Friday News Quick Wrap-up Thingy

Hi everybody. Here’s what’s happening today:

itunesbestsm.jpgOne of my friends sent me this; Apple sent out an email last month, and it featured their Editor’s picks for Best Podcasts of 2007, and Photoshop User TV was one of their picks (seen here—we’re in the bottom left corner). We were totally psyched! Also, I finally got to see Photoshop User TV on “real TV” this morning (no, I didn’t stay up until 1:30 am Wed morning. That’s why God invented Tivo), and I realized that our corny jokes are just as lame on the TV screen as they are on the Web. Anyway, it was fun getting to see it finally up there.

  • Nikon released another couple of free updates; this time to Nikon Camera Control Pro 2 (for shooting tethered to your computer), and an update to Nikon’s Capture NX. Here’s the link where you can download both.
  • Our buddy Dave Cross did a quick little video about Matt’s new book on mastering Photoshop Layers, and if you didn’t get a chance to see it yesterday on Dave’s blog, here’s the link (Congrats to Matt; the book has just been out two days, and they’re already going back to press for the 2nd printing. If you want to get yours anytime soon, I’d go order your copy now).
  • Corey Barker “The Photoshop Lad” and co-host of “Layers TV” has a pretty cool little video tutorial over at on how to create folds and creases on an image (it kind of makes your image look like it was folded up like a map, and then unfolded—you have to see it to see what I mean). Anyway, it’s pretty clever, and definitely worth checking out. Here’s the link.
  • I did a brief interview over at with my book publisher Nancy-Aldrich Reunzel, and we covered everything from what kind of gear I’m shooting with now, to my personal workflow, to what are some of my most memorable shooting experiences. If you’ve got a sec—pop over and read the short interview right here.
  • This guy, I like: (click here). When you see the photo, you’ll know why. ;-)

Have a wonderful weekend everybody. Try to get there and do a little shooting, then come back inside and do a little rearranging of pixels, and then have a yummy slice of pie. Doesn’t sound like a bad way to spend a day now, does it? See you Monday!

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