Our Cyber-Monday Deals Start Today

Just a reminder…we have a ton of crazy deals going on today through Monday, December 2nd!

Check out everything below to score huge savings on KelbyTraining.com,(our renown online training classes for photographers) NAPP (the world’s best Photoshop and Lightroom training) and Photoshop World (our annual 3-day Photoshop training conference, sponsored by Adobe) at our lowest prices of the year:

Check out the free  video above with sample clips from just a few of our online training classes for photographers.

Hope you take advantage of some of these deals (or all of them if you’re loose with money). We’d love to have you on board with us for 2014 because we have some absolutely amazing things happening for our members this coming year and we really want you to be a part of it.

Happy shopping everybody! :)


P.S. On Monday, once again this year, we’ll be doing broadcasts EVERY HOUR ON THE HOUR with cool deals we’ve found for photographers and designers from other companies all over Web, so on Monday, hit this link to watch our hourly broadcasts  We did this last year and it was a huge hit because we really uncovered some amazing deals out there, so make sure you join us. 

  1. Hmmm…seems like there are no PSW deals for alumni, Scott. The PSW link above brings you to 2 deals, but they can’t be combined with alumni pricing. :-(


      1. Scott, I called customer service and they told me there was no discount for alumni beyond the regular $449 price. (Looks like non-alumnus can save $75 but alumni and members are not eligible for additional discounts.)

  2. When I Click on the View Deal Now Red Tab, The print on that page is so pale I can hardly read it. and this is not so with the rest of your blog main page. Any Solutions?

  3. I can’t buy the NAPP digital deal on the subscription page. Actually, I can’t find the offer any where but on the blog. How do you get the NAPP DEAL?

  4. There seem to be a lot of bad links to the deals, and everyone’s on holiday. Perhaps Monday you might think of extending the time after the links are fixed.

  5. I am trying to renew both NAPP and Kelby Training, but I am getting a message that I can only use one dicount. Is it possible to renew them both together and use each promo code, or should I perform two different transactions?

    1. So, I decided to just try renewing my NAPP membership. The price looks good at $59 until the final step, then it has both the NAPP and Kelby training memberships in the order summary although that clearly isn’t in the cart and the price is full price for $278. Guess I’ll send off an email

  6. The promo says I’m getting my renewal at 79 dollars.. on PP check out, I’m at the regular price of 129.00.. I’m all for renewing, I’m all for the price increase for being a Canadian(NOT) but if it says 79. Don’t ya think it should just be the 79?

    I’ll get this worked out when the deal is expired..

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