Got My Synology NAS Up and Running (plus some other Friday stuff)

Above: That’s not my office behind me. That’s Photoshop User magazine editor Chris Main. You’re only seeing a small part of his sci-fi collection. His office is like an action figure wonderland. 

Above: Now, does this thing go inside this thingy? Feel the roar of 24 Terabytes of sweet storage. Yeah, baby!

Above: A rare sight â” me in the server room. Even rarer â” me plugging in an Ethernet cable. (the three photos above by RC. The photo below is RC). :)

Psyched to get my new Synology NAS set-up yesterday
RC helped me get it set-up but honestly, it was a breeze (had I known it would be so simple, I would have done it myself). The hardest part was finding an open spot in our server room — we had it up and running in less than 5-minutes. Now Brad is going to copy my archives onto the Synology (it was already copying when I left the office) so it won’t be long now. I’ll do a quick video on how it all works once all the files are moved over but I’m pretty psyched to get this up and running. Now RC is trying to convince me to ditch Crash Plan and go with Glacier instead for my offsite backup. I’ll let ya know how that goes, too, but when I asked Brad yesterday how CrashPlan was working for us, he said “I’m not sure.” That’s not a good sign. LOL!

RC’s 2nd Edition of “The HDR Book” is here!
Yesterday I got ahold of RC Concepcion’s major update to his super popular “The HDR Book” and I gotta tell ya — as good as his first edition was (it made him famous in HDR circles for his trademark brand of post processing), this new 2nd edition is even better. He totally crushed it! Here’s how RC describes this 2nd edition:

“For those who’ve already bought the first edition, you have a completely new set of projects to work with, and some new tricks to put up your sleeve. The techniques more emphasize where we are going in HDR..  A more focused way to get to a look that’s good. Also, the first book focused on HDR Efex Pro 1  more but HDR Efex 2 isn't as good as Photomatix 5, so it’s written for the newest version of Photomatix.”

You can download the Kindle version right now for just $19.95 (link) or you can pre-order the print copy today and you’ll have it pretty darn soon (we just got our printed copies in house, so copies are already on their way to the bookstores). Here’s the link to it at Barnes & Noble or from (Congrats to RC for raising the bar once again).

Portland, Oregon Here I Come!
Somebody let Voodoo Donuts know we’re coming to town and have some ready! We’re bringing my live tour your way on Tuesday, May 8th and I hope you’ll come out and spend the day with me (and Brad). It’s just $99 (even less if you’re a KelbyOne subscriber). Here’s the link with all the details. See ya next month!


Join us for “The Artistic Side of Joe McNally”
We just released another in our highly acclaimed series of Inspirational interviews — this time our own Mia McCormick sits down for a look at the Art of Digital Photography with Joe McNally.

If you’re a KelbyOne member, make it a special point to watch this intriguing interview with Joe as Mia uncovers the artist behind the camera. Incredibly memory, amazing imagery, and just so inspirational. Joe is a one of a kind. Here’s the link.


KelbyOne App Update: Bug Fixes have already been submitted
Good news, and more good news. First, the good news: The big new feature of the KelbyOne App 2.0 (the ability to take up to two classes offline for viewing when you’re on a plane, train, in a car, etc.) has been a huge hit with members. Now the more good news: you helped us find a few bugs, including one with the new search function, and we’re already got a update with fixes submitted to Apple and as soon as they approve it, it should be smooth sailing. We’re working on some interface tweaks as well for the next update (coming right behind the one already submitted) that will help make things easier to find and more streamlined.

Also, just wanted to mention that the App is for iPad and iPhone as well.

On the Android side — things are looking great so far with the public Beta. A few minor fixes, but we’re “on it!” Thanks to everyone who has given us feedback, suggestions and ideas. It’s making a difference!

Hope you all have a rockin’ weekend
I’ve got a shoot today, and maybe another this weekend, but I’m home until May so I’m enjoying the down time and it’s giving me a chance to finish off my upcoming book: “The Digital Photography Book, Part 5: Photo Recipes.”  

Here’s to clear skies, warm temps, and lots of colored eggs this Easter weekend.



  1. Nice to see you picked up a Synology (the exact same model as me in fact!). It was RC who got me wanting a Synology too. My wallet greatly disliked him for a long time after that purchase lol.

    It’s interesting that the kindle version and the print version have different covers. I do prefer the print version, it’s very “RC” :)

  2. I too got a Synology (looks like the same model) after reading RC’s experience and am pleased so far. Would love it if you, RC, or Brad would write more about how you’re using them and what tips & tricks you’ve discovered. I have this feeling that I could do more with it (just trying to maximize the ROI).

  3. Scott, you still have issues with the Kelby App that I have not seen discussed, When you turn off WiFi or if you do not have WiFi available, the App will not even open, so you are not able to view offline?? I renewed my subscription just because you have the ability to watch offline. Got on a flight yesterday, wanted to watch a class download, app would not open. Tried again today after the update, downloaded class, turned off WiFi, guess what, app does not open.

  4. OK, lots of attention-getters in this post, so multiple comments.

    Chris, you need to get some Sideshow Collectibles. It’s an expensive habit, but not as expensive as photography.


    Another vote for Glacier. Also, I hope you’ll have some comments about the Synology after you’ve used it for a while. I’m considering my options to replace an aging RAID system and I’m severely tempted by the promise of speedy Thunderbay systems from OWC. However, there’s something to be said for all the services that Synology packs into its systems.

    Whatever I get, I’ll end up with a couple of them. One live and another keeping things backed up. Then it still goes up to Glacier.

  5. “my live tour your way on Tuesday, May 8th” you mean Tuesday the May 13th right? That is what the site and my confirmation email says. and mmmmm Voodoo sounds good.

  6. OK, Scott….you’ve piqued my interest. We need to see more of Chris’ collection!

    I don’t know, do you think 24 TB is enough space?

    Have a nice Easter!

  7. Good thing is, that the Kelbyone App now works with download for offline use, thumbs up for that. Funny thing is, that I’m not able to find the new Joe Mcnally class in the App, neither via New courses or searching by Instructors (Mia or Joe) … On the computer, it pops up, under new courses … strange

  8. Great to hear that you are nearly finished your latest book Scott, when will it be out?
    We have clear blue skies over here in Scotland, it’s going to be a cracking Easter Weekend!
    Hope you have a great weekend!

  9. Happy Easter! When I saw this post and RC holding that book it for some reason reminded me of my all time favorite Kelby book ‘Classic Effects’. That was really the book that made me think I could do something which looked PRO.

    I’m not sure if you’ve considered a sequel but I certainly would buy it. Deconstructing those advertising techniques and using stock we already have or could shoot is pretty cool.

    Anyway, Happy Easter and thanks for the inspiration over the years and for resurrecting this memory! (See how I wove that into the conversation… Classy)

  10. I just put in a new computer with 72gb RAM, SSD ans 16 cores, that baby rocks. I only have a 15tb backup but it’s enough for now. I would like to know how the Glacier is.

  11. So happy to hear about the added ability to watch KelbyOne classes off-line. I spend way more time in flying tin cans than I care to. This will help the time pass much faster. Thanks Guys! Keep up the great work!

  12. I’ll be interested in hearing about your experience with Synology. After reading your Drobo article and comments, I bough a Synology drive. I have to admit it has been the most frustrating experience of my professional photography life. It’s slow, hard to access, and the built in backup software is garbage. Please, if this is not your experience, give us specs on how you have it set up. I’m ready to toss mine.

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