Friday News Wrap-up

Here’s a couple of Friday quickies:

  • Michael Tapes (of Whibal fame) has released a new training DVD on shooting in raw, called, “How to Shoot Raw Without Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt (FUD).” He includes segments on Adobe Camera Raw, Lightroom, and a section called “Photographers in their own words” where he interviewed a wide range of raw-shooting photographers (myself included). Here’s the link for more info.
  • News site C|NET did a news blurb about my experience in Minn/St. Paul Airport with the TSA telling me all DSLRs were now to be removed and put on the x-ray belt, along with photographer Richard Wanderman, who had a similar experience at LAX. Well, C|NET contacted TSA to comment on their policy, andâ¦well, you ‘ll have to go to CNET to find out what they said (Gotcha!). Here’s the link.
  • Vincent Versace was recently interviewed on YourMacLife, and anytime Vinny speaks, people listen. Check it out right here.
  • Here’s a link to a quick review on “Real McCoy Photography” of my Photoshop CS3 Power Tour seminar yesterday in Boston. There’s also another blurb about the day over at “Sweet Whispers Photography” (here’s that link). Also, an attendee named Keri posted a comment yesterday that absolutely made my day. Thanks Keri. Thanks to everybody who came out to spend the day with me. I had a blast! :)

That’s it till Monday. Have a great weekend everybody! :)

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