Friday News Wrap-up


Here’s what’s up as we head into the weekend:

  • How ’bout we start with some photographic inspiration by stopping for two minutes to check out the brilliant work of photographer Erik Almas. Great images, and very nicely-executed Photoshop technique. Here’s the link (It will start your Friday off right).
  • Peachpit Press has a contest going on called “The $1,000 Question” (the logo is shown above) where they asked a number of photographers (yours truly included), what they would tell a friend to buy if they only had $1,000 to spend on digital photography. There are five different short video advice clips, and just by watching them, and voting on which package you’d like to have yourself, you’re entered into the grand prize giveaway of (you guessed it), that $1,000 in digital photography gear you voted on. Watch the clips, and enter Peachpit’s contest right here.
  • Here’s a link to a very interesting blog from a photo editor at a major magazine. It’s called “A Photo Editor’s Blog” and I have to say, even if you’re not interested in submitting your work for publication to a major mag, the ideas and perspective shared there about how to submit, your portfolio, what works/what doesn’t, etc. is really fascinating. Definitely worth checking out (here’s the link once again).
  • I have right around 1,100 people joining me next Tuesday at the Javits Center in New York City for my Photoshop CS3 Power Tour one-day seminar, and if you haven’t made plans to join me for the day; it’s not too late! Click here for details and to snag a seat. Hope to see you there!
  • I hope to be posting some shots from a very special shoot I have lined up for this weekend, and if I get anything, you’ll see it here on Monday morning (I’m keeping my fingers crossed). :)

That’s it for today. Hope everybody has a great weekend, and we’ll see you in New York next week (ya know….or not).

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