Happy Labor Day!


Today is Labor Day in the United States, and our offices are closed, so we’re taking today off here at the blog but I’ll be back tomorrow with some after-show coverage from Photoshop World.

By the way: I looked up Labor Day in WikiPedia, and here are a few interesting tidbits about this American Holiday:

Traditionally, Labor Day is celebrated by most Americans as the symbolic end of the summer. The holiday is often regarded as a day of rest and parties.

The first Labor Day in the United States was celebrated on September 5, 1882 in New York City.

In U.S. sports, Labor Day marks the beginning of the NFL and college football seasons.

(NOTE: It was the start of my football shooting season, as I shot the LSU Tigers vs. North Carolina Tar Heels game Saturday night from the sidelines, at the Georgia Dome in Atlanta with my buddy (and guest blogger) Paul Abell (I’m in the Atlanta Airport as I write this). I’ll be posting some shots on Thursday.

Have a great Labor Day today. Don’t forget to rest and party! :-)

  1. Hi Dear Scott, It is good to have you here again, Miss you soooo much….
    I’ve never heard of this day in US.For me it is intersting and useful ….

    Maybe it is like the Day that we have at the end of Winter, I mean the last Wednesday of the year for us. It called CHAHAR SHANBE SOORI.
    I think it is hard to read :D, but it is one of Our Traditional Days in IRAN.
    (CHAHAR SHANBE SOORI Means Wednesday SOORI :D )

    Hope to See you soon .

    Best regards
    Ali rajabi

  2. Ya know, Scott, Dave Cross may celebrate Labor Day as an American holiday now, but t’wasn’t that long ago, he used to celebrate it as a Canadian. That’s right, Labor Day is not just an American holiday. It’s also a Canadian day of relaxation and partying (Can ya really do both?). :-)

    Happy day off, Scott! Does this mean you’ll blog Thursday instead? ;-)

    Trev J.

  3. Happy Labor Day to folks in both the US and Canada!!

    Labor Day in Canada started back on April 14, 1872. It has been celebrated on the first Monday in September since the 1880’s. The first labor parade was on July 22, 1882 in Toronto where American Peter J. McGuire was a guest speaker. He subsequently took the idea back to the US and organized the first American parade the following September. Strange, but true!

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