Get a Shot at Winning an Awesome Guitar and Help Out Some Wonderful Orphans At the Same Time

Hi Gang: Please take a minute and check out the short video clip aboveâ”We need to raise some funds for the kids at the Springs of Hope Orphanage in Kenya (the orphanage built from the ground up with help from people who read this blog), and the video shows how you might win "The Photoshop Guys" signed incredibly cool guitar for helping out (hey, it comes with a floyd rose locking tremolo and beautiful pearl inlay).

Here’s the link (watching the video first, then I hope you’ll click the link and help. If you do help, please leave me a comment so I can thank you personally!). :)

  1. Hi Scott, apology in advance for my off-topic comment, but I’m still curious what hard drive system you went with.  I just switched to G-Raid drives, manually backing up at this point.  Selling Drobo soon (thought I never had a problem in 4 years).  When you get a chance please let us know.  Best to Springs of Hope, again sorry for the hijack, no disrespect intended. Btw funny post on G+ about iPhone5.  You’ll never see the end of those type of people.


    1. Brandon — you are THE MAN for doing that (and a true credit to everyone your age — please pass on that heart for others to your friends — it’s our job to help those who can’t help themselves). Cheers buddy! :-)

  2. Hi Scott,

    when trying to checkout and pay via paypal, I’m receiving and error message – “Order total is invalid. No token created”.  Perhaps you can investigate as I’m sure there are plenty who would prefer to pay via paypal.  (Btw, I tried several times, to ensure it was not a one off problem.)
    I’ll check back, later in the day, when hopefully this will be resolved.
    Many thanks to you and your team for the continued efforts for this great cause.

  3. This is an awesome cause. I won the first guitar Scott gave away and I will be buying tickets this time. I only ask Scott that if he draws my name by some crazy chance that he put it back and draw someone else. I feel privileged to be a donor!

      1. Done, Scott! 
        Happy to help the kids in Kenya.
        I am not a musician , although a music lover, and like Ken down one post here , if I happen to win I’d like to put it back for another draw = more $ to the beautiful kids . So good luck to me and Ken ! =))

  4. It was buy a month of classes or give to the orphanage, I chose the orphanage, and I don’t even know how to play!  Hey some would say I don’t know a camera either  ha ha
    Keep up this awesome work Scott!

    1. Hi Chris: You made the right decision!!! :-)   Remember, you don’t have to know how to play — it comes in a plexiglass display class (like the guitars you see hanging on the wall at The House of Blues or Planet Hollywood), however, winning it might make you want to learn, eh? Thanks again for your support of the orphanage. :)

  5. Hi Scott,
    I just got my raffle ticket and also had a good excuse to finally get my NAPP membership in the process. Although I don’t play guitar I would LOVE to have that hanging on my wall as a conversation piece; specially since it’s signed by you guys! Hopefully I will keep my good-luck string from last night when I won my first prize ever on the “Playful Side Of Pinerest” from Kalebra and win this thing!! Great idea Scott for a great cause.

    Angelika Perry (not sure why that didn’t show up when I logged in with my google account).

  6. I was planning to donate directly to Springs of Hope like I did last year, but this is a nice bonus. If Kalebra & Nancy sign it too, I’ll buy a few more tickets before the deadline.

  7. I’m going on the Photowalk, and I wanted to contribute to Springs of Hope but I didn’t want the T-shirt.  This solves my dilemma!  Good luck with the fund-raising!  When the raffle ends, please let us know how much you raised for the orphanage.

    1. Hi Vivian — thanks for finding a way to donate — I’m really glad you did. This is probably my third or fourth guitar raffle and I always show how much we raised (and it’s always an exciting day!). Cheers for your help. :-)

  8. I have a daughter doing a stint with the Peace Corps in Kenya, working with deaf kids. My wife and I had a chance to visit her last year (as well as do a safari). We had a chance to see the profound needs of the people there. Glad to see folks putting themselves out to address those needs. Just bought ten tickets. 

    1. Henry — you are THE MAN!!!! High-five to your daughter for her work with Peace Corps. A good friend of mine did the same in Ethiopia and his experiences stayed with him forever (and 40 years later he’s still involved in Ethiopia and the people there). :) Thank you SO much for such a generous contribution to the orphanage. :-)

  9. A couple of summers I spent 3 months on a photo trip in Africa. Spent a couple weeks in Kenya and am glad for the support for a orphanage there, there are many kids there that need help. Thank you.

  10. A couple of summers ago I spent three months on a photo trip to Africa. Spent a couple weeks in Kanya and there are a lot of kids there that need help so am glad to donate. Thank you for supporting them.

  11. Scott,
    when I purchased my ticket on Friday I didn’t download it (didn’t really read the email because I got swamped at work) and tried downloading it today but although I see it in purchase history I don’t see it as an download but the email says to click here and download.  The email also says I ordered it Sept. 6th although the history clearly states I ordered it on Sept 9/14/2012. I’m also not sure how to activate my NAPP membership I purchased on the same date. What should I do?

    Thanks for the help.


    1. Angelika,
      I too purchased a ticket and got an email with a download link. I suspect the download link is simply there by default for the regular Kelby Training stuff and there isn’t actually any “ticket” to download.
      Well thats what Im hoping anyway.
      Good luck with the draw.

  12. Scott,

    Ticket purchased…great cause…and even better that you’ve been able to leverage this group to support Springs of Hope.  Haven’t made it to Kenya yet, but time spent at an orphanage in Cambodia is a top highlight of my family’s travels.  


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