Friday News Update

Here’s what’s goin’ on:

  • Nik Software launched a very nicely done online newsletter called “Photography First” and you can subscribe for free, or read it right there online by clicking here, and they also launched an inspirational, and informative section of their site called “Team Nik” featuring the work and words of prominent photographers. Check out Team Nik” here.
  • Dave Cross’s blog yesterday talked about three new online training courses; one on mastering Photoshop Channels from Corey “The Photoshop Lad” Barker; one specifically for Photoshop CS2 users making the jump to CS3, called “The Photoshop CS3 Power Session” (from Matt Kloskowski), and a Photoshop CS3 Beginners online course from Dave Cross himself. Here’s the link to Dave’s blog for more info, or you can jump direct to
  • Photoshop Hall of Famer Eddie Tapp has a hands-on workshop coming up the week of July 23-27, 2007 at the prestigious Lepp Institute of Digital Imaging out in Los Osos, California. The workshop is called “The Full Digital Workflow Experience” and with Eddie at the helm, you’re going to learn “the real deal!” Check out all the details here.
  • Did you know that if you click the little downward facing arrow in the bottom right corner of the photo at the top of this page, it expands downward to reveal more of the photo? It’s easy to miss that little feature, so I thought I’d mention it, especially since I added some new photos into the rotation.
  • Last year Microsoft bought the popular Digital Asset Management software “iView Media Pro,” and this week Microsoft shipped the latest version, now called “Microsoft Expression Media,” and it’s available for both Window and Macintosh, and there’s a 60-day try out version available. For more info, click right here.
  • This has little to do with Photoshop (although there is some cool photography there), but I just think this site is really cool. If you like cool Web sites, and cool motorcycles, and don’t mind clicking a link posted by a guy who uses the term “cool” too much, then click here.
  • Earlier this week Adobe bought a Rich Media hosting company called Source 7. C|Net has the story here.
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