I can’t take credit for this one—-one of my readers, Ed Loziuk, came up with this better way to hang your unframed, unmounted prints (remember when I showed those IKEA shelves in my office where I clip up my prints? Here’s the link back to that article).

Ed’s ideas also comes from your local IKEA store (sadly it’s not available for online order), but it’s cheaper, thinner, better-looking, and it looks like it’s easier to work with all the way around. There are two parts; a thin shelf, and custom-made clips.

Here’s how Ed describes them:

“Ikea’s kitchen department sells the “Asker” display rail (48″ & 24″) and clips for very reasonable prices. It takes about 5 minutes to put in a couple of screws and mount the rail and clips. The best thing is that it only sticks out about 3/4″ from the wall, less than the average photo frame. It’s great to just put up unmounted pics straight from the printer to dry and display.”

The Asker suspension rail (shown below—photos courtesy of IKEA) comes in both 24″ ($8) and 48″ lengths (it’s only $10 for the 48″ rail. Sweet!). Here’s the link.


The Asker clips (shown below) are just $5 for a 3-pack. Here’s the link to the clips.


Thanks so much to Ed for sharing this very cool way to hang your prints right out of the printer, and onto your wall.

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