In just 30 minutes from now!!!! —- Join RC ConcepcionBrad Moore and me  for our free Photo Walk tips Webcast — we’ll be sharing lots of photo tips, tips for the walk, helpful suggestions, and how to make the most of your walk. Even if you’re not going on the walk (yet), you can still join in (everybody’s welcome!).
Plus, we’re going to be talking about our Worldwide Photo Walk Event page over on  Google+ (, and we’ll be taking your questions LIVE.

Go here for the webcast at 3PM today (just 30 minutes from now):

I hope you join us!



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Scott is a Photographer, bestselling Author, Host of "The Grid" weekly photography show; Editor of Photoshop User magazine; Lightroom Guy; CEO; struggling guitarist. Loves Classic Rock and his arch-enemy is Cilantro. Devoted husband, dad to two super awesome kids, and pro-level babysitter to two crazy doggos.


  1. me me pick me please!!! ddkphotos suggested pick the photo you would hang in your house!

  2. Leaving my name for the book

  3. I’am going fore the Moose P free stuff!

  4. would love the book —

  5. Love to have a copy of Moose’s book!

  6. Book sounds AWESOME!

  7. Hi Scott. Great show today, and I am looking forward to the Philly walks. Please enter me for the Aviation e-book.

  8. would love to have the app/book from Moose. Thanks for the mention on air!

  9. would love the ebook!!! denise

  10. I’m going! Enter me, please!

  11. Would luv the Take Flight e book. Enjoyed the webcam. Thanks

  12. I’d love the ebook!
    Tom in Sweden

  13. Hey Scott thanks for doing the WWPW. I have done it every year and look forward to this year as well. Please enter me for the ebook too! thanks!

  14. please enter me for the Moose Peterson Book

    Tom Singleton

  15. Great webinar today. You guys are the best. I need to be your bestest friend….lol!

  16. love you guys and Moose! Looking forward to wwpw – missed it last year because I had just broken my ankle. So yes, definitely going to be safe!

  17. Love to have the book

  18. I would love a copy of that book! Looks like an amazing work!

  19. Great idea
    Scott, Greetings from Rzeszów/Poland

  20. Enter me for the Moose Aviation photo book (iPad) giveaway please? (paid subscriber to your training)

  21. I’d love to get Moose’s ebook. Looking forward to the wwpw, too.

  22. Loved the wwpw webcast, could you put my name in the hat for the Taking FLight book please.
    Can’t wait for the walk , have a good one.

  23. Scott, enter me in the drawing for the ebook. Thanks.

  24. I’m interested in the Moose book. I just got hooked on air shows this past May.

  25. please enter me for the Aviation photography book by Moose

  26. Mooses’s book, Yes!

  27. I’m really looking forward to the walk here in Abilene, TX. We have more than doubled the number of participants from last year and we are still recruiting.

  28. Hi Scott, would love to get Mooses book. I do have an iPad. Great show today.

  29. Moose’s book needs a new home, right here in historic Tupelo, MS. Elvis likes to read on the front porch of his birthplace, so I’ll dash it right over there. I know he’ll love it! Then, no doubt, he’ll make a hefty contribution to Kelby Training! If the book, for some reason, doesn’t arrive in Tupelo, Elvis’ money will be sent to support Adobe Bridge for the Kenya orphanage! :-)

  30. I’d like to win Moose’s eBook

  31. I would also love to have Moose’s book on aviation photography! It would have a great home next to my house and plane up here in the FL panhandle!!!

  32. I’d love to win a copy of Moose’s book!

  33. Please enter me for the Aviation photography book by Moose.
    Ray Mabry

  34. Please enter me for the Aviation photography book by Moose

  35. Hello Scott. Nice webcast. I am looking forward to the walk in a few weeks.
    And of course, Mooses’s e-book would be much appreciated over here in Belgium.
    A moose for a mouse (my usual nick and the pet name my hubby gave me).

  36. Is the webcast saved anywhere. I had to work and it wouldn’t come in over my phone

  37. Some good tips in the webcast today. Thanks to both you and RC! Would love Moose’s eBook. If you could have only one Nikon body which would you go with…D4, D800, D600, other?

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