From Yesterday’s Bridal Shoot


Here are some shots from a Bridal Shoot I did yesterday at a Catholic church in Clearwater, Florida (click on it for a larger view). The images haven’t been retouched in Photoshop yet—you’re seeing a straight capture of them taken in Lightroom’s “Lights Out” mode, in the Grid.

The shots were taken using the same one-light Elinchrom On-Location studio lighting set-up that I talked about on the final day of Lighting Gear Week (An Elinchrom Ranger RX Kit [flash head and battery pack], with a 53″ Elinchrom Midiocta softbox, mounted on a rolling Avenger boom stand. We also used a reflector for some of the shots, but mostly just that Elinchrom). We shot inside the church, and then outside in the portico, but still used the Elinchrom for everything except two of the shots you see here.

They were shot with a Nikon D3, with a 70-2oo mm VR lens, a 50mm f/1.4 lens (the one I talk about in Vol. 2 of “The Digital Photography Book), but a few were taken with a Nikon D300 using a 17-55mm f/2.8 lens and a 12-24mm f/4 wide angle zoom. I shot tethered to my laptop most of the day, with the images going straight from my camera right into Lightroom, via Nikon Camera Control Pro 2 (as seen below).


Thanks to RC Concepcion (who was there shooting me shooting the Bride–photo above by RC–click on it for a larger version), to Shelley (our makeup artist), to Erin (who assisted me on the shoot, and is seen above wondering–“Is this thing aimed right?), and of course, Kortney our lovely bride.

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