Get Emotion & Expression in Portraits w/ Scott Kelby, Erik Kuna & Peter Hurley | The Grid Ep. 506

Shabang, baby!! You know him, you love him, he’s the most beloved headshot photographer around… Peter Hurley is back on The Grid with Scott Kelby and Erik Kuna! Watch as they discuss drawing different emotions and expressions out of your subjects. Peter is a master at this, analyzing, being thoughtful one second, then hilarious the next to relax his subjects and put them at ease. Check out this episode you won’t want to miss!

New KelbyOne Course: Lighting for Beverage & Splash Photography With AaronVan

Take your beverage photography skills to the next level! Join AaronVan, an Orlando based commercial food and beverage photographer, for a complete behind the scenes look at everything you need to know to create pro-level photos of beverages.

To begin, Aaron takes you through the tools, props, glassware, and light shaping tools he uses every day. From there you’ll join Aaron in studio for a series of shoots where changing up the lighting allows for a variety of creative looks that help to tell a story. Through each lesson Aaron shares tips and techniques for elevating your beverage photography higher and higher. Aaron wraps up the class with a discussion of flash duration for stopping motion in liquid before putting it all together in a final shoot.

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