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Happy Christmas Eve #TravelTuesday to you all! I’m Dave Williams and I’m here with another sparkly nugget of wisdom for you, as always, fresh from England but inspired by the North Pole!

Today, rather festively, I want to discuss something we can do as photographers to spread love and cheer. This Christmas I’ve given the gift of photography in two ways. To loved ones I’ve given prints of mine, and to friends and family with children I’ve given a letter from Santa along with two photos from him, one of Rudolph and the lads, and one of his house high up on the hillside in Lapland.

As it’s Christmas Eve, let me share the story here with you, too. In deepest Lapland, high up on a fell amongst the reindeer and the snow, is a little, wooden cabin. They say Santa lives at the North Pole, but that’s just to cover up the truth so he can have a peaceful year in Lapland getting ready for the big night. High up on that hillside in the deepest snow is the cabin Nicholas grew up in, and Nicholas became Father Christmas, spreading cheer and delivering toys to all the boys and girls around the world as thanks for his upbringing. To find his cabin there are no signposts, all you have to do is believe. Well, kind of… there’s also a ski lift at the Levi ski resort in Finland which will take you there, and then when you ski down slope 13 you’ll see the cabin just off-piste to the right. The cabin was actually built as part of a movie set for the Finnish Christmas movie Joulutarina (which translates into English as Christmas Story.)

Anyway, back to the point. Us photographers can share our creative talents by gifting our photography, not only in the way that I have here and in gifts to our friends and family, but also to help us advance in our industry by showcasing our work to prospective clients. There’s something very different about a printed photograph in comparison to one on a screen, and that extra element of tangibility alone is one of the awesome powers that print has to help us. Having a photograph printed on a wall or in our hands to hold and to feel, and to look at with awe, is that extra step which we’re losing in our digital age.

Gift your photography. Trust me, it works.

Much love


(PS. Here’s the shot of Rudolph… Merry Christmas, and Happy Holidays!)

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