Adobe is giving all Full Conference Attendees to the Photoshop World Conference in Vegas a FREE 12-month full Creative Cloud subscription. Whoo Hoo!!!

As I’m writing this, I gotta tell ya — I can’t believe it myself, but Adobe is giving everyone who attends the upcoming Photoshop World Conference & Expo  (Sept 4-6, 2013) in Vegas, a FULL one year Adobe Creative Cloud membership. I am just floored!

That’s a $600 membership, because you get it all!!! Photoshop CC, Lightroom, InDesign, Illustrator, Premiere Pro, Muse, Dreamweaver, and on and on, and it all comes with your paid full conference registration. Freakin’ yeah, baby!!!! :)

If you’re already registered for Photoshop World, you still get the one year Adobe Creative Cloud membership deal. If you haven’t registered yet (there’s still time — in fact if you register before Aug. 2nd, you get a $100 early bird discount), you get the CC membership free.

So, now, here’s the deal:

(1) You get world-class Photoshop, Lightroom, Creative Cloud and photography training live and in person. Seven full training classes, packed with the stuff you need to learn now.

(2) You come away with 12-months of the full Adobe Creative Cloud with all the latest creative tools (and yes, if you’re already a CC subscriber, they’ll EXTEND your subscription by 12-months)

(3) You get to choose from over 100 classes; there’s an expo floor with all the top companies displaying their latest gear, and the whole thing is just a blast from beginning to end.

You can sign up right now for a full conference pass for $598 (or just $498 if you’re already a NAPP member). Here’s the link. This is you’re best deal….well…ever!

The whole thing is just amazing to me, and I cannot give a big-enough high-five to Adobe for making this amazingly surreal deal to our attendees. Their support of Photoshop World has always meant a lot to us, but this is just….it’s just…I’m blown away. You will be too!

See you in Vegas in September, baby! Whoo Hoo!!!


  1. Scott I have to raise my hat to you man. This is beyond impressive!! It’s freakin’ amazing that Photoshop World attendees get this.

    If you register before Aug 2nd, It costs the same to go to PSW and get CC free for a year rather than buying CC itself for a year. Even AFTER Aug 2nd, it’s still the deal of the century. I can’t even begin to imagine how you were able to convince Adobe to do this!

    To all those people who said Scott hasn’t done anything for the 70K+ NAPP members that he represents since CC was announced: You may now… shut your gobs :-)

  2. That’s really cool! That extends to all users across the world ? I’m a CC subscriber in France, the deal applies to me too? Taking it into account makes the conference fee literally disappear!

  3. Please mention, that you’ll have to convert your files back to CS6 format (which isn’t easy in all cases), if you ever decide against the cloud after that year.

    1. Please explain, Claudius. If I process an image using CC, save it as a TIFF or JPG on a hard drive, what conversion would be required if I opt out of using CC after a year?

      1. And if you do not save it as a tiff or jpg but keep it in psd format, what then? Does cc have a different format than psd?

      2. That’s true for Photoshop. Also: Photoshop has the best backwards-compatibility built into its file format of ALL the Adobe Programs (possibly of all programs i know).
        Now let’s switch over to Illustrator or InDesign for a second. You want to go back? Good luck.
        Also: If you consider your TIFF or JPG to be the only important product, then this is not an issue for you. To me, the “original” source file is important.

      3. Still not understanding, Claudius. I always thought my original source file was also on a hard drive in RAW. I did not know that by opening it with CC, Adobe could snatch that file away from me so I could never use it again…Wow. And although I have not tried CC yet, I’d be willing to bet that if I saved it as a .psd, it would open just fine in CS6 once my free year of CC expires.

  4. Unbelievable deal! I wish I was going to Vegas, but I’ve committed to PSW Atlanta next spring. I’ll be doing cartwheels if this is offered then!


    1. Yes, Everyone who’s already registered for a full conference pass to Photoshop World Vegas 2013 prior to this announcement will also receive the Creative Cloud.

  5. Lovers, early adopter, doubters, haters, and fearmongers aside, thank you and the rest of NAPP for all your efforts to make us better photographers. I may or may not join, but you and everyone at NAPP’s personal integrity seems to always shine through.

  6. The webcast last night was amazing. I get really excited every year at this time. So, my bad and thanks for what you guys do! :)
    See y’all soon,

  7. That means I get a full year of Photoshop, the CC suite, plus a full year of NAPP training? Magazines, tutorials, and all? That is awesome! What a career changer.

  8. I hear that there are internal rumblings at Adobe to change the CC model to be more like a cell phone contract rather than a life long rental program as it is now. You would sign up for say 2 years and if you decide not to renew after that, you would still have working software, just no upgrades. For the Photoshop only user such as myself, this makes more sense. I have owned every version since CS3 and even at the current “deal” being offered at $9.99 per month, I have never spent nor has Adobe offered $120 in upgrades every year.

  9. A few questions… I’ve already signed up for PSWorld and would like to use CC during the conference. Will be able to download and install CC before the conference? What will be the process for redeeming CC? Thanks for your help.

    1. I think a lot of those details are still getting sorted out as this is so new… as soon as we know, im sure we’ll post them out on these pages. Thanks!

  10. Scott and team,

    Brilliant cross marketing… KT pulls in marginal decision attendees to conference and Adobe obtains a new generation of lemmings…

    CC is like winning a TV and free all channel cable for a year. If you want to use the TV after a year… Well you get my drift.

    1. On behalf of all “lemmings”, I’m struggling to follow your logic, Nikonguy. Somebody wants to give me (underscore GIVE) me (for free) a new TV & all cable channels for a year, and then after a year if I don’t want to pay, I owe nothing and can toss the TV; and there’s a downside to this? In what world?

      1. Well, there is a net out of pocket cost of $598 to register. So, in the above analogy you could say either the TV OR the “channel package for one year” is free. Not both.

  11. I’m not one to look a gift horse in the mouth, as they say, and I really appreciate this offer. It is truly remarkable. But if I only use Photoshop and Lightroom, and don’t anticipate a need for the other Creative Cloud applications, how will this offer work logistically? Would I simply not download the other applications? Or if I decide to try them, and later decide not to keep the annual full Creative Cloud subscription, would I simply cancel those applications I don’t need then? Thanks again for everything you do for us.

  12. I feel sorry for all the Adobe & Kelby Trolls who live their lives harboring so much vitriol that they would rather cut off their noses to spite themselves. Adobe magnanimously gives PSW attendees free CC for a year. Scott passes it along as an extra mega-perk for registering & attending PSW. After all the Adobe & Kelby bashing that went on post CC announcement, the Trolls continue to bash and look at a thoroughbred gift horse in the mouth. Trolls, please spare the millions of us who continue to appreciate Adobe and Scott for taking our photography to unimaginable levels. Go kick your dog, go back to shooting film and get into a darkroom, and then try to put your work up against those who thank their lucky stars that Adobe and Scott are there to make our work rock like it would never rock without them.

      1. This rant comes from a guy with a bazooka for a lens. Mike, pleas remember that all the world does not have the funds for a bazooka lens. Some people have to make ends meet. Respectfully yours

      2. And for the record… Mike makes -his- ends meet by working.. and in the process of working, he invests in the tools he needs… and that tool “May” be a bazooka lens…

        Thats kinda what he needs for his job. Its not like he buys the lens to hang it on his neck Flava Flav style or anything.

        Dont argue a have vs. have not because of the gear a person has. You have what you have, based on what you prioritize.

    1. If it wasn’t for the “Adobe & Kelby Trolls” there would be no offer for free CC for a year. Adobe is “rewarding” Scott and NAPP for their loyalty with their support of CC and too damping the hit(s) that Scott has taken.

  13. Sounds an awful lot to me like Adobe hasn’t hit their projected numbers and they are trying to spike the figures before the end of the third quarter for the stock holders report.

    1. Nope – we report paid memberships. Also, while PS World is a large show, it’s not enough subscriptions to impact any reporting.

      This is simply Adobe doing something cool. :-)

      Greg Wilson – Director of Evangelism, Adobe

      1. mmmmm Director of Evangelism???? I’d rather keep my mind open by wonder, than closed by faith.

      2. Greg Waddell — I have no idea what you mean by that sentence. I’m not asking you to have faith in anything. I simply stated a clear fact. Adding a few thousand free members has no impact on our quarterly reporting. This is simply Adobe (and Scott) doing something cool for the attendees for Photoshop World.

      3. I believe he is referring to the accepted definition for the word “evangelism” as

        e·van·ge·lism [ih-van-juh-liz-uhm] Show IPA

        1. the preaching or promulgation of the gospel; the work of an evangelist.

        2. evangelicalism.

        3. missionary zeal, purpose, or activity.

        1620–30; evangel2 + -ism Unabridged
        Based on the Random House Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2013.

        — n
        1. evangelization , RC Church term: evangelisation (in Protestant churches) the practice of spreading the Christian gospel

      4. Ah ok – yeah, I don’t like the title because of the traditional definition, but it’s common in the technology industry.

      5. Yeh, the same way my drug dealer gave me my first bag of week for free. Now he owns me for life. And the coke is more expensive.

      6. I was not aware that Adobe has put a gun to anyone’s head and is forcing people to do anything. If you want to think of it as the Evil Empire, knock yourself out. Going forward, feel free to use an antiquated version of Photoshop or some other inferior software while the rest of us produce even better images with new CC features.

      7. Yes they have. Any photographic proof has been removed with the magic eraser. Try Sanka, it’s decaffeinated.

    2. Interesting speculation, Kim. But Bloomberg reports that, “Adobe Systems Inc. (ADBE), the largest maker of graphic-design software, reported fiscal second-quarter profit that exceeded analysts’ estimates as subscribers signed up for cloud-computing services at a faster clip.” Could it be that The Big Bad Wolf Adobe is just trying to do something nice for PSW attendees as a thank you?

      1. Yes…when a product gets discounted 40% weeks after the official launch, it tends to have a positive effect, albeit possibly short lived. It will be interesting to see the fall off rate when the price returns to normal.

      2. As my trial practice professor would say, “When you don’t have facts, argue the law. When you don’t have law, argue the facts. When you don’t have either, all you can do is argue.” Your point was that Adobe wouldn’t hit their number of subscribers. They exceeded it. Now you want to shift to a different argument – the discounted price won’t be profitable. They blew away the street estimates. Me? I’m loving a free year of CC and can only hope Adobe does it over and over for every PSW to spite you Trolls.

      3. firstly….I wouldn’t consider their estimate as being “blown away”….conservative gain maybe….

        secondly…are you using the term Troll as a noun or a verb? It appears to be used as a noun which means you are calling me either a supernatural being or a cave dweller….either way…there is no need to resort to insults. I have not insulted anyone and certainly don’t expect it in return.

        thirdly…a consumer who depends on a continual ‘sale’ price or ‘free’ offer is ultimately more destructive to the companies’ bottom line than an intermittent customer… so freebie yourself away……..

      4. You win Kim. Obviously I haven’t run any $14.5 Billion companies like Adobe but no doubt you have. An earnings report that significantly beats street estimates in this economy is nothing…and the subscribers increased at a faster pace than even Adobe had hoped. Your speculation as to Adobe’s future has no doubt caused Adobe to completely re-think its entire business model. And I get CC free for a year.

      5. I guess it would depend on what figures you were looking at…subscribers at full price vs. subscribers at discounted price.

        projected 185k at full price 50/m = 9.25 million
        185k at 37/mth = 6.8 million
        subscribers 221, at avg price of 37/mth 8.17 million
        (based on bloomberg figures)

        subscribers is one thing…..revenue dollars is another thing altogether together.

      6. My photo teacher said. When you have a bazooka lens, then you think the whole world can afford a bazooka lens. Ergo, when you have Photoshop then you think the entire world has Photoshop. What has people very upset, is that there is no longer an option. You have to spend the money or all the Adobe stuff goes away. Many people were very happy the way things were.

      7. I must have missed something. I did not know that if you decide to sign up for CC, your CS, CS2, CS3, CS4, CS5 or CS6 go away. I could have sworn I saw something about CC having no effect on anyone who bought prior versions of Photoshop and have them on their computers. But we sure wouldn’t want to confuse anyone with facts, SpongeBob. It’s much easier to vent in blissful ignorance.

        And yes, there are people who are upset with the new Adobe strategy. I get that. Some people don’t like change. But there are many, many more who think it’s great. It’ll all shake out as time passes. If Adobe takes a financial hit, they’re big boys…they’ll change horses. But when people start calling out Scott Kelby and accuse him of being a shill or anything other than being one of the kindest, most generous people I have ever met, I do get amped up (in response to one of your other pearls of wisdom directed at me).

      8. Theres nothing I love in a debate than just watching someone drop -fact- and logic into it. Just messes everyone up!

      9. I normally don’t comment, RC, but after a while you get tired of people’s spitefulness and clueless ignorance. I should know better than to try to teach pigs to sing – it’s a waste of time and only annoys the pigs. Maybe one day the Trolls will develop software that rivals Adobe’s. Then we can tell them how to run their business and unleash the Gods of hell on anyone who dares to associate with them like they’ve done to Scott.

  14. Oh I so wish I could attend PSWorld! My personal recovery from the recession isn’t quite there yet, so I’m hoping maybe by PSWorld 2014 … fingers crossed. Wishing all who are attending a really wonderful time!

  15. Kudos to Adobe and SK for this offer.

    As a CC subscriber, I’m now way beyond bummed that I can’t attend PSW this year (because of a family commitment made 2 years ago). Fingers crossed and prayers being said that there will be some crumbs available for NAPP members who are still in that “fuzzy middle” trying to justify their subscription to the full CC package.

    And, please, I’m not interested in arguing. I’m a subscriber. ‘Nuf said.

  16. Maybe it’s just me, and I’ll totally be labelled a hating butt-kisser, but as a high school student a long ways away going to photoshop world this year, this kind of opportunity is amazing. Even at student prices, a master collection is pretty unreachable for me; instead, I opt for just photoshop. But having the ENTIRE gamut of adobe products at my fingertips is really an unexplainable opportunity to me at least — now I can finally integrate some Lightroom in with workflow and give other things like dreamweaver the test spin I’ve always wanted to, without dropping a grand on software. Thanks Adobe and the Kelby team!!!

    Mr. Kelby — I have the privilege of seeing you Monday in Colorado Springs. Super stoked about that — thanks for giving the PSW attendees this kind of opportunity.

  17. Have been to the last three Photoshop Worlds in Vegas and had a great time at all of them! This year I had decided to wait and check out Photoshop World in Orlando or DC at the beginning of next year. I’m just hoping this is a decision I may regret with Adobe’s genorious offer of a free 12 month CC subscription to all Vegas attendees.

  18. What Deal! I’ve had CC for the last year at the reduced price being a CS3 customer. Aug 18 is my last day. I have to cancel before it goes to full price. Although I’ve been a Napp member, I just recently was able to sign up for kelby training, which is fantastic btw. As RC says, That being said, I haven’t had the time to really dig into CC the way I would have liked. I did learn lightroom & photoshop on a level I would have never learned w/o kelby training & the CC Membership. The two just seem to go hand in hand & I’ve only had both a month now. I would like to see more Illustrator tutorials. I love Corey Barker effects & his style of design. Last week on The Grid Live websites were discussed, but not site building with Adobe Muse. That is something that interests me.

  19. This is obviously not about profits, which Adobe rakes in copiously, but about keeping the troops and acolytes cooing while Adobe continues its monopoly capture of the photo editing market. The appearance of the CC version which precludes any further stand alone purchases, ensures Adobe monopoly control not only of its market, but of its users and their content as well. When Microsoft got too monopolistic, regulatory agencies (in Europe and elsewhere) got involved to help restore some competition to the market place. Not likely to happen with Adobe since they seem to have everyone bamboozled. Adobe’s adoption of the Cloud system is a real set back for users who want to maintain autonomous control of their own content.

    1. If you want to maintain control of your content, dont upload your files into the cloud. The “Cloud” drive portion of the Creative Cloud is just one component of the whole picture.

  20. Scott, I know you are only the messenger here, so here is my message to Adobe. I am still insulted at their new policy on the Adobe CC [campaign of condesending]. I have literally been one of Adobe’s first customers. I started with Adobe Illustrator 88 and Adobe Photoshop v1.07. From there it was all the web stuff, like PageMill. I really feel insulted by Adobe’s new business model. Thank you for your time. Respectfully, Graham Hedrick [Dave Roberts and I held a one day seminar on Painter].

      1. Thx Scott!! I’ll come from Italy (Firenze) to my First PSW!! I cannot wait to get it there!!
        Hoping to have occasion to discuss with you and with all other Instructors

      2. do you think they will offer this again for the 2014 show? i got the free subscription from last year’s conference, and i suspect i’ll need to renew soon. i love it!

  21. Hey guys, I am simply wondering – how does the Adobe CC one-year subscription get redeemed? My CC membership expires on July 31st and I’m wondering if I can apply my registration for Photoshop World to renew my next year’s subscription. Or will I have to do a month-to-month on Adobe CC until the Photoshop World conference closes, get a redemption certificate at the conference, and apply afterwards?

    Thanks in advance!

  22. Scott, it’s not amazing. It’s the drug dealer scenario. Flash forward in late 2014: ” I’d love to show you all I learned at photoshop world but …rent software .” Scott how about now you pay rent each week on your office chair year after year… putz.

  23. FYI, Adobe isn’t honoring the “EXTEND your subscription by 12-months” statement. Basically all they’ll do is cancel your existing & not charge you a cance fee. How gracious of them. Fairly angry that the rhetoric did not align.

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