Greetings From San Diego (and a Cyber Monday update)

Hi Gang and howdy from San Diego — I’m here for my sold-out “Shoot Like a Pro” seminar here at the Convention Center where I’m hoping I’ll get to meet some of you who read my blog in person here today. I love this town (plus the awesome Alan Hess and his wife Nadra took us to dinner last night  at Slader’s 50/50— a great welcome to a great town). :)

Whew! What a crazy day we had yesterday on Cyber Monday
We had some great triumphs yesterday as incredible numbers of new folks joined with us at Kelby Training and NAPP, which is awesome, but at the same time, our phone lines and web sites were crushed, so not everybody got through. By the way, why is the rep in the photo above holding her mic? Nobody knows, but they all do it. I think it’s a nervous habit.

We had carefully planned, staffed and prepared for yesterdayâ¦
but you just never know how crazy things are going to get, and apparently “crazy crazy” wasn’t on our list of possibilities. It was totally nuts, but in a good way. Well, for the most part. We had some serious email glitches where some folks didn’t any emails about our deals (so they’re mad), but then a few folks got literally buried in emails from us (they’re mad), which totally stinks [I am so sorry about that]. We all had steam coming out of our ears trying to figure out how and why it happened, but it definitely made for a stressful day for everybody involved. My apologies to anybody who missed out, or got “over-notified” (how’s that for a coining a new phrase?).

Anyway, if you couldn’t get through on the phones yesterdayâ¦
⦠if you call our customer service department today at 1-800-738-8513 or 813-433-5000 and  they will honor the deals from yesterday (but just for today and just for folks who couldn’t’ get through by phone, or tried to order online while our site was slammed, which was most of the day).

Thanks to everyone who took advantage of our deals, and to everyone who couldn't get through (or struggled to get their order in online) I hope we get the chance to make it right for you today. Thanks for your patience; your support; for hanging in there with us through another crazy Cyber Monday, and welcome to the Kelby Training community — it’s going to be an amazing 2014!



P.S. If you’re at my San Diego seminar today, make sure you come up and say “hi” — I love meeting people who read this blog in person. :)

  1. Yay! You are in my neck of the woods. Here is my tip. . . . .the Tin Fish across from the Convention center and Cafe Sevilla’s paella and bacon, wrap, blue cheese filled dates. Yum, yum. Sorry no photography tips, I just like looking at pretty pictures. :)

  2. Go have a really good meal at Flemings or Donovan’s steak house! Those places offer up a top quality meal!!
    Plus you can write it all off since this is a business trip!!

  3. I was one of the ones that was “over-notified” by email. Seemed like I was getting one every hour…”7 hours left!”, then “6 hours left!”. I never saw any special PSW savings for alumni, though. Well, I have until the end of the month to get in on the $449 deal for alumni on the site, so I guess that’s something.

    Have a ball in San Diego! I loved my trip out there a few years ago.


  4. Had lots of great feedback here in the UK – got lots of people signed up to NAPP, Kelby Training and even Adobe CC deal (and those people are PRIME NAPP members) ;)
    Great work to all involved – looking forward to the new stuff in 2014 :)

  5. Sorry to post here, but tech support @ Kelby training just don’t reply. The Kelby training app for the ipad with IOS 7 only works in portrait viewing. When will this be fixed ? My subscription ends this December and im not renewing it not sorted. Sorry.

    1. I noticed the same thing, it’s a little bit of a nuisance, but I stream to my Apple TV so it doesn’t affect me as much. It would be also nice to continue playing if you minimize the app.

    2. Hi Mike. Now is the best time to renew your subscription to Kelby Training. We have the best prices of the year going on, but only until the end of the day, and your renewal will be added to your existing membership. The app developer is working on the app as we type. He will have it done very, very soon. There are big things in store for Kelby Training in 2014, you’ll be very happy with your membership. Thank you for your patience!

    3. Im not going to renew until IOS is fixed, i have had little use from the software for the last month or two and im not going to throw money at it for another year. Hopefully if fixed in the next couple of weeks when my subscription runs out and you are doing good new year offers i will continue. I don’t mean to be negative but things are tight as a hobbyist photographer.

  6. Signed up last Wed. for both NAPP & KelbyTraining but of course I screwed up and signed up for a printed version of NAPP. I was able to get through to a Customer Service Rep. yesterday who will be switching it over to digital and crediting me $20. Overall, wait time wasn’t too bad.

    I got over notified as well, but I didn’t mind.

  7. Hi Scott, I was at the San Diego Shoot Like a Pro seminar today and did get a chance to say howdy to you. The seminar was as good and even better than I had hoped for–very inspiring, Thank you!

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