Friday News Wrap-up

It’s Friday everybody, and you know what that means! (You do know, right?). That’s right, it’s time for the Friday News Wrap-up (and weekend sports with Gail Fisher). Hang on, here we go:

  • When I was looking through that UK-based magazine Digital Photographer earlier this week, I saw a double truck (two page spread) ad for Canon’s 40D, and the ad’s background was a sweeping sunset shot, but when I read the headline I just burst out laughing. It read, “I gaze at the sunset with the woman I love, and think….f/8 at 1/250.” You just gotta love that (if only it didn’t ring so true)!
  • Sony is hosting a huge, worldwide photo competition that it’s vying to make the “Oscar awards of Photography” and the deadline is right around the corner; January 31, 2008, so if you’re interested, check out their site at
  • I don’t know if you’ve seen this, but some friends at Adobe shared this with me while I was out there earlier this week and it’s just hilarious. It’s a video series on called “You Suck at Photoshop” and it’s just hilarious (content warning; there is some serious cussing, but it’s seriously hilarious cussing. Just so you know). Make sure you start with Part 1, so you’re in on the gag. You will laugh your $#&!* off! (Here’s the link to Part One).
  • Mike Wong over at the “One onOne with Mike Wong” blog, did a write up on Volume 2 of my book, “The Digital Photography Book.” Here’s the link.
  • Lastly, start your Friday off right by taking a moment to enjoy some fine art landscape photos from photographer Peter Haigh. Beautifully serene images (here’s the link).

That’s it for today. Lot’s of cool stuff coming next week, so have a great weekend, and we’ll see you on Monday. :)

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