). I’m going to be running FIVE remotes this time out, including one with a 300mm f/2.8 rigged at the top of the dome aiming down at the 50-yard-line. It’s a PocketWizard fiesta (using four of the new PocketWizard Plus III  —- link).

Tried using a D5000 with a flip-out LCD screen for when I’m shooting fish-eye mounted on a monopod, but it seems like more work than it’s worth, so back to a full-frame body and shooting kinda blind with it. Can’t wait ’till game day :)

Above: We ordered a two-head floor mount from (their stuff totally rocks!) so I can mount two cameras on the ground as the players make their entrance to the field through the smoke and fire.

Above: Ahhhh, there’s nothing more attractive than an iPhone photo of a Pelican case with a bunch of safety cables. We bought even more today for rigging that 300mm f/2.8 to the top of the dome.



“The Grid” is back from our holiday break, and this Wednesday was our “Blind Photo Critique” show

Here’s the free re-broadcast of yesterday’s “Blind Photo Critique” Episode of “The Grid.” (We get such great feedback from these blind critique episodes).

We had some great moments in this episode, and I even got tagged as a “Quote of the Day” when I said:

 “I don’t think there’s enough sliders in Lightroom to fix that shot.” LOL!

It’s a really helpful episode with some great learning moments. Check it out above. :)



When I saw I was on this list, I just couldn’t believe it!

When I first saw a link to the list in my feed, I thought someone was just bringing it to my attention, like “Hey, Scott — here’s something you might consider for your blog” and then as I’m scrolling through the 16 and I saw my name at #10, my jaw just dropped.

It’s very humbling to see the amazing photographers I’m surrounded by on that list (I just hope Jay Maisel doesn’t see that I’m ranked higher than Bresson, or he will fly down here from New York and personally beat the living daylights out of me). LOL! Here’s the link to see the full list:



A big thanks to for choosing this blog as one of their “Top 20 Photography Websites of 2012”

Just saw this a couple of days and was really psyched (and honored) to see my blog was included alongside some of really wonderful photography sites out there (here’s the link to see all 20:

Thanks again to and to all the great folks who visit my blog during the year. :-)

Hope you all have a kick butt weekend. Don’t forget: GO FALCONS!  (which is to show my support for the Falcons, but for some reason when I say it, it just brings out 49ers fan saying mean things instead). LOL! #riseup!

  1. Good issue. Two quick comments though – slowest magazine to load I have ever bought (and I am an avid reader of eMagazines on my iPad). Why didn’t you just make it a magazine I could buy on Zinio like thousands of other mags? (my desktop has enough apps on it already)

    1. Hi Frank: It took me 12 minutes to download it, though I’ve been people posting online that it has taken them less time than that. The magazine will wind up in Newsstand, but you can’t be in Newsstand until you offer subscriptions, which we hope to in the very near future.

      1. Took me over 20 minutes and that was just the first issue. The app itself took so long to download that I was sure the first issue must be included! And that was over a pretty respectable company network.

    2. For the record, I managed to download everything in about 10 minutes. Loaded. Flipped through pages cleanly. Must’ve been too many people online reading about football players’ imaginary girlfriends.

  2. I have to disagree with Google. Scott’s numbers are down today. Robert Capa is at 4.1 million, Moose is at 3.1. Eisenstaedt, McNally and Maisel are not on the charts. Its a popularity count depending on your style of photography and what is being studied commercially. eg. while I like and enjoy Matt’s photos, his work at Kelby has him at 0.5 million already. RC is at 1.5.

  3. Will be also annual subcription (like Light it magazine) or we can only buy each single issue?
    It’s anyway weird that an Issue costs 4.99$ and 4.99€ on apple store….

  4. So is this Lightroom magazine for off line reading once downloaded, I was somewhere today and did not have a connection and when I tried to read it it said it “Could not connect” and I was unable to read it.

  5. Sorry I hope this isn’t a problem to post here. I have an iPad and have subscribed to light it but when I go to download back issues I click buy then it wants me to confirm the purchase of $2.99 or something like that. What am I doing wrong how to I access the back issues without having to buy each one? The free ones are great, Tom

    1. I found the problem, I didn’t realize the I was paying for copies of the magazine that have not been released yet, drrrr, It’s like a real magazine. I feel so dumb. I assumed being digital I would have access to all the issues. I wish there was an option to pay a little more an have access to all the content in a similar way to Kelby training. It is what it is, thanks for making Light it, now all I have to do is wait. T

  6. Yet more sh*t from publishing houses – only available on iCrap. Don’t the cretins in publishing houses have a clue that Android outsells Apple by 5:1 but still the jerks make pathetic policies that they would rather commit suicide – probably because they employ cretins as software enginners. I hope the bloody magazine fails because you idiots can’t embrace Android whereas millions of other companies can. You deserve to fail!

  7. I hope you offer a subscription. The free issue looks good…other than the aggravatingly slow download. But there’s no way I’m going to pay $5 an issue, however good the magazine is. $60 a year would put Lightroom Magazine in the pricing stratosphere for magazines, either printed or digital. Get it down to $11-12 a year and you’ll have me as a subscriber.

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