OK gang, we’re doing it again this year: We're going to scour the Web to help you find everybody else's killer Cyber Monday deals on Photography and Photoshop Stuff:

It's just a quick five-minute broadcast from the gang at the top of every hour starting at 10:00 AM ET Today!!! (and only for today, Cyber Monday!)

This was a huge hit last year (our first time trying this idea), but it succeeded thanks to your help spreading the word via Twitter, Facebook, your blogs, etc.? and if you could do that again this year, that would be awesome! Also, there are just so many great deals out there we can't keep up with them all, so if you find a really great deal and you want us to share it, leave me a comment right here (make sure you include a link to the deal).

In the meantime, here’s our Cyber Monday Killer Deals (these end at midnight tonight):

DEAL #1: Save $40 on our kick-butt Online Training for photographers
You get it all â”- unlimited access to all our online training courses for an entire year (literally hundreds of classes by the best teachers anywhere) for just $159 for a full year. Here's the link. 

DEAL #2: One Month Full-Access to our Online Training: just $14.95
An entire month, including our acclaimed “Beginners Start Here” program (check out the short video clip above). Plus, all access to hundreds of full-length classes. Thousands of lessons. All at nearly 40% off. We’re nut to offer it this low. That’s true, but it’s just for today (well, it ends today). Here’s the link
DEAL #3: $10 Off Any of Our Live Seminar Tours (McNally, Matt, RC or Me)
Come spend a day live with Joe McNally learning hot shoe flash, or Matt Kloskowski learning Lightroom. How about a day with RC Concepcion learning “Photoshop for Photographers” or with me on my “Shoot Like a Pro” Tour? Well, now it’s even more of a bargain with $10 off. Here’s the link
DEAL #4: Save up to $250 on the Photoshop World Conference & Expo (coming to Atlanta in April)
It’s our first time ever in Atlanta, and we want you to share in the most amazing Photoshop, Design & Photography live learning experience on the planet, so we’re giving you up to $250 off a full conference pass. Today it’s only $449 (reg: $699) and that is an absolutely killer deal! Here's the link. 
Come join us every hour, on the hour, as we uncover the Web’s hottest Cyber-Monday deals on our Cyber Monday Deal Watch. It’s going to be (wait for itâ¦wait for itâ¦.) epic! :)
Happy shopping everybody!

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Scott is a Photographer, bestselling Author, Host of "The Grid" weekly photography show; Editor of Photoshop User magazine; Lightroom Guy; KelbyOne.com CEO; struggling guitarist. Loves Classic Rock and his arch-enemy is Cilantro. Devoted husband, dad to two super awesome kids, and pro-level babysitter to two crazy doggos.


  1. I’ve been waiting for the Atlanta PSW deal, I guess this is it!

    • Ken, it’s the same price that the alumni get before the first of the year. You can wait if you want to. I haven’t seen a posted deal for alumni yet, but maybe if you call there might be something not advertised. Scott or Brad, can you clarify for us?

  2. They sound like really sweet deals. I’ll try asking here because I can’t find info on the kelbytraining site: what is the policy to end the monthly subscription? Do you have to stay for a full year or can you decide to stop the subscription any month? I don’t have the funds right now to stay a full year (otherwise I’d have snatched up the yearly sub already and I’d really love to) but with the deal I might treat myself to a month or two.

  3. Stop being so juvenile. Find a word to replace “killer”!

  4. B&H Nikon D7000 (replaced by the D7100) $699.99 body only

  5. I’m not seeing the Kelby Training and NAPP membership combo deal this year. Is there a way to offer that again this year? Without the deal my wife says I’ll be getting socks for Christmas and no training. :(

    • Dave Clayton - NAPPMEMBER UK

      Hi Robbie
      NAPP deal at $59 plus Kelby Training at $159 is cheaper than the previous combo deal from last year :) I’m sure NAPP marketing will confirm that.

      • Dave Clayton - NAPPMEMBER UK

        $219 FOR NON MEMBERS

      • Is there a code? I’m not sure how to place the order. I’ve called customer service but things are backed up today.

      • The website has now been updated and the link is now there! I’ve signed up for another year and I get to wait until Father’s Day for the new socks!!

  6. I am trying to catch the hourly broadcasts but cannot find a link?

  7. When I log in to renew my NAPP membership it defaults to the $99.00. Is there a code to use to get the lower price?

  8. Dave Clayton - NAPPMEMBER UK

    NAPP members – The Kelby Training deal is $139 if you are an existing NAPP member with the Cyber deal :)

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