Shots from Photoshop World Day 1


Hey everyone, Brad here again with some more shots from the first day of Photoshop World Las Vegas. Images from the opening Keynote, various events throughout the day, and the After Hours Party at House of Blues (photos by Josh Bradley, Drew Gurian, and myself):

RC Concepcion getting the crowd to their feet with a t-shirt toss before the keynote

She’s a big Scott Kelby fan :)

Scott and the NAPP band open up the keynote with “I Wanna Photoshop All Night (And Retouch Every Day)”

Adobe Senior VP & GM of Digital Media Solutions Business Unit J
ohn Loiacono (Johnny L) and his “security detail” take the stage for the keynote presentation

Russell “Presto” Brown demonstrates the magic Photoshop CS5

Johnny L presents Scott with a copy of his could-have-been best-selling book, “Down and Dirty Trixie”

Scott poses for a picture with
Johnny L and Adobe President & CEO Shantanu Narayen

Shantanu Narayen addresses the crowd during the keynote

A full class checks out Scott’s new Down and Dirty Tricks class

Moose Peterson gives a one-on-one portfolio review

Big Electric Cat performs during the After Hours Party at House of Blues

Scott and Tony Llanes rock the After Hours Party at HoB

Scott Diussa joins Big Electric Cat on stage for a song during the After Hours Party at HoB

Tony Llanes plays during the After Hours Party at HoB

  1. Cool pics! as a matter of fact I play there one weekend a month, and Monday was our last night for this month (wow I opened for Big Electric Cat lol!) I was hoping I would be able to catch a glimpse of Scott but then the only thing Scott was probably seeing was the inside of his eyelids haha….. (Hey Scot,t I hope we didn’t leave the stage too hot for you guys?) ;)
    You Guys Rock! :)

  2. Thanks for posing these. I really wanted to be there this year but just could not justify making it. I was so glad you guys streamed the keynote. I loved it. I will be there next year for sure! You guys now have me wanting to Photoshop all night (and retouch every day)!

  3. Just got back to my room from Midnight Madness! I never thought I could swing PSW but I did. This is so big and awesome. I can’t believe I missed the first ones. I won’t miss Vegas again. Scott and crew put on oneicredible week and at Mandalay!

    Anyone who reads this and wants to improve their photog/Photoshop skills should make plans for the next event!

    1. Ken:

      I was watching the keynote address and my wife wandered in, sat down and watched some of it (where they were presenting the award for the best picture taken at the concert photo class). I explained to her about the class and other workshops that are offered and she said, “that looks like fun, why didn’t we go? I’d love to go to Vegas!” Maybe she will like Orlando in March just as much! ;) Glad to hear you are having a blast.


    1. And Scott, Matt and Dave are there in all their musical glory! Glad they posted this, as I missed the live broadcast. Does anyone know if Matt and Dave were actually playing their instruments? I didn’t know that they were musicians as well as photographers.


  4. Scott:
    A while back you asked your readers a question about the IPAD vs. their Epson photo storage devices, and got the response back that folks were likely to prefer their Epsons. I want to recount my recent experience on a family holiday in France, where I used my Ipad once I ran out of card space. I was surprised how simple it was to transfer the raw files from my D700 to the Ipad, and that the Ipad easily displayed them (presumably using the embedded jpeg). This was great and I maxed out around 1900 images. I LOVED the ability to see my pics immediately on the beautiful screen. But even more amazing was the FUN I was having using the various photo apps that I had downloaded. I was emailing diptychs to my family and friends and playing around with photos. I had so much fun (and btw, while PS Express is decent, it is not the best app out there.). Simply put – the working with photos on the IPAD was a BLAST! It brought me right down to the shear pleasure of photography.

    In sum: the IPAD, even in this first gen, is a fabulous tool for photographers, and I have no doubt the future iterations (could we get a 250gb hard drive?) will be even better! I do think the IPAD is a revolutionary device, and my biggest challenge is getting it out of my 7 year old’s hands!


  5. Looks like a great time. Thanks for all the perfectly exposed and processed images.

    One thing is missing: A video, with sound, of the Big Electric Cat, with Scott playing. I have NO idea of how they sound, but I’d love to hear a sample. I’ll bet I’m not the only one who’s curious.

  6. I missed you guys so much, but I’ve really had such a great three days at home that I can’t complain. Orlando is my goal now!

    I love the shot of a portfolio review on the iPad. Did that happen a lot? I’m finding that it’s my absolute favorite way to view pictures, not only holding them, but zooming in so easily.

    I hope you can relax and enjoy your weekend! :-)

  7. Hey Scott,
    I just want to again thank you and your group for such an amazing event. Overall, I think this was one of the best weeks of my photography/Photoshop life. From the Precon with Moos & Joe to the closing ceremony, I was educated and motivated with more great stuff than I thought could ever be done over a 4-day period.
    See ya next September!!

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